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As a recent Galaxy S5 adopter, one of the features that I immediately appreciated was the ability to perform a search within the phone’s Settings. Granted, Samsung is notorious for packing its phones with so many settings that a search is almost a requirement, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Needless to say, ever since I laid my hands on the GS5, I’ve been wanting for a similar feature on iOS. Well, that feature arrived just a few minutes ago, and it’s, unsurprisingly, brought to us by the prolific developer Ryan Petrich.

SearchSettings is a new jailbreak tweak available on Ryan’s beta repo, and like on the GS5, you can perform searches within the settings app. Have a look at our video demo of the tweak in action after the fold.

Once SearchSettings is installed, you can venture to the stock Settings app, locate the search bar at the top of the interface, and just start searching for items within the Settings. Searches are quick, and allow you to interact with the search results to quickly navigate through the settings.

The only downside to SearchSettings is that there’s no option to search within all available fields at every hierarchical level within the settings. Searches are only performed within the current hierarchy, so you can’t, for example, search for Siri’s settings if you’re at the very top level of the Settings app. You’d need to first go into the General tab to successfully search for the Siri panel.

I’m sure there are reasons (probably speed) why SearchSettings doesn’t allow for deep searching within the Settings app, or perhaps Ryan is just waiting to implement the ability on a future update (remember this is beta). Regardless of the reason, I’m just happy to finally have the ability to search within the Settings app on some level, even if it’s not as deep as it is on Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

Again, you can find SearchSettings on Ryan’s beta repo located here:

What do you think about SearchSettings?

  • RarestName

    Wait, if you have a GS5, what happened to the Nexus 5?

  • Merman123

    Aw. Deal breaker that it won’t deep search by default. Maybe in a future update. Why not? Ryan is a god. That’s well established.

  • Innes

    Deal breaker that it doesnt do a deep search. If you’re already within the tier for data usage for exxample then surely you’re just going to scroll down and find it. I cant se it saving much time unless its a deep search.

  • iTumbledSea

    I like this.

  • Matt Taylor

    Would be nice if you had to pull down to reveal the search field, like stock spotlight!

  • @dongiuj

    Open it.

  • James Dodd

    Deal breaker is that it doesn’t work with PreferenceOrganiser, but that could be done by just letting it deep search. However I emailed Ryan and asked if it would be done, and the simple response was “No. I have no intention on supporting PreferenceOrganiser.” So I guess there goes deep search.

  • bloodshed

    nice idea..kinda strange nobody has thought about it earlier.
    this is off-topic, an idea of a tweak for app-store, a tweak that displays apps that have gone free in the appstore’s wish-list, like a filtering feature..or apps that are on-sale, like for example, i can display apps which are 1.99 or below..apps prices’ keep on changing so we have better chances grabbing these for better prices..i got lots of apps in my wish-list and i guess this is handy, and can save me lots of bucks.

  • tuma

    to me, doesn’t make sense. would av been more sensible if i can search for “reset all settings” from the first page of settings

  • Dan Murray

    I’ve used this tweak a couple times over the past few days, however would it be possible for a future update to include the option to disable once in a section of settings? The tweak is useful on the front page of setting but not pages such as WiFi or Bluetooth where there is nothing to search for.
    This will defiantly stay on my phone for now and will be interesting to see future changes