If you’re in the market for an iPhone battery case, you really only have one option. Well, actually you have hundreds of options, but for the most part they all look the same. Don’t believe me? Do a Google Image search for the term ‘iPhone battery case.’

Enter the new Augment iPhone case, by Rubix. It features a square design, with a detachable battery pack, so that you can get extra power when you need, and none of the added bulk when you don’t. This is definitely not your typical mophie juice pack

The Augment is made up of a soft TPU on the outside, hard PC on the inside. Its unique modular design offers protection from drops and bumps, as well as access to your iPhone’s Lightning port—something that most iPhone battery cases don’t do.

The detachable battery pack is called the Augment Charge, and at 1200mAh, it’s stout enough to provide you with up to 60% extra power. It’s also very light at 38g, and small enough to fit in your pocket. And it features a handy LED status indicator.

Rubix has already completed a successful pilot run of 30 Augment units, and has taken to Kickstarter to raise money for its final MFi certification and mass production. With 30 days left to go, the project has raised almost $14,000 of its $17,000 goal.

If you wish to help, or would simply like to order an Augment, a pledge of $50 or more gets you on the pre-order list (for iPhone 5 and 5s only). Both the case and charge pack come in black, red, and blue, and shipping is free to the United States.

So, what do you think of the Augment?

  • Ugly as hell.

    • Literally the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this article.

  • Cameron Chao

    this isnt a battery case, its a case with a direct connect battery pack. Which is common as hell on ebay.

    • Sokrates

      absolutely agree.

    • Nate McKelvie

      You are so completely correct. As soon as I saw this, I thought the exact same thing. This is not a charging case, it’s just a click on battery, and a rather small battery capacity one at that

  • The Golden Ratio spiral in the video was stretched and squeezed to fit his design. That is not the purpose of the Golden Ratio 😛

    I want this to fit my 5s leather Apple case.

  • John Tremendol

    So cool. The phone inside the case looks like a box, i like boxes.

  • charliez

    Now that’s one ugly case.

  • Steve Zou

    The case: too wide(63.7mm), too thick (10.7mm), too sharp angled to be comfortably hold.

    The kit: too unapologetically plastic.

  • WaterTrooper

    I like this it something new.

  • Hyr3m

    Very nice case from the back… yet so fugly from the front… make them screen corners right-angled….

    I love how his battery gets empty in less than 6 hours in the video 😀

    MicroUSB charging ftw.

    Lolled at the skewed golden ratio… I can’t believe someone claiming to be an industrial designer would get this wrong… I mean sure you can skew it and use that non-golden-spiral to base your design on but that definitely defeats the purpose…

  • David Hvilivitzki

    If they made a battery pack only instead of a case with a battery pack it would cost 10$ instead of 25$ and would be a cool product !

    • Sachin

      Or if they make case shock, dust and waterproof.

  • diggitydang

    I don’t like the rectangular look and it seems like it would be less natural to hold.

    The lightning connector sticking out of the bottom piece doesn’t seem to be all that secure. I wonder how it will hold up over time.

    Also, to have an extra piece I gotta start carrying around with me, I wonder how how many people will reach for their bottom piece, only to realize they forgot it at home or worse, lost it.

    I have a Mophie Juice Pack Helium and love the feel of it. I actually fine it easier to hold than any other battery case. Maybe I’m just used to it, but I think I’ll stick with Mophie, who have always been amazing with their customer service (as long as you have your original receipt).

    Sorry to be so negative – I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!! 😛

  • David Gitman


  • JulianZH

    with $30, i can get an portal battery with 5600 mah.

  • Stefano

    Oh man that’s exactly what I was looking for, an additional three and a half inches to the length of my phone

  • Tom

    Did I see a case? An iPhone nudist Nazi here.

  • Todd Zest

    The battery capacity is small for its size. I have the Flex Pocket Charger from PhoneSuit with 2600 mAh battery. The cool thing about the Flex is it works with normal cases, you don’t have to walk around with this box thing.

    • Adam

      i haven’t seen this before this is sleek

  • sosarozay300

    this case is way too ugly

  • Jamessmooth

    How about a kickstarter roundup article of some sort? I hate clicking on these articles only to find out half way through that I have to be a backer to get said product.

  • Sleetui

    Anyone know a iPhone case that makes a 4S long like a 5, I’m used to the 5 feeling rather than the 4.

  • iThinkergoiMac

    Looks cool, but it’s got some serious design issues. Those sharp corners aren’t going to help usability. As others have mentioned, the “golden ratio” they used was stretched to fit. Also, this covers the headphone port, so unless they build a 3.5mm TRRS/TRRRS jack into the charge module, you’re SOL if you want to listen to anything and use the charge module at the same time.

    Extremely problematic.

  • ozonostudio

    there’s battery case more slim than this