Mailbox picks up support for Facebook App Links

By , May 19, 2014


The popular iOS email client Mailbox, which Dropbox acquired in March 2013, has received an update today bringing support for Facebook’s App Links.

Introduced last month as an open-sourced solution for cross-platform app-to-app linking, App Links lets developers control what happens when users click on their content in mobile to send them easily out of their app and directly into another.

Dropbox was listed as an App Links launch partner and today’s update enables this feature while squashing some bugs. The update is now live in the App Store

The team says App Links support allows Dropbox customers to “interact with your emailed links right in the apps you already use and love” instead of their web-based counterparts.

The new Mailbox 2.0.2 also fixes an issue with replying and forwarding to messages on your iPad and includes “other bug fixes.”

The app was recently refreshed with the Auto-swipe feature and cross-device syncing of in-app preferences via Dropbox. The software is now available on Android devices and is coming soon to a Mac near you.

Here’s Facebook’s overview of App Links.

According to Facebook, implementing App Links is easy:

Publishing App Link metadata is as simple as adding a few lines to the tag in the HTML for your content.

Apps that link to your content can then use this metadata to deep-link into your app, take users to an app store to download the app, or take them directly to the web to view the content.

Download Mailbox free in the App Store.

The iPhone and iPad app require iOS 7.0 or later.

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  • Merman123


    • Brian Davis

      You mean exchange?

  • Al

    The last update now requires a dropbox account! Really?!! I need another storage account like i need a hole in my head. Guess its time to look for a Mailbox alternative.

    • Marcus

      How do you not have a Dropbox account?

      • Al

        Because i’ve got just about everyone else except for Mega and Dropbox. I don’t need any other.

      • Marcus

        Lol I’ve only got Mega and Dropbox, I don’t need anything else.

      • Al

        So u get my drift then. Why should i get another? Makes no sense to force u to get Dropbox.