Super Moneky Ball Bounce (teaser 002)

Japanese games maker Sega has confirmed that a brand new Super Monkey Ball is set to bounce onto iOS this summer.

Unlike Sega’s existing Super Monkey Ball arcade platformer for the iPhone and iPad ($0.99 Universal), the upcoming Super Monkey Ball Bounce represents an all-new way to play and includes the familiar characters such as AiAi and his crew.

You must basically rescue his playable monkey friends as you bounce, slide and rebound your way through jungles, volcanoes and glaciers, with game mechanics borrowing heavily from the classic mechanical game, Pachinko.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce soft-launched in the Canadian App Store yesterday. The game will be hitting international App Stores this summer, Sega said…

Sega is promising “tons of levels set across lush, diverse worlds,” a bunch of boss puzzles, a host of cutesy playable monkey friends each with unique powers, intuitive aim/shoot gameplay, the ability to compete with your friends to top the Facebook leaderboards and much more.

Here, check out the official trailer.

The game will be released on a free-to-play basis, with some in-game items available as In-App Purhcases for real money.

The 95MB universal download will run fine on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad compatible with iOS 5.0 or later. We’ll let you know once Super Monkey Ball Bounce launches globally.

Will you be taking Bounce for a spin when it lands?

  • onesimpleclickk

    I was really hoping it would be in 3rd person, like the console games were. This video left me sadly dissapointed. It just looks like a hybrid of Peggle & Pinball. /:

    • XboxOne

      Same here. Damn you Sega!!

  • Super Monkey Ball was the first app I ever installed back in 2008. It was one of the games that launched with the App Store. Time flies.

  • Martin

    I dont think anyone cares about SMB anymore. It was popular back when the iPhone was first released but only because it was something we had never seen before on a mobile platform. Since then, I have never heard anyone talk about this game at all.