Apple’s newly appointed VP of Environmental Initiatives, and former head of EPA, Lisa Jackson spoke at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference earlier this week. The executive talked about a number of topics, including the iPad-makers various green projects.

Jackson noted that although Apple has done a good job reducing its carbon footprint over the past few years, it still has a long way to go. Their next major challenge, she says, is getting their 400+ retail stores around the globe to run on 100% on renewable energy…

Here’s the video of Jackson’s Fortune interview:

Here’s the bit on getting retail to go green:

It’s a lot harder to do the retail stores. They’re all over the place. In some places they’re in a mall…literally a shopping center. In some cases they’re standalone stores. But where they are in the grid and where they are in the world, the access to clean energy may or may not be a trivial exercise.

In addition to talking about Apple’s future green projects, Jackson touts that all of the company’s data centers are currently running on 100% renewable energy—thanks to large solar and fuel cell farms—and 94% of all its corporate facilities are renewable as well.

In April, Apple spent an entire week celebrating Earth Day by revamping its store logos with green leaves, expanding its recycling and trade-in programs, and more. The firm was also praised by Greenpeace for its efforts, and given a 100% Clean Energy Index score.

  • Hyr3m

    Solar energy and fuel cell energy are ecological disasters.

    Greenpeace is a massive joke; the fact they gave a 100% clean energy index score to Apple is a testimony to that. They have the power to tell the whole world about huge environmental and health issues and yet do nothing. (Huge issues such as weather modification programs that destroy the soil and paves the way for monsanto-provided GMO dependence at the same time as messing with everyone’s respiratory systems. Solar panels and other planned obsolescence high-tech using rare-earth materials that completely destroy the soil and subterranean water reserves wherever they’re mined. Fuel-cell mostly uses bio-ethanol which is made mostly from palm-oil… One of the worst environmental disasters on earth, along with hydroelectric power stations…)

    Marketing marketing marketing ! Pretend to be green when you’re a big part of the problem and don’t worry… only the people who actually research the subject will know about it, the rest will think you’re righteous.

    • Jake1047s

      Thank you, somebody that actually knows what they are talking about, in one of my college courses that I was required to take we talked about how “green” energy was the best and then went one to talk about how some of the panels and various other “green” technology was made, and I was sitting there like some of these pieces were terrible for the enviornment.

      • Hyr3m

        I never made very deep research into this… Let’s say that I’m an “energy enthusiast” and that I’ve been brainwashed like everyone else about cars and petroleum products for years… Some people opened up my eyes to the BS surrounding “green” energy and I’ve looked at a lot of very interesting alternatives. I have just posted a reply in this comment thread with more details and would love it if you could chip in with more information if you have any.
        I don’t claim to know everything about “green” energy and will welcome any corrections or additional information.

    • “Fuel-cell mostly uses bio-ethanol which is made mostly from palm-oil which is also one of the worst environmental disasters on earth

      Really? Could you kindly elaborate on that part? There’s this African friend of mine who uses palm-oil for cooking and they’ve been doing it for years, never thought of it being an environmental disaster

      • Hyr3m

        I heard about this years ago but a quick search brought me to this picture I saw a while back about deforestation in Indonesia…

        http://bit ly/1t1jKik

        Basically, the carbon footprint of industrially-used bioethanol is actually bigger than that of petroleum products.

        Also, the palm-oil tree they’re using industrially ruins the soil, it’s not very sustainable… they’d be better off using hemp (which actually enriches the soil and creates more oil of better quality and that has many medicinal properties (without getting high); cannabinoids (not THC) can cure many, many, many things).

        It’s basically a “get rich quick on the green hype” while destroying poor countries’ flora and fauna (read about “palm oil and apes”).

    • David Jensen

      Can I please have some of that research? I have a hard time imagining harvesting the power of the sun is worse than polluting our air (which we are currently doing). I’m not saying that you are wrong or anything, I’m just kindly asking for your co-operation with that research so I can understand what you understand. Or else everything you wrote could well be based on your own personal agendas! Thanks

      • Hyr3m

        Hydropower :

        http://bit ly/RZhDjz (Themes : Sedimentation problems, deforestation, downstream erosion, impacts on fish and fisheries, impacts on agriculture, other impacts and doubtful benefits). I didn’t read through the whole thing but I remember my mother studying the northern part of Quebec where a lot of amerindians still live close to important hydropower dams and hearing about the mercury contamination of fish because of all the flooded organic material decomposing in the “lakes” created by the dams…

        http://bit ly/1niNKsX (speaks about environmental as well as social aspects around hydropower)

        Fuel-cell (palm oil) : [please see my answer to MrElectrifyer below]

        Solar Panels :

        http://bit ly/TAQZ1I – Production, transport and recycling of the various types of solar cells create a lot of pollution, especially because rare-earth materials needed for them are mostly found in countries with poor regulation.

        I also remember reading about how transporting a solar panel from one US state to the next actually needs more energy than what it produces in a year. Most of them have to be transported half-way around the world and have a lifespan of 15 to 30 years. Add to that the production and recycling pollution and energy consumption and I’m pretty sure you’ll find it’s not such a green idea after all.

        (I’m not talking about the Concentrated Solar Power stations which don’t use rare-earth solar cells but use mirrors, these stations are actually pretty good (except for their use of land and water but that’s another issue) – yet not what Apple is using)

        Wind : http://bit ly/1n8RKJN – Besides visual pollution, the noise actually causes important health problems with the wildlife and humans. It’s an unreliable solution and if you add the maintenance, in bad or worst case scenarios they’re not even profitable because of their very low energy production.

        Of course Coal or Petroleum energy is not clean. I’m not saying there’s anything greener than what I mentionned here. I’m just saying people should cut the crap and admit that there is no “green” energy. (Except maybe hope; Green Lantern ftw :D)

        Nuclear would not be too bad if we could find a way to use Thorium as the main fuel instead of Uranium (which was chosen over Thorium, despite its much lower efficiency, because of the military applications of the waste) and find a way to re-use the waste or dispose of it in a safe manner.

        There’s also tidal power (hydro power using tides instead of artificial waterfalls)… which has a few negative aspects on the shores but not to the extend of other power sources.

        One could imagine dynamo-like power generators sitting on oceans… or EMR or radiowave harvesting on a bigger scale… One could imagine shielding habitation buildings from EMR pollution at the same time as collecting power from them.

        Did I miss anything ? Probably…

      • RuddyN

        Haha.. I love the Green Lantern reference. My favorite Superhero! But wow, I’m not proud to say that I was one of these brainwashed people who thought “green” energy was great. Thanks for sharing!

      • Hyr3m

        Well… everyone gets brainwashed like this from a very young age so you have nothing to be ashamed of. You should actually be proud to say that you were one of these brainwashed people because it means you have opened your eyes to the lies and you are ready to call the bs and spread the truth.

        Another concept instilled in everyone of us since our youth is that of overpopulation. (I have believed this lie for so long…) Look at this TED talk : http://bit ly/1kgssV6