Delivered iMessage

One great feature of iMessage is the ability to send read receipts to people who send you a text from an iOS device, basically letting them now that not only you have received their text, but you’ve actually read it too.

But what if, from time to time, you do not want the other person to know that you have read their message right away? Of course, you could turn off reader receipts altogether, but if you’re looking for a little more flexibility, have a look at TypeRead

Developed by CFK and Sassoty, TypeRead is a tweak that will only send read receipts once you start typing your reply back to the sender. This is the perfect tweak for people who do want to send read receipts but want to make sure those receipts are sent on their terms.

Let’s imagine your girlfriend sends you a text at 6pm asking you to come home right away, you can read this message and not reply to it until later on. At 9pm, when you’re done playing GTA with your friends, you can reply to the message and tell her you just saw it. She will get a read receipts with a time stamp of 9pm. This is of course a tricky example I am sharing with you, but you get the idea.

TypeRead is available for $0.99 in the BigBoss repo. If you want to have a little more control over your read receipts, it doesn’t look like a bad tweak to add to your arsenal.

If you do give it a download, please make sure to come back here and tell us what you think in the comments section.

  • Andrew Roth

    Defeats the purpose of read receipts… To let the person know you read it without typing a reply…

    • Merman123

      Well, duh.

    • TwinSon

      Actually this is a nifty tweak. Creates the illusion that you reply as soon as you read the text as opposed to having read it and not responding at all which implies that you’re ignoring that person. It’s reassuring to the person on the other end of this tweak.

      • Nicholas Oldroyd

        “which implies that you’re ignoring that person.”

        Not everyone is so insecure… I never saw a problem with read receipts, I love em.

        So what if they read my message and don’t reply right away?

        They obviously didn’t have time to think about what I said and come up with their response at that moment. Doesn’t mean they are ignoring me…

        Creating illusions and lying are how you get insecure people in the first place…

      • TwinSon

        You’re making alot of noise over nothing. The point you’re clearly MISSING is this this tweak isn’t about YOU. It’s about the person at the other end. But I digress, everyone has their own opinion. Don’t like it? Don’t download it. Just solved your problem. Have a nice day.

      • Leeve

        Then don’t download it mate… It’s very simple.

      • Damian

        he just makes a point…that this tweak is for insecure people. He will obviously not download it.

  • Vvbreaker

    Anyone still remember the awesome iMessage tweak:typestatus? hope it will be on IOS 7 soon

    • TwinSon

      I still rock Type Status to this day. One of my favoritw tweaks, I’m glad they updated it to IOS 7.

    • Leeve

      It is on iOS 7 already.. been using it for ages, it is actually one of the earliest tweak since early days of iOS 7 jailbreak.

      • Chris Gilmore

        But it says “Only for iOS 5 and 6” on the description?

      • Leeve

        hmmn… I don’t know but here is mine on 4S.

  • Thelip95032

    When I send someone a text I am not expecting instant response (maybe they are in a meeting or have they hands full changing dirty diaper , joke here with saying both) and I expect them to show me the same respect.

    If you are busy dodging a girlfriend because you’re hanging out with guys and you don’t want her to know, your issue is much bigger than a time-stamp on a text.

    • Merman123

      Calm down Dr.Phil.

  • Collin Collins

    Does it work with bite SMS??

  • Sohail Wahab

    It would be great to have this features for specific contacts

  • lookHOWMADheis


  • Jesus

    Does this tweek work under iOS 8?

    • Jesse Sambo

      no. not yet. doesn’t work with mine

  • Brian

    Stupid! Read should be a forced on setting. Just text that your busy right now and will get back later. No reason to be sneaky