A former iPhone user has filed a lawsuit against Apple over a long-standing iMessage issue. The complaint was filed yesterday in San Jose, California by Adrienne Moore, who says the company’s messaging system is interfering with text messaging on her new Android phone.

This issue has affected a number of former iPhone owners, who have switched to Android or another device. The problem is that when a person switches handsets, other iPhones still associate that phone number with iMessage, thus hampering their ability to text message…

Bloomberg has the report:

A former iPhone user sued Apple Inc. (AAPL) claiming the company’s messaging system interfered with delivery of texts after she switched to an Android-based smartphone.

Apple’s iMessage retains text messages sent from other users of Apple devices and won’t deliver them to her Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) phone running on Google Inc.’s Android operating system, Adrienne Moore said in the complaint filed yesterday in San Jose, California.

People who replace their Apple devices with non-Apple wireless phones and tablets are “penalized and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts,” according to the complaint.

Earlier this week, former Lifehacker editor-in-chief Adam Pash penned a blog post on the matter that garnered quite a bit of attention. Mr. Pash wrote that he recently switched from an iPhone to an Android device, and since the change, no one with an iPhone can text him.

iMessage iOS 7

Apparently Apple is aware of the problem, and has engineers working on it, but right now they are clueless on how to fix it. Pash says that he has received several solutions from folks who claim they have resolved the issue, but he hasn’t seen any success. So for now, he’s stuck.

In the meantime, Apple has completely hijacked my text messaging and my phone number portability (portability between devices, not networks). No one can fix this but Apple because it’s a problem at the device level, which means people in my position have no recourse but to wait for Apple to figure out what the problem is. But Apple isn’t offering any public support on the issue that I’ve been able to find (and it’s worth repeating that proper support is behind a $20 paywall for most people who’ve switched devices, who would also be the most commonly affected by this problem).

Perhaps the fact that it’s now being sued will force Apple to focus more resources on the iMessage bug to get it resolved. There’s no word on what kind of damages Moore is asking for in the case, but she’s seeking class action status, which would allow other users to join the suit.

Have you experienced this iMessage issue when switching away from an iPhone? If so, have you tried our fix yet?

  • n0ahcruz3

    Im going to sue apple for not releasing a fix for facetime with older firmware ios 6 below. So much for the “it just works” mantra. Please apple stop bullshitting us 😛

    • Kenneth R Visag

      Apple wants people to update so the FaceTime fix it’s not going to ever happen. just updat

    • Sindri Snær Jónsson

      it just works referes to iCloud.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Which doesn’t ‘just work’

      • 空白

        It does ‘just work’. There isn’t an issue when you’re still using an iPhone. They do need to fix this as it isn’t fair to anyone though. I’m not defending them for this issue but I will defend them when it comes to iCloud. It’s an awesome service that they provide for free to their customers. But not when it interferes with the usability of any device regardless of maker. Hence why it needs to be fixed.

    • James Gunaca

      This is not the same. You aren’t paying a carrier for FaceTime service as part of your package. You pay for data, which you get, but Apple’s software isn’t compatible or working properly – it doesn’t inhibit your ability to use your carrier’s data services.

      This bug impacts a consumers ability to utilize a text messaging service as expected.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah so your point is we just leave it making facetime unusable for us with older firmware? I dont to update cause i know it will slow down the phone(iphone4).

      • James Gunaca

        My point is it isn’t something you can sue Apple for like this text message issue.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Oh ok lol it was meant for a joke anyway lol

      • James Gunaca

        Hard to tell sometimes on the internet; sorry for taking it literally.

  • I think someone does not have anything to do in his free time…

  • Kenneth R Visag

    People being annoyed by the fact that one person can’t figure they’ll just sue. Smh learn to figure it out.

    • Eikast

      It’s not about figuring it out. If it were as simple as disabling iMessage on an iPhone then there wouldn’t be a big deal. Even after disabling iMessage on all devices and calling Apple to remove my phone number from their servers, some people still end up sending my an iMessage instead of SMS.

      And your post shows that you failed to read the whole article before posting. SMH

      • Rowan09

        I switched around before and I didn’t have any issue. Things happen but I’m not sure how someone can prove they are losing money from it to win a case. What happens if this person sues and win what happens if it’s still not fixed?

      • James Gunaca

        They are losing money because they are paying the carrier for a service (text messaging) that they can’t fully utilize because of Apple’s devices circumventing delivery of a message to their device.

        That’s great you didn’t suffer from this issue, but it’s a known issue for people who leave the Apple ecosystem. It’s Apple’s responsibility to fix this.

      • Rowan09

        Texting is free now, you can’t ask to take away texting on plans anymore (well in the US). It is Apple’s responsibility, but I really don’t know how much someone would expect to get from litigation.

      • James Gunaca

        It’s not free, it’s “unlimited” and bundled in a carrier plan. You’re right it can’t be unbundled, but you actually can ask your carrier to disable it from your service, you just don’t save any money from doing so. In that sense, you are still paying for it.

        But yes, it is Apple’s responsibility.

      • Rowan09

        I understand I didn’t mean free in the sense of it’s not bundled in, I meant it’s not optional anymore. Apple will fix it because everyone will try and sue them.

      • markisss88

        @Rowan09:disqus Do you have many friends that use iPhones ? unfortunately most of my friends are not phone crazy like I am (90 % of them use iPhones). I’ve watched multiple people send me messages that say “delivered” and I never receive anything. I would say this goes for coworkers and clients also which is another whole issue.

      • Rowan09

        Yes most of my friends use iPhones. I’m sorry to hear that Bro, I’ve switch around to the Note 2 and didn’t have any issue.

      • Ken

        i did read the whole my point IS that if they were capable of turning of the iMessage you’ll on your happy way thats what figuring it out meant. elkast you failed to understand my post

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    “No one can fix this but Apple because it’s a problem at the device level”

    Problems at ‘device level’ are your problems because the device is yours. Also support isn’t free so if people don’t want to pay $20 but have no problem paying (expensive) legal costs something is seriously wrong with you…

    • felixtaf

      20$ will get ur device fixed!

      But a lawsuit will give you loads of money if you win!

    • “Problems at ‘device level’ are your problems because the device is yours.”

      You really believe that? Even with all the restrictions dictating how you should and should not use the device, you believe you’re in control?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Yes I do! If I wanted to I could open Mobile Terminal on my jailbroken iPhone type ‘rm -rf /’ and unleash hell upon my device. I’m not going to do that though 😉

      • 空白

        Can you clarify those restrictions?

      • Rowan09

        It’s the open source close source argument. No matter what you are locked into some kind of ecosystem. There’s one type that allows the user more control and one less, but they are both restrictive.

      • Rowan09 pretty much surmarised it. Personally, if they simply remove the dictator requirement to install the latest (not always the greatest) OS when I restore/reset my device, I have no complaints. Unfortunately, not the case.

    • Antzboogie

      Your a fool if it was that easy then everyone would do it.Even if all I had to do was pay $20 I wouldn’t its my account I do as I please. Why wont Apple let me delete my own Apple ID?? Lol I Love Apple for sure, but certain things have to change.

      • 空白

        Absolutely agree.

  • I should sue Apple for their negligent security practices. One of such resulted in locking me out my $1500+ iTunes account (http://bit ly/1jjvXgT). Explaining in the next paragraphs, let me know if you have any conventional-logic to back-up Apple’s security practice.

    Here’s the situation, I enabled 2-step verification to ensure I get notified in-case someone else tries log-in into my Apple ID from an unknown device. One day, while browsing my e-mail, the mail app shows a push-notification stating the password for my iCloud account is invalid. So, I open the settings app and enter my 20 character password (which I successfully used the previous day to make a currently-free app purchase), it rejected the password, I tried again, it rejected it again. I then tried on my computer (which has LastPass, to which I saved the password), it kept rejecting it to the point where it disabled my account until I reset the password, instead of the usual 8 hour disable period.

    The problem is, why was it rejecting the password in the first place? So far, Apple has no logical explanation.

    • felixtaf

      After reading your story the other day I changed my years old 7 letter password (yes, 7 letters) and updated new email and security questions.
      Shocking to my notice that mobileme email was the recovery email by default. Wtf Apple, isnt mobileme dead and gone? Apple shud remove that crap or give notice to users to update their info.
      Thankfully I found out on time and updated all the info, recovery email and password.

    • Carlos Gomes

      This again?

      • Yes, bringing it to people’s attention. Other ones were 4+ hours late to the article.


      Same happened to me

    • ghetto McKee

      Apple probably just fcked up


    Apple being sued, MOG sued Beats and Philips sued Nintendo. what the heck happened to this world. Who wanna sue me?

    • Al

      In the end, the lawyers win..

  • t0by


  • Rowan09

    Only in America. My sister won $10,000 from one of these lawsuits. Her lawsuit which all she had to do was sign and send back the form, had to do with some parking issue. I’ve gotten $20 from another Apple Lawsuit for owners of iPhone 4’s when it came out. If I’m included in the lawsuit I care less. Show me the

    • Kurt

      How old were you when you moved to USA?

      • Rowan09

        12. I go back home almost every year since.

  • James Gunaca

    The Apple engineers who said they can’t figure this out are either being misquoted or need to be fired.

    Apple needs to alter their iMessage delivery service to reject an iMessage delivery to a number that has been removed from the service, and send a flag back to the device indicated that is no longer an iMessage account and then have it sent as SMS and all future messages as SMS. Simple (in theory). I’m sure there is some re-architecting of the iMessage service involved, but this is how it should work. It’s different than an iMessage being “undelivered” because of data connectivity, but the iMessage servers actually recognizing a request is being sent to a iMessage account that has been deactivated and then sending a call back to the device indicating it’s closed, and then switching back to SMS.

    • James Gunaca

      And then if that phone number ever switches back to iMessage, and the device that was sending the message receives a message from that iMessage #, it could change back to sending to that number via iMessage instead of SMS.

      Boom. Hire me, Apple

      • Rowan09

        Yeah sounds easy but I would assume it’s not so simple, but I’m going to put in the word for the hire.

  • kamranm1200

    Maybe I should sue Apple for randomly removing paid apps from my account without me asking for refunds as that’s technically called taking money out of my account.

    • What was the point of this post??

  • Ron Rainz

    I don’t get it… I mean, I totally don’t get why Apple would say that they can’t solve the problem, when a bunch of people I know (myself included) have been able to solve this issue a while ago, dating back to iOS 5 and 6. Anyone who’s experienced iMessage’s “growing pains” on iOS 5 and 6 will know exactly as to what I am referring to. So as far as the solution to the problem goes, it’s simple:

    1) If you only have an iPhone, you make sure to turn off iMessage and Facetime via the settings app, then send a regular text to someone, making sure it has arrived, and then you wipe the device. This is the easiest of all scenarios.

    2) In the case of multiple devices, it becomes a bit complicated: You’ve gotta disable iMessage and Facetime on all devices, wipe them and then set up iMessage on you other devices (iPad, Mac). If those other devices still show the phone number as associated with iMessage, then the devices must be wiped (in the case of a Mac, iMessage must be deleted and re-installed) and set up as new.

    As previously mentioned, these septs have been tested and proven to work as far as disabling iMessage when moving between iOS and Android, this allowing people to send and receive text messages as they normally would. But please, don’t take my word for it – try it out for yourselves if you’re curious, and see that it works. Once that’s out of the way, you’ll be sitting here as confused as I am, trying to figure out how come Apple is having such a supposed hard time with this, and just abs.

    It makes absolutely zero sense to me.
    Anybody with insider knowledge care to explain it to me?

  • TDD140

    The on/off switch should do the trick, and then just remove your number from the receiving list.

  • They can’t just whine about it online, they just have to see if they can get any money out of them. Jeez people are pathetic

    • No they can’t do that, ’cause f’n Apple will just keep playing too-big-to-listen until it makes headlines. You’re pathetic if you think whining to a deaf wall would make any difference.

  • MarvinKleinpass

    the solution is easy: don’t switch to android

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    I never had this problem i switch from apple to android back to iphone and my text was good

  • Donovan

    Did she disable iMessage? Did she contact Apple?

    And by the way,
    she cant recieve texts from apple devices, how did she figure out it was due iMessage? If she can figure that out, she can google a fix.
    It’s true that apple could make it more clear how to, but a bit of googling helps a lot.

  • Michael Jay Delaney

    I’ve noticed texts going UNSENT from my iPhone to people who have switched to ANY other device, not just android. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the iPhone save iMessage defaults by contact?

    Meaning if you save a number as an iPhone it initially tries to send an iMessage to that number and if there’s no response it should send as a text message. Something happens and that number is not linked to an iPhone (lost, broken, etc), but in the sender’s iPhone it is still saved to what it thinks is an iMessage account. So maybe it thinks it’s sending it as an iMessage and just waits for a response instead of attempting to text. I’m gonna call it a long standing bug in the phone because I’ve seen my phone go hours and even days without attempting to send as a text message.

    As it says, it’s at the device level (meaning it’s not your phone, network, account or Apple, it’s the end users you associate with) and Apple has no idea what it is/perhaps they’re only recently learning about it. How does that justify a lawsuit?

  • Justin Stein

    A friend of mine had this problem, over chat Apple sent her a code via text message (not iMessage, so it came through) with a code, and with that code they unlinked the phone from iMessage. Painless and 5 minutes of my time. Apple sucks anyway and it’s not an intuitive fix in my mind, but at least it works.

  • A-Roo

    The fact that this conversation is carrying on like this is really pathetic!

  • vpou812

    Idiots!!! It’s a amazing this little thing called Google can do. In fact I’m sure Bing could’ve given him a solution but who doesn’t want a big piece of the Apple pie.

    If you experienced the symptoms above, your cellular phone number might still be registered with iMessage. When you turn iMessage on with your iPhone, iMessage registers your cellular telephone number.

    To deregister your phone number, tap Settings > Messages and turn iMessage off.

    If you can’t access your iPhone, you no longer have it, or you can’t deactivate iMessage after you try the above steps, please contact Apple Support.

    Performing these tasks won’t deregister iMessage:

    Logging into My Support Profile and changing your password or removing your phone number
    Sending an SMS text message STOP to 48369
    Resetting your network settings
    Changing your Apple ID password
    Important: Information about products not manufactured by Apple is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute Apple’s recommendation or endorsement. Please contact the vendor for additional information.

  • Foellarbear

    The Solution…. Stay with Apple.

  • Phred

    I have been an Apple user since about 2009. I never noticed that iMessage existed until recently when all the press started about it. Honestly, I never noticed the blue vs green bubbles on my iPhone. I never felt the need to click on the green speech baloon on my iPad screen. Therefore iMessage meant nothing to me.

    I deregistered my number. I swiched off iMessage on all my devices. I am not planning to switch. I will continue to use my iPhone. None of my friends use iMessage. I should have no problem.


  • Phred

    Who notices the green vs blue bubbles? I owned my iPhone 5 for nearly two years before I heard about iMessage. I never bothered to click the green icon on my iPad that I bought in 2011. Apple blinsighted me.

    I have been working in IT since 1996. I did not notice. What hope does “john consumer” have? How was “john consumer” to know that when he swiches phones his messages are no longer delivered?

    iMessage does not meet Steve’s “intuitive customer experience” we have come to expect from Apple.