i0n1c's jailbreak video

I’m not sure what i0n1c is better at: security research, or trolling?

In typical i0n1c manner, talented German researcher Stefan Esser has published a video demonstrating a jailbroken iPhone 5c running iOS 7.1.1. This is the same iPhone 5c that he showed off a few days ago in a photo shared online, but this time, we obviously get to see much more about what i0n1c calls the Cyberelevat0r jailbreak

Although we had no doubt about the veracity of i0n1c’s claims, the video confirms that the device is indeed running iOS 7.1.1 and that he was able to successfully install Cydia as well as a couple jailbreak utilities. To avoid all confusion, i0n1c also goes through the reboot process to prove that this is an untethered jailbreak.

While there is absolutely no doubt that i0n1c is a skilled hacker, it’s hard not to feel like he is also an attention-seeking troll. The situation actually reminds me of the daycare where I drop off my daughter every day. There is this one kid that always comes over with new toys and flashes them in the face of all the other kids. Of course, all the kids want to play with the toys but he won’t let them even get close to the toys. When that happens, the woman in charge of the daycare usually tells the kid that it is his right not to share his own toy, but it is not nice to tease others. These are basic social skills that we teach our kids in daycare…

It is clear that he will not release the jailbreak to the public, so why throw oil on the fire by constantly reminding people that they can’t get what they see? Like the daycare woman, I believe that i0n1c can do whatever he wants with his jailbreak, but I also believe there is no need to tease over and over again if you’re not going to share.

Of course, I can’t help but feel like we’re part of the problem too when we publicize i0n1c’s trolling exploits, which in itself is a whole different story.

  • Maxim∑

    Why is everyone announcing they have a 7.1.1 jailbreak but never release it? whats the point of even announcing it? to show off

    • michielekuijhoe

      To get attention, duh?

    • XboxOne

      for attention and get people excited for nothing.

    • They don’t have to release something they show off.

    • Joseph Duffy

      Probably to solicit offers to purchase the exploits. Governmental agencies around the world and security groups would be very interested in purchasing the exploit, as long as it was kept confidential.

    • mlee19841

      Get attention I’m guessing. A lot of people that are still buying the iPhone 5c/5s. Or the people that are getting replacement devices. That come with 7.1 or 7.1.1.

    • David Golliher

      The daycare analogy the author gave hit the nail on the head in my humble opinion.

  • I hope this, like the others, stays hidden until after iOS 8 comes out.

    • sivkai

      He would not release it for iOS 8 either.

    • David Gitman

      he wont release it

    • if others understand how to do it already, im sure apple knows about it and has patched it already.

  • 7abib0

    Very well said. i0n1c such a kid. He don’t help or like the jailbreak community but he always put him self in between. Keep your $hit for you.

    • XboxOne

      You done it now. i0n1c gonna ban you on Twitter!

      • Dave

        Man, who would want to follow this troll though? If he only wants the jailbreak for himself, he doesn’t have to show us what a great hacker he is and what not..

      • Mutu

        i0n1c banned me on Twitter last year. I’m enjoying reading tweets now, finally.

    • Dave

      i0n1c is just a stupid egoistic guy who wants to get attention..

  • XboxOne

    what’s the point of this? It isn’t like he’s gonna release it anyways.

    • David Gitman

      he likes the attention

  • Framboogle

    Knowinig i0n1c, he probably won’t even release it

  • Carlos Gomes

    Just don’t post anything related to i0n1c and let the troll starve.

    • Matt

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking.

  • Tony

    The window is basically closed. A break needs to be released before details of it are. Why? Because apple will close the break in their next update rather quickly. So why tell people how you did it? It’s not going to be released anyway. He’s proven to be untrusted several times in the past.

    • David Gitman

      hes like a little child..he likes the attention

    • Palmer Paul

      How, in any way, did he say how he did it?

  • sivkai

    Thank you Sebastien, couldn’t agree more. He’s a troll with no social skills.

  • a2k

    I prefer to call him an attention-seeking whore. …said with passion of course.

  • i0n1c

    Hi guys. I am deeply dissapointed that you all feel that I am doing this for attention. I am sorry that you feel that i have let the JB community down! I am happy to tell you that i am going to be releasing Cyberelevat0r tonight! Could i kindly ask that this thread is removed!

  • jacob wolin

    He is posting it to show that he can and that it is possible, for a while people thought 7.1 was the death of the jailbreak, now that all of these hackers have figured out different ways to jailbreak they are proving that the jailbreak isn’t dead, if anything it is a good thing that they are showing us they work, because if they didn’t people would be blowing up their social media accounts asking if and when the jailbreak will come out. Obviously they are not going to post that they are working on a release because they are not going to waste exploits with an iOS 8 beta just around the corner. He may be trolling and maybe he is not, either way it is a good thing that all of these hackers are posting it to give us some kind of relief that the jailbreak isn’t dead.

    • Rowan09

      It’s not possible to plug all holes in any software.

      • jacob wolin

        I agree but if they release a jailbreak then all of those bugs will be patched, if some are patched they won’t be major bugs or they usually aren’t

      • Rowan09

        I guess they should wait until June 2 since it’s almost here. I am jail broken on both my iPhone 5s and iPad 3rd gen but my iPad is on 6.1 since the Safari upload enabler didn’t update until after 7.1 was released.

  • mlee19841

    Someone just posted on here claiming to be him. Was that true? The post was removed. It said that he would be releasing it tonight.

    • Tom Esparon

      yeah i saw that too. but i dont know of its authenticity :”Hi guys. I am deeply dissapointed that you all feel that I am doing this for attention. I am sorry that you feel that i have let the JB community down! I am happy to tell you that i am going to be releasing Cyberelevat0r tonight! Could i kindly ask that this thread is removed!”

    • No it is not true which is why it was removed

    • David Gitman

      you need to understand that he will never release it only evasion will

      • mlee19841

        Yea just thought their was a chance since I’m on 7.1.1. Guess I’ll be waiting a couple months for iOS 8 jailbreak.

      • Adam

        You’ll be waiting longer than that. iOS 8 may be revealed shortly, but it’ll be in beta until at least the last quarter of the year. Once released, like iOS 7, it’ll probably be several months before a JB is released for it. More realistically, you’re looking at the VERY earliest December or next January if there’s no pre-iOS8 JB, and that’s being very optimistic indeed. To add to the time, there are rumors that Apple isn’t adding new features for 8 until 8.1, which would tack on many more months because naturally people will want to wait to JB 8 until it’s got all the new features. It’s a long road ahead.

      • mlee19841

        After u put it in perspective like that. Lol. Damn wish their was a way to downgrade.

      • Adam

        Haha I know right? Either someone will release one soon, or it will be a pretty damn long wait!

      • guest

        i wish that would make every one happy and i0n1c wont be needed anymore with his bullshit and we could just wait on evasi0nn to release the 7.1.1 jailbreak

      • Taco

        Do you morons even think about the stupid stuff you say before you say them, or do you just get off on passing off nonsense as pretending like you’re smart? Why in the world would you think that Apple would release a new major iOS version without adding new features? What purpose would that serve? Who would bother updating? More importantly, how stupid do you have to be to believe something like that would ever be possible?

      • Adam

        Because Apple themselves said it. Idiot.

      • Taco

        Backpedal much? First you say Apple is going to release iOS 8 with no new features. Now you’re saying that they are going to release it with “some new features” Yeah, that’s how it works, genius. I really wish that there was an iq test you had to take before you were allowed to get on the internet. The world would be a better place without morons like yourself being able to spew your idiocy everywhere whenever you please.

  • Mukund Bhatla

    People like him deserve no existence in the world of technology.

  • raymond U muogbo

    Am kinda not happy wiv your statement about him acting like the lil kid in day care… Why don’t u help by not posting he’s winnings

  • Dan


  • thank You,
    Really waiting!


      Don’t wait :p

    • Adam

      You’ll be waiting a long time, because he is a known troll and is not going to be releasing this. He just likes the attention, and he likes to be called out as an asshole so he can cry that people call him an asshole for acting like… an asshole.

  • i0n1c

    Why did my post get removed ?

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    the bells though…

  • James Gunaca

    i0n1c, prove us all wrong. Release it.

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    I dont think it is some kind of teasing when he shows that he has a jailbreak for ios 7.1.1 , me personally ( and I think other too ) I dont give a f*** because ios 7.1.1 doesnt bring any features that are useful to me and I hope this jailbreak doesnt get released until iOS 8

    • Niclas

      Actually, ios 7.1 bring one useful feature. Not to crash 10 times a day…

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        Oh ok that is something I’m dealing with but I can wait till iOS 8

      • blastingbigairs

        Um, my Jailbroken 5S has never crashed even once. You need iCleaner my friend.

      • Niclas

        Actually, It’s not about if it’s jailbroken or not. It’s a out-of-memory crash that all power users (~200+ apps or a few tweaks) experience. It’s been in all 7.0.x versions. 7.1 fixed the bug.

        Note: It applies to non jb too.
        As a side note I did manage to keep the crashes to a minimum by disabling all but very few apps in “app refresh” (max 4-5), and disabled as many launch daemons as possible. In the end it was unbearable as I need to rely on my phone in my work.


    Many people said i0n1c is stupid,kid,such a toll,idiot and such things. i think he will release to public just to show off :p

    • ‘Ariff

      he wont. its been proven before.


        I knew. it was a joke

  • Dani Hayes

    “…he is also an attention-seeking troll.”

    Yet you write an article about him. Idiot.

    • I’m gonna ask you to have a little more respect for me and other people here. It’s ok to have different opinions, it’s definitely not ok to call people names.

      • Dani Hayes

        So to get this straight…it’s okay for you to write an article expressing your opinions, even name calling someone, but not okay for idb readers to do so?? Nice hypocrisy. Maybe if you were to write seriously and have some integrity others might follow suit. I understand you are mad because I called you an idiot but do not get mad when telling me to be respectful when you clearly we’re not being respectful.

  • Jake

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t release it at this point, other than just for the sake of being an ass. If you want money put a donate button, you will get donations. If you don’t want money then don’t put a donate button, or donate the money to charity. He has already more or less spelled out where the exploit occurs so that Apple can have it patched up in plenty of time for the iOS 8 GM release. Really no point in holding the exploit at this point.

  • Jim Hart

    He showed that 7.1.1 isn’t invulnerable and 8 won’t be either.

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    What a jerk…

  • Leeve

    I don’t see where this is going… but one thing is for sure, there is nothing to be excited about. I’m Jailbroken after all..

  • jz100

    In my opinion, anyone who does this and does not release it, is faking it. They don’t release it because they haven’t actually cracked it.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    How about y’all stop talking about it and begging for a iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak that will never be release shit. Y’all talk so much shit about him like he has to give it up. He is a attention whore troll. Don’t feed a troll just ignore like posixninja and Wincom. And if some reason he does release it everyone who was talking shit will be the first to download it. The jailbreak community is so fake.

    • C011M@ckL0v3

      Publuc Release 05/24!

      • mlee19841

        Lol. Sure

  • Damian

    i0nicis whatever your stupid german name, just leave the room, please leave. Nobody likes you and nobody is gonna play with you and your stupid toy.

  • mlee19841

    Checked out his twitter besides the people bashing him non stop. He posts some very weird shit.

  • jose carlos

    We as grown up are a lot WORES than children because we know what we’re doing.So we teach what we don’t preach.

  • mav3rick

    Yeah, calling names the guy who can jailbreak iOS by himself is really mature. Actually it is the same kindergarden level.
    If he can do it, others can do it, too, but only not showing it. Let’s not forget how the last jailbreak was released, on the brink of some other team having ready to release the same tool.

  • Namsu

    Simple. He can’t release because only works with developper account only.

  • Eхcalibur

    Sebastian, aren’t you old enough to ignore these types of things? I’m so glad i0n1c isn’t releasing it when there are people who still whine about being teased. I remember when I used to be jealous when someone used to show something off. I think it was when my parents dropped me off at daycare around 20 years ago.

  • Brian Brown

    What an odd choice of a background music … Lol

  • Ziaur Rahman

    Maybe they are not releasing this jailbreak so that Apple does not find out about this exploit they are using and fixes it in iOS 8.

  • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

    this is the worst iDB post and comment section i’ve ever seen. congratulations everybody!

  • Hosam Nasr

    Despite what we may like to think , the jailbreak community is clearly about fame ,.. It is like a big show-off-your-skills-around-the-internet event ..
    We need more tools and information , less kids-like actions inorder to save the community !!

  • 3Pac


  • Fevostone

    I went to android for a few weeks had a nexus 5 witch was the best android phone I’ve had but I’ll always I came back to ios. So I went looking for a nice iphone 5 because I love the black slate colour and wen I got it I looked at the firmware and it was on ios 7.0.6 I’m was over the moon a drove home with the biggest smile on my face I couldn’t believe my luck soon as I got home I started the jailbreak got right to the end and the phone went into a loop

  • Steelahlive

    LOL, funny, I actually told him long time ago, that he was like the rich kid with all his shiny new toys and doesn’t let anyone play with them…In fact called him a troll too i think somewhere here on idb, YOU guys stealing my crap and re-reporting it lol – Nah, I agree he’s a childish attention seeker. Yes he’s smart, and may be successful, but he seems like a dick, if you don’t want the attention, why even post. But he also gets some kind of rise out of it, being of course, holier than the rest of us. Whatevs, my 5 running 7.0 or whatever the last supported evasion is just fine for me. Same on my ipad mini (1) no complaints. No cheers for icrony either.

  • pr1nce

    he is f”” sik ore homo