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We’re back with another action-packed Thursday full of new games and apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple has refreshed the App Store to promote the latest and greatest apps, and we’ve got great new titles from award-winning developers like Chillingo and Gameloft. App Recap is a daily column that promotes new, updated and discounted apps, following up on the more thorough app coverage we provide on a day-to-day basis. Here are over a dozen apps worth a look… 

New Apps

Uncanny XmenPlay as Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Cyclops or Scarlet Witch in Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past, a new Marvel game in which you fight for the future of mutant and human kind in two separate timelines. Prevent the assassination of Senator Kelly to stop the war in Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is $2.99 for iPhone and iPad.

MacgyvMacGyver is back in a new thrilling action game called MacGyver Deadly Descent. Solve complex puzzles and mysteries before scientists trapped underground in the top-secret D.A.W.N Laboratories run out of air. There is a companion cheats app available with complete solutions to every puzzle. MacGyver Deadly Descent is $2.99 for iPhone and iPad.

PanzePanzer Tactics HD is a remake of the classic Nintendo DS game of the same name. The world is on the brink of World War III, and you must fight your way to Stalingrad and help the Allies liberate Europe by pushing the German forces back. The tactical possibilities are endless in Panzer Tactics HD, which goes for $4.99 on the App Store for iPad.

OTTTDCommand heroes, build towers, discover strange and exotic worlds and blow them to bits in OTTTD, a new game that combines real-time strategy with tower defense. Go head-to-head against epic bosses, level up heroes, unlock devastating weapons, complete Game Center achievements and more. OTTTD is $2.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

GloboGlobosome: Path of the Swarm is an exploratory action-adventure game that pits you as a little spherical being that has lost its swarm. But by feeding on the natural environment surrounding you, you can replicate into your own swarm and accomplish things that would be impossible alone. Globosome: Path of the Swarm is $2.99 for iPhone and iPad.

BillAward-winning developer Chillingo is out with Bill Killem, a new game with 16-bit retro style graphics where you run and gun with everything from machine guns and shotguns to bazookas and anything else that will blast dastardly aliens into smithereens. Complete several challenges to level up Bill’s abilities in the free game for iPhone and iPad.

Updated Apps

WatGameloft has updated World at Arms, the modern war strategy game, with several new features: faction and solo leagues, new daily and hourly events, event leaderboards, event rewards based on league rank, real-time chat, invasion with higher rewards, invasion protection, and player and faction profile menus. World at Arms is free for iPhone and iPad.

Fnts2The best-selling calendar app Fantastical 2 has been updated with an improved week view layout and bug fixes that resolve problems where alerts for reminders didn’t update when using Move or Duplicate, posting to Facebook from a birthday wouldn’t work and events in the week view would temporarily disappear. Fantastical 2 is $4.99 for iPhone.

On Sale Apps

ScnWe previously covered an update to Scanbot a little over a week ago, and today the popular PDF scanning and uploading app has gone free for a limited time. Scanbot, which was most recently priced at $1.99, allows you to scan premium quality PDFs or JPGs with 200 dpi and higher. Scanbot is free for 24 hours on the App Store for iPhone.

AnfFirst it was Analog Video that went free a few days ago, and now it is Analog Film. The latter app, discounted from $2.99, provides film-like filters with well-made presets. The app features a Live Filter Preview mode where you can take a picture with dozens of different quality filter effects. Analog Video is free for iPhone and iPad for a limited time.

DinoGo Home Dinosaurs, a new tower defense game for iPad that has received favorable reviews, has gone free for the first time since early March. The game, which fluctuates between 99 cents and $4.99 in price, revolves around stopping hordes of marauding dinos from crashing the world’s premier barbecue. Go Home Dinosaurs is free for iPad while on sale.

LCPLaunch Center Pro for iPad has been discounted from $7.99 to $4.99 on the App Store. The app is essentially speed dial for everyday tasks, saving you time by launching complex actions with just single taps. You can send messages, search Yelp for nearby restaurants, append text to a file on Dropbox and more with the ease of your fingertip. $4.99 while on sale.

Siege HeroPhysics puzzle game Siege Hero has gone free for the first time in close to four months. Tear down over 400 castles across five ages. If you are successful at it, and earn the Gold Crown on each castle, you will unlock extra looting levels in the Treasure Map. There is over 10 hours of gameplay in Siege Hero, which is free on iPhone for a limited time.

Also on sale: Infinity Blade III ($2.99), djay 2 for iPhone (Free), djay 2 for iPad ($4.99)

A lot of games and apps have already gone on sale to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend in the United States, but we expect even more promotions to begin tomorrow. Keep it locked on App Recap for new, updated and discounted apps, and share your own in the comments section below. If you are an App Store developer, you can share an iTunes link in the comments or on our social platforms for coverage consideration.

  • McBobson

    Hey Joe Rossignol!!! And Everyone else! Tommorow GBA4iOS will be available for download!!!

    • We should have a story on this tomorrow when GBA4iOS version 2.0.4 is officially available. Thanks.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Infinity Blade III is $2.99, not free. 🙁

    • Good catch. I apologize for the mistake, and the price has been adjusted.

  • Philip Lafaurie

    Go Home Dinosaurs is also not free, its back at $4.99