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Facebook for iOS was recently updated to version 10.0 with several improvements, including a faster news feed and the ability to draft posts without an internet connection. The option to switch the news feed to “most recent” view, which displays the latest posts in reverse chronological order, was also hidden within the settings of the social networking app. By default, the app now displays posts based on a “most popular” setup. If that isn’t your preference, there is no need to be worried. Here is an extremely simple tip for how to switch back to the “most recent” feed on Facebook… 

How to find ‘Most Recent’ feed in Facebook 10.0 for iPhone

Step 1: Tap on More in the bottom menu bar of the Facebook app.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 4.30.55 PM

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the arrow next to Feeds to expand the list.

News Feed Facebook

Step 3: Tap on Most Recent to switch to that news feed.

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How to find ‘Most Recent’ feed in Facebook 10.0 for iPad

Step 1: Tap on the three-lined menu icon in the top-left corner of Facebook for iPad.

Facebook Recent

Step 2: Tap on the settings gear to the right of News Feed. Select Show Most Recent.

The downside to the new version of Facebook for iPhone is that you will have to resort to these measures each and every time you want to view the Most Recent news feed. If you are an iPhone power user like myself, you’ll find it quite annoying that you have to go through a few extra steps to do what you want. Perhaps someone in the community can develop a jailbreak tweak that lets you switch between the most popular and most recent feeds directly from the Facebook home screen.

This post is part of a series of quick tips posted here at iDownloadBlog. Please be courteous in understanding that our blog has an audience of both novice and experienced iOS users. I invite our advanced iPhone and iPad users to share more elaborate topics they wish to see covered within this tips and trick column in the comments section down below. All and any feedback is appreciated.

  • Agru

    Love the way you have to say sorry for giving a useful piece of advice..
    Thank you Joe!

    • Well there are some readers that don’t like this kind of content, which is understandable. Thank you for the kind works though. I’m glad you found it helpful.

      • Manhal Baghdadi

        for everyone who regret updating the facebook app, if u haven’t synced ur iphone to ur computer after u updated the app, just delete the app from ur iphone, then install the old version from ur computer 😀

  • Lennart Baumeister

    Facebook forces the users to use the news feed because there they can hide posts they don’t like and earn much money for pushing up posts the author paid for. That’s very crappy, but there is no alternative to the official app, isn’t it?

    • Sir.Rhommi

      Paper Is A Good One

      • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

        Paper is even worse than the original app

      • Jared


  • diggitydang

    Facebook actually had a hint that came up, showing me where the Most Recent feed was moved to… not sure if anyone else got that…

    • mahe

      I got it too, but I’ve so many lists that it took me 5 minutes to find it *lol*

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Someone needs to make a jailbreak tweak for this. I will love them forever!

  • svartkuken

    Jesus. Their hands are so far up. In. Our. Asses.

  • Darrick

    Do you know if we can set most recent as default? Or a tweak that does this?

    • Download AppAddict (piracy, I know) and download the previous version. That’s what I had to do. Pissing Facebook ruining things again

  • Biscuit

    I’ve noticed that the more you select Most Recent in the feeds section, it’ll eventually be the first option, so you don’t need to click on “feeds” to show it.

    • mahe

      Me too, but mostly it’s on the second place for me.

  • hkgsulphate

    can’t find “Most Recent” under FEEDS -_-
    I did find it on my iPad though

    • hkgsulphate

      oh wow
      after restarting the app got it now