Calendars 5

When Calendars 5 came out back in September of last year, we called it one of the best calendar apps for iOS. At the regular price of $6.99, it was a no-brainer for people looking for a powerful alternative to the stock calendar app, but it was a purchase hard to justify to people who don’t necessarily need a better calendar.

As of today, price will not be an issue as Calendars 5 is going free for the next 48 hours or so. Our advice, you might have figured it out by now, is to grab this app while you can…

Calendars 5 is a smart calendar and a task-manager. It seamlessly syncs with iCal and Google Calendars. All tasks from Reminders are also supported. One of the best features of Calendars 5 is natural language support: simply type or say “Meet Jim tomorrow at Starbucks at 4 P.M”. Calendars 5 will parse this and will create an event at given time, send the invite to a person and pick a place on a Google or Apple map.

Download Calendars 5 in the App Store for free. If you want to explore your options, make sure to check out our list of best calendar apps for iPhone.

  • Ara Rezaee

    If they priced their app right, they would’ve needed to discount it this heavily!
    Did I just complained about a free app? oh for god sake whats wrong with me?!

    • felixtaf

      Free stuff doesnt always mean that its not selling. You can also take it as a customer appreciation. Because giving it free doesnt give them anything back.
      I bought it when it was on a deal for 2.99$.

      • Denys Zhadanov


  • Chetan

    Superb app.. I have been using this app since its last version i.e. Calendars+ It is certainly the best in terms of productivity and its interface. As mostly all calendar apps give full month view of tasks and events on ipad. But when on iPhone the view only show dots for each day and when we click the date it shows a list of tasks and events. But in this app we get a quick look at most important tasks on month view. By far more productive if you have to use calendar to give time for appointments to your clients or for meetings. I use both stock and this app on my iPad but on my iPhone this app has replaced stock app. I wish if they design a calendar app for mac as well. Good work readdle 🙂

  • Sachin

    Done. Thanks iDB. Free stuff. 😀

  • firerock

    Nice one. I’ve been fantastical user for quite some time. Might try this one. Thanks!

    • Denys Zhadanov

      Please try and let us know what you think!

      • firerock

        My favorite features from Calendars 5 is it sync with calendar, google calendar and reminder app. You just need this app and I don’t ever use reminder and stock calendar anymore. It’s so awesome.

  • Lurker22

    Liked it at first. Then I noticed you can only have one server based calendar at a time. Most of us with work calendars have that as a separate server. Unless there’s a way to do it with this program?

  • Foellarbear

    Phenomenal productivity app. I’ve been using this app for years. Calendars 5 doesn’t disappointed.

    • Denys Zhadanov

      thank you!

  • Ton Dijan

    I had paid $ 7U for this app yesterday :/

  • Great deal! I’ve been looking for a place to handle my meetings but also be able to schedule tasks.
    I’ll make sure to give it a review.

  • Coleman Lee

    Love this apps layout and colors! 🙂 Very nice that it syncs with iCloud calendars.

  • Keith S.

    It figures – after months of grumbling, I finally broke down and bought this about 3 weeks ago. Too bad Apple doesn’t do price adjustments!