iPad Air educational pricing

Eligible students, their parents, as well as employees of K-12 schools, have long been able to purchase Macs at educational discounts. As of today, educational pricing extends to iPads, including the latest iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display.

As available through the Apple Store for Education, the entry-level Wi-Fi-only iPad Air with sixteen gigabytes of storage has been marked down to $469.

That’s a $30 savings over its normal retailing price of $499. As for the Retina iPad mini, you’re looking at a modest $20 discount for the entry-level model…

As noticed by French blog iGeneration [Google translate], the $20/$30 discount on the iPad Air/Retina iPad mini marks the first time Apple put iPads on educational discounts.

The iPad 4 (or the iPad with Retina display, as Apple calls it) is available with a $20 discount, now $379 (normally $399). As for the original iPad mini, it sells for $279, $20 off versus its normal $299 price.

Even deeper discounts are available on refurbished previous-generation iPads in Apple’s iPad for Education store. These little used devices are good as new: they have been factory refurbished, include a brand new battery and outer shell and come with Apple’s standard 1-year warranty.

Again, these prices are only good if you’re an employee of K-12 schools, faculty, staff, student or a parent of students at higher education institutions.

All iPads sold at educational discounts – refurbished or not – are currently available within 24 hours and include free shipping as standard. Sadly, Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad models are not available at educational prices.

Cynics could argue that Apple’s educational discounts are a joke. If you feel this way, you’ll want to check out other places such as Best Buy and Target, which typically offer more generous discounts on iPads ($50 or more).

This is of course assuming you’re cool with taking a discount in the form of a gift card.

Does your local online Apple Store show these educational prices yet? And which retailer would you say offers the best deals on iPads?

  • Jonathan

    Such savings. *sarcasm*

  • ✯Mike✯

    I wish Apple would consider really helping college kids out, with a better discount with student IDs or something.

  • Eric M

    Awesome!! And what?! I can use my $30 savings towards an iTunes gift card you say?!


  • TheShade247

    Only $20 in Canada
    Wow Apple you really taking prices to the next level

  • Dan

    Too bad they didn’t do this while I was in school, I could of paid for a full semester with those savings… or bought lunch

  • CaffeinePizza

    Why are they calling this “savings”? It’s just a discount. I would only call it savings if I were getting maybe $100 off an iPad.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Wow $30 worth of savings! That’s enough to buy a whole lightning cable! One whole lightning cable! Thanks Apple.


  • n0ahcruz3

    Apple isnt about charity lol $30 discount for them is enough. They dont want them profit margins to go down. ;P. I cant believe people defend or worship a company.

    • Jason Baroni

      It turns out Apple is the most concerned tech company on sustainability. I agree with you on dropping prices for education improvements reasons, but Apple has done a great job with iBooks ecosystem, as well as iBooks Author and another tools. I think this is something beyond the dream of high tech tools for students, this is for sure about Marketing, about money. So since you have this vision, what do you say about the other companies? What are the other guys doing right now? I haven’t seen much on education from others, except Google.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Like i said, i cant believe people defend or worship a COMPANY. I didnt say Apple.

      • Jason Baroni

        I know. I just used Apple to compare to the others

      • Kurt

        I noticed he ignored your main point

      • “What are the other guys doing right now”

        Uhm, Microsoft has been offering 10% discount on PCs (including the Surface) for the past 5 years…shocking huh?

      • Jason Baroni

        Wow. That’s is a huge game changing for education. Discounts don’t resolve education issues on my country.

      • “Discounts don’t resolve education issues on my country”

        Neither does the sky being blue solve them. That’s besides the point! You were talking like Apple and Google are the only tech giants ones that are giving education discounts, I pointed out another that’s been doing it for years. Simple.

      • Jason Baroni

        I got it, man. But be in the 84th country for education ranking and tell me if discounts change something. It is about North America only, no ones cares about South America, for example. People have money to buy iPads, Surfaces, but they don’t have instructions on how to use it for the better.

      • but they din’t have instructions on how to use it for the better

        Oh, you mean like this (http://bit ly/1tTKFiq) or this (http://bit ly/1tTKOSZ) or this (http://bit ly/1tTKTWT) or this (http://bit ly/1tTKVht) or this (http://bit ly/1tTL1FQ)?

  • It is better than nothing.

  • In the UAE, the discount is available on all iPads (Wifi+Cellular included), and it’s worth $40-$50 off!

    • Jad Boukai

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      • I ended it, bro! Stincky troll. Just wanted him to post something to get flagged, and kicked outta here. Thanks, man!