kairos smartwatch

The image above might look like yet another gaudy iWatch concept, but it’s not. It’s called the Kairos, and it’s very real—well, it’s not in stores yet, but the company has begun taking pre-orders and hopes to begin shipping by December.

Billed as the world’s first mechanical-smartwatch hybrid, the Kairos is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in wearables. Featuring true, self-winding watch movements and a transparent OLED display, the watch blends both tech and fashion…

kairos 3

In terms of functionality, the Kairos is capable of most everything you’d want a smartwatch to do. It can show notifications for everything from incoming calls to Facebook messages, and can act as a fitness tracker, remote control and more.

The company is touting battery life of between 5-7 days and mechanical movement life of 42 hours. It doesn’t specifically say what devices it will support, but one could assume it will work with both Android and [iOS 7+] iOS smartphones.

It’s also worth noting that Kairos says the above images are for ‘visualization purposes only,’ meaning the final product could look way different. And you get a sense that delivering a working version of this watch will be easier said than done.

Should it make it into production, though, retail prices for the Kairos will range between $1,200 and $2,200, depending on the model. Folks who pre-order within the next month will get a big discount, taking the entry-level model down to $500.

Of course, that’s a tough decision considering that the watch won’t begin shipping until December. A lot can happen between now and then, especially with Apple expected to introduce its long-rumored ‘iWatch‘ smartwatch sometime this fall.

So, what are your first thoughts on the Kairos?

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  • OtterWithKids

    My first thoughts are that I’d never spend even $500 on a watch, much less one that needed to be recharged every 42 hours.

    • Nuno Xavier

      Not recharged every 42 hours … it’s mechanic motion, meaning if you wear it, it will last a life time, or 42 hours still, then you’ll have to pull the string.

    • David Villamizar

      People spend tons of money in watches that do absolutely nothing, but wouldn’t go for a smart watch for how ugly they currently are. This could do.

    • JaeM1llz

      The watch recharges itself while you wear it using kinetic energy. 42 hours is how long it will last if you don’t wear it at all.

      • OtterWithKids

        Ah! Well, that’s pretty cool then. Still more than I’d pay for a watch, but that’s definitely one criticism squashed!

  • Innes

    Amazing looking watch. The price is a bit high for me though. Will be interesting to see what Apples offering will be. Espciall the price. I think it’ll look more modern as opposed to this mechanical, more traditional watch (with a twist).

  • David Gitman

    How about charging the watch by the sun?

    • Inseltraeumer

      Too small a surface I think.

      • Lets not include microsoft here.

      • Maxim∑

        Small surface small battery?

  • Sachin

    I would rather have this than any smartwatch right now. Maybe in future generation which doesn’t require you to charge it (solar or whatever) then i will consider buying it. I don’t need another piece to just check my messages and facebook. I have phone right in my pocket. Besides How loonnngggggg does it take to take out your phone. -_-

    • adal.javierxx

      I prefer G-Shcok rather tan Kairos

  • Adam Bowman

    I’m impressed. If I had the means, I would purchase one.

    Hope Apple takes a close look at this, because it will force them to up their game.

    That hybrid feature — the combo of old school watch and new tech — is fascinating.

  • Jonathan

    First see-through screen?

    • Hyr3m

      erm… no.

  • Hyr3m

    “It doesn’t specifically say what devices it will support, but one could assume it will work with both Android and [iOS 7+] iOS smartphones.”

    You don’t have to assume, on their website it does say :

  • Hyr3m

    Damnit, they don’t do the black one with the Swiss movement… I would’ve bought it on the spot 😀

  • Dieter Luypaert

    Video says at 1:22: Android / iOS Compatible

  • Dan

    looka nice, but too expensive for what it is. I’ll stick with my 200$’ish analog watches

  • Very nice but would never spend over $150 on this guy. Way overpriced.

  • Anthony Aaron Anderson

    First watch I’ve ever seen that I can justify spending over a grand on. I want to see the actual product before I buy one though.

  • Vagelis Rekoumis

    I think the price is fine because watches with mechanism are expensive. But I want to ask if the company is greek because there is a phrase in greek on the watch

  • Girish

    i would better keep my money for iphone 6 rather than buying this,,,if the price would b friendly,,wud have pre order it

  • Andrew von Pikrt

    Another “hype-concept” that will probably fail to impress when its finished and actually produced.. Id like to see something like this, traditional approach to watches with “smart technology” integration is the way, but i seriously fear, that this is just a nice concept and the finished product either wont look anything like this, or wont function properly.. :/