iOS 7 (multiple iPhones, flat)

Soon there may be no need to gnash your teeth at Microsoft whose anti-iPad television commercials always highlight the Surface’s split-screen multitasking, a feature iOS currently does not support. But Microsoft will want to rethink those ads as an exclusive report by a reliable blogger claimed Tuesday that Apple is building split-screen multitasking functionality into iOS 8.

If the report is anything to go by, it should be akin to the iPad jailbreak tweak called OS Experience that our own Jeff Benjamin highlighted recently. Details are right after the break so read on for the full reveal…

Mark Gurman writes:

iOS 8 is likely to supercharge the functionality of Apple’s iPad with a new split-screen multitasking feature, according to sources with knowledge of the enhancement in development.

These people say that the feature will allow iPad users to run and interact with two iPad applications at once. Up until now, each iPad application either developed by Apple or available on the App Store is only usable individually in a full-screen view.

The author cautions that split-screen functionality will require an iPad with a display measuring 9.7 inches diagonally so the iPad mini may not be supported even though it has exactly the same pixel count as its bigger brother.

Check out a mockup of the feature in the below video.

Moreover, the feature is said to allow apps to interact more easily and support drag-and-dropping of content such as text, video or images from one app to another.

Also, split-sreen multitasking in iOS 8 is landscape only. While a split-screen view may not make sense on a 4.7-inch iPhone 6, it’s a viable possibility for the 5.5 incher. Here’s a split-screen iPhone Air multitasking concept by CreativeConcept on YouTube.

Gurman on its part cautions that Apple could push back this feature to an iOS 8.1 update.

And here’s one of Microsoft’s typical anti-iPad ads.

Split-screen multitasking is one of the several new features believed to make their way into iOS 8 come this Fall. Other rumored new capabilities include a standalone Healthbook app to aggregate your health and fitness data, an improved Maps app with public transit information and a car finding feature, better in-app sharing, all-new Preview and TextEdit stock apps and much more.

What do you make of this rumor?

How would you improve multitasking in iOS 8?

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    I personally can’t see this nor do I see a real need for running entire apps side-by-side (except in certain circumstances) although I do love the jailbreak tweak VideoPane by Ryan Petrich and the ProWidgets tweak. If Apple implemented something similar to these tweaks I’d be happy…

    • pegger1

      So in “certain circumstances” you do see a need?
      Obviously it wouldn’t be for all circumstances.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Pretty much.

      • Marcus

        so you don’t see a need for this until you need it? Ok…

      • until its functional woeowwowe

  • Leonard Wong

    This feature alone in iOS 8 is already good enough for iPad.
    If it only works for 9.7 inch iPad, it makes me wonder is Apple do it not only because it has more screen realistic but also the fact it will draws more consumers to buy the 9.7 inch iPad instead of iPad mini. This would only means yielding more profits.

    • pegger1

      Sounds like Apple. Pretty much what they did with Siri and not putting it on the iPhone 4.

      • abazigal

        Or the ipad2. No reason from a hardware standpoint, since the both the 4s and ipad2 have the same ram and processor, while the ipad3 did get it.

  • Abdullah E. D.

    Loving that “Beanjmin” right there!

  • ✯Mike✯

    iOS does not need split screen multitasking like windows tablets and android tablets can. They are different machines and are used for different purposes. Needless for everyday use.

    • RarestName

      I’d say that my parents would be very interested in this!


    • N&LH

      No, I think the iPad should be able to run 2 apps side by side.

    • Leonard Wong

      I won’t say you are wrong. Each and every of us use apps differently.
      But I do find myself wanting to use apps simultaneous yet not able to do so

    • felixtaf

      Not true. U wont run two apps all the time. But it very handy while on video calls, games etc and needed a quick reference.
      I have this on note 3. Hardly use it, but it is very handy in certn situations.

  • Khan Rulzz

    Still not for iphone ?WFT !!!!

    • ✯Mike✯

      the screen would be too small to be productive.

      • Khan Rulzz

        What about samsung’s multi window ?

      • Leonard Wong

        It is garbage. I rarely used it. Not productive at all when the window is just way too small.

  • Rowan09

    About time.

  • Stephen Hagans

    I for one welcome this. The only other feature I want more is quick reply. Always nice to have more features, if you don’t think it’ll be useful you still have the choice not to use it.

    • Quick reply is a must, and while we’re at it, they should allow developers access to it so we can have it for 3rd party messaging apps too since I don’t know a single person who uses iMessage so I’m forced to use Whatsapp…

      Any new features are nice, but makes me wonder if having the multitask feature will still use up resources even if you don’t use it. Another battery drainer perhaps.

  • Guest

    Copying Samsung Note? Will we see a stylus too? haha

    • pegger1

      Are you implying the idea of multitasking is a Samsung idea?

      • Kurt

        Absolutely copying Samsung. Healthbook is a rip off of S-health with less features, phablet (Samsung made it popular now Apple copies, split screen with sharing of pictures/videos/text(exactly what I do with my Note 3), etc etc. This will be an awesome iPhone. But yes they are copying, and who cares! stop being a dork who won’t admit it. It is a good thing!

      • felixtaf

        I think its about time that we should realize that no matter who copies who, we are the one who are benefited. And we arent losing anything!

    • Jason Baroni

      Apple users demand this function, pal. Apple has taken years to give us such an experience just because they wouldn’t copy it. There is no way out for them. You see a copy when it borns just after the launch of the original… we are talking about years here.

      • Byron C Mayes

        When did Apple users “demand” this function?

      • sosarozay300

        when was this function confirmed?

      • Jason Baroni

        Since the first iPad came out

  • NaSty

    I really hope this is true so i wont have to wait for a jailbreak to try out OS Experience. $10 for a tweak that may be redundant inthe next iOS update is not worth it imo

  • Filipe Martins

    oh right, Windows 8?

  • David Gitman

    Yes please!

  • Rowan09

    Apple needs to include a file system, even if they allow you to just upload documents on websites like they included with pictures and videos on IOS 6 that would be fine.

    • abazigal

      I agree that a better file management system is much needed. I disagree that a hierarchical file system is the right way to go, though.

      • Hyr3m

        You can lose the “better” : A file management system is much needed.

  • Domodo

    After almost 8 years Apple still hasn’t improved popup notifications and fixed the relationship between badge notifications and the notification center
    But they’re adding split screen multitasking…
    Yeah. Right.
    How about they, I don’t know, expand functionality of the Control Center, add file system access, better app-to-app sharing, default programs…? Android is in so many areas leaps and bounds ahead that it’s embarrassing…

  • Technocrz!

    Never missed it and never wanted this on iPad, this could be showing off thing but you really dont need it

  • n0ahcruz3

    Ios devices have low ram. Unless apple decides to put 2-4gb ram.

    • max

      i didn’t even think of that. Good point.

    • Rowan09

      How does OS Experience work? I don’t have it so I wouldn’t know. It’s rumored the next gen devices will be 2GB or more.

  • Dan

    I couldn’t care less about splitscreen multitasking. I tried it and didn’t like it.

  • jack

    please…………… or something in between like video popup

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    That would be hot

  • 3l Principe

    That Suarez, always center of attention..

  • Sai

    damn how did you do that? unrealted question do you guys know why apple isnt allow ios 8 on the ipad 2?

    • abazigal

      I suspect the ipad2 may still get ios8 (assuming the 4s gets it), but it may get next to no new features (just like how the 3GS received only a small handful of new features from IOS6).

    • Jonathan

      Since Apple stopped making the iPad 2 and switched to the iPad 4, I’d suspect they’d stop updating the iPad 2. Besides, it’s 3 years old. It seems to be a pattern for it to run 3 iOS’s. It was introduced with iOS 5, then iOS 6, and now iOS 7. The iPod Touch 4th gen started on iOS 4 and stopped at iOS 6. I do, however suspect that iPod Touch 5 will have iOS 8. It was released with iOS 6. So if it plays along with history, iOS 8 will be its last major update.

    • ✯Mike✯

      The iPad two is outdated and shouldn’t have been updated to iOS 7. It’s processor struggles with iOS 7 and would not be able to support the complexity of any new versions.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    This could work for 4″ as well!

  • Wow, such original, as always, so patented, much sue to follow, very great artist.

  • Kurt

    aweful…look at those tiny buttons and fonts. Thats how NOT to do split screen. Look at Samsung’s way, they keep the fonts the same size no matter if the app takes 50% or 40% or 60% of the screen. If Apple copies it this way than they have a winner.

    • Matt Taylor

      I agree, but you have to remember this concept was made before iOS7! The bar at the bottom is ugly no doubt but it’s the side to side gesture and middle snap part I like about this concept!

  • Looking to be pretty cool. Well this is just a rumor. Lets see what happens in real, rather the Apple will be implementing it or not

  • jack

    this one is good.. the other one isn’t!!

  • Dante Arellano

    With cook In charge I don’t think so ios is moving so slow than I don’t really care about it yes dear apple go slow really slow zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Andrew von Pikrt

    Somebody make a jailbreak tweak like this. Fast.

    • Norbi Whitney

      Did you read past the first paragraph?

      • Andrew von Pikrt

        Did u read my comment?

        I know about OSX Experience. I dont like it. It has different ergonomics, which is more complicated, than it needs to be.

  • Freddie Webster

    Wow that’s kinda like windows 8…

  • abazigal

    Man, if this ever comes to pass, Samsung device users would never let us live it down…:(

  • Aiden McGinnis

    Jeff just said he wanted this in a recent podcast 😀

  • HaakonHoelB

    How would you go about writing on the iPhone with Split enabled?

  • justme

    this means, you will play MC4 online meanwhile you’re watching p*** without lag? .-.
    just kidding