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A few of our readers have asked us what happened to Theme Thursday, a weekly column that covered the best new Winterboard themes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The answer is that we decided to discontinue this column in April, primarily because themes started being released on a less frequent basis. Nevertheless, the theming community is still going strong.

Despite the slowdown, there are still a number of quality themes released every now and then that are worth mentioning. As such, we’ve turned to the /r/iOSthemes community on Reddit and hand picked three iOS theme setups that we think look gorgeous. Where possible, we’ve included the themes and jailbreak tweaks used to achieve each setup. Take a look ahead…

Summer Setup

Summer Setup

Reddit user Bieberkinz has posted a summer setup with a clean looking weather widget on the Lock screen, Android style clock widget on the Home screen, simplistic glyph icons and a white status bar. To achieve the Lock screen, a Cydget called MIUI was used. It can be downloaded from this Dropbox file and manually installed using a program like iFunBox. The circular slide to unlock is a tweak called JellyLock7 with a MIUI Jelly7ock skin. Here is the wallpaper used.

The icons are themed with Clarity and shrunk in size with a tweak called Bigify. Homescreen Designer was used to achieve the 5 × 4 icon layout, and No Icon Labels and White StatusBar (Flex 2) were used to remove icon labels and set a white status bar. Folder Customizer and TinyGrid were used to modify the folders, DockShift was used to customize the dock and the clock used is the Roliz Clock iWidget. The status bar also uses Android KitKat Status Bar, Cloaky and Zeppelin.

Fair Weather Setup

Fair Weather Setup

If the last setup was a summer theme, then this one is probably as much the opposite as you can get. Reddit user iFaRtRaINb0WZzz customized his Lock screen with the iW RM2 Sch clock widget, which can be downloaded from Mediafire and applied manually using iFunBox, iExplorer or similar. He says that everything else was hidden using the LockHTML3 tweak on Cydia.

The icon theme for the Home screen is Mandalino and the clock is achieved with an iWidget called Easy Time. The icons were stripped of labels and custom positioned using Bigify and Iconoclasm respectively. The page dots were removed with the tweak NoPageDots7. The wallpaper used is included at the bottom of this Imgur album. The status bar uses Ayeris, Radar Wi-Fi Bars and Alkaline with a Spots theme.

Subtle Setup

Subtle Theme

For his subtle setup, Reddit user Xcecutive is using the Lock screen extension Convergance that is customized with the AnotherTheme LS theme set to the 24 hour version. A systemwide tint is applied using the tweak Unitint, which requires adding the repository to your Cydia sources. In terms of the Home screen, it is based off an iWidget that the setup creator hopes to release in the coming weeks. Here are the two wallpapers used on the Lock and Home screens.

While not shown, the tweak Color Keyboard is also used with this custom background. Stride 2 allows for a blurred passcode, and the system user interface is based off Loop. The custom icons used are STYLZZ by designer In2ition, which can be downloaded from Dropbox and applied manually using iFunBox or similar. The bottom widget on the Home screen is custom, modified by the user that posted this setup.

Most of the iOS theme setups above are much more complex than what is shown here. I recommend clicking on the source link for each theme to see its setup in full detail, as a lot of users have customized smaller elements like Control Center, Notification Center and certain apps. I also encourage everyone to share their own iOS setups in the comments below. We might promote some of the best setups in a future post.

  • Anthony Snyder

    Those are really nice. Although any of these were what Apple had designed originally, people would complain.

    I dig the fair weather lock screen.

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    you call these themes? lol.

    • Whatever you want to call them, I think they’re pretty nice.

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    Here’s mine. Thanks 8lias from deviantart for the lockscreen.

    • How?!

      • Harvey

        Which one hm or ls ?

      • Brian

        What kind of ls are you using?

      • Harvey

        Weatherclock 7 + bitafont 2 + springtomize 2/customls

      • Harvey

        Weatherclock 7 + bitafont 2 + springtomize 2/customls

    • Dan

      hey fellow montrealer, what icon theme are you using?

      • Harvey

        Redsgn 🙂

    • Ariel Farzan

      what font?!!!

      • Harvey

        roboto i think

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      are you on 7.1 🙁

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    Here’s mine!

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      Looks sweet

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    • Matt

      What is that theme may I ask?

      • Svenne456

        The icon theme is called Pastels!

      • lucacostan

        No, it’s Mandolino

      • Svenne456

        Well, no

    • Thanh

      Wallpaper please

      • Svenne456

        Sorry, it’s one of my own photos and I don’t give them away.

    • Amirul

      Can u send me the wallpaper? 🙂 here is my email

  • Jhonny Lennon

    True Theme/Tweak artists! Awesome!

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    here’s mine 🙂

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        theme please!

    • AnArcticMonkey

      Do you have the wallpaper?

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      • AnArcticMonkey

        Yeah mate the lockscreen wallpaper, would you mind posting it?

      • Eni

        here you go, sorry for the delay 🙂

    • Fernando

      What’s the tweak for the diagonal wifi symbol? thanks.

      • Eni

        it’s a theme done by me, can’t find it on cydia. but you can find a theme that has soething similar, its called away

  • highNiggaPie

    Because BUTTS

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      The home screen is what made me hard.

  • weztimonial

    Here’s mine haha

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      How did you get your clock to be a different font than the date?!

      • weztimonial


        date settings

        Style: Jellybean
        not bold

  • weztimonial

    Here’s mine

    • hnam311901

      How can I get that weather on the bottom ?

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        Forecast 😉

    • Varun Soi

      How can i get those battery percent pls!?

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      how did you get the battery percent to spell forty four instead of 44%

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    great job guys! Much better than the junk they feature over on ModMyi.

  • Cmlo_

    Here his mine

    • ahmed

      What theme is that? and how to get those dot indicators in the status bar?

      • Cmlo_

        All the info is in the pics!

      • Singh Navi

        yeah can some suggest how to get iOS 8

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    • Chris

      Battery widget please

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        Live battery indicator!

    • Eduardo Herrera

      Signal and wifi dots… What’s that theme ?? It looks amazing

  • Jedediah Kramer

    Here’s mine as of current

    • assassin

      how did you do the time mod on the lockscreen?

    • William Selviz

      theme name and lockscreen? we share REALLY similar taste so i would appreciate your help haha also the lion photo is a killer! thanks

      • Jedediah Kramer

        Lock screen settings are above, only tweaks to it is Zyper to get ready of carrier and theme is Ayeris, here’s the wallpaper

      • Jedediah Kramer


  • R4

    You can find loads of these on android. Yes they look great but not functional at all.

  • Blurd Ryan

    how about ipad setup?

  • thecrack101

    I just did the summer setup and it looks awesome!

    • IG: RuskingGonzalez

      Whats the name of the widget ???

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    The name of the girl, please…

  • looks very clear on

  • maverickmax

    where do i get the mandilino theme from?

  • Matt

    What is the solution for notifications overlapping the MIUI Cydget theme?

  • Chris

    How do you install the packages from mediafire?

  • Hunter Martin

    how in the world do I install miui using ifunbox? Cant figure this out.

    • thecrack101

      Copy the MIUI folder to in /System/Library/LockCydgets

      • Donald James Camp

        i cant found systwm libaray.. wha i do, im on windows

      • thecrack101

        Copy the MIUI folder to in /System/Library/LockCydgets
        We are talking on iPhone, what windows are you talking?

      • Donald James Camp

        i not have ifunbox in file –> “/System/Library/LockCydgets”

  • Soleros

    It’s possible to make the MIUI widget without weather?

  • IG: RuskingGonzalez

    What the name of the first clock widget???

  • Lucas Benitez

    application that is the logo of jordan?

  • chooza

    Why can I not find Mandalino

    • chooza

      Is it on some specific repo?

  • IG: RuskingGonzalez

    I had problem with apex and homescreendesigner. 🙁

    • thecrack101

      i didnt use most of these tweaks and still did the summer setup. For example: with springtomize 3 u can do many stuff, like removing the page dots, resizing icons, arrange the layout of the homepage (no need for HomeScreen Designer).
      You can use grid lock for placing icon anywhere you want them.

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    How about listing some theme setups that only use free jailbreak apps? Every one of these setups uses both free and paid jailbreak apps. This is only gonna encourage people to use cracked apps even more.

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    where you pot the dropbox file on ifunbox?

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    How do you get the Easy time widget??

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    Hi for the subtle setup how do you get the icons?