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Episode 28: We share our thoughts on Apple’s rumored Beats Music acquisition and what it could all mean. Jeff explains why he both likes and dislikes the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Gear Neo 2 smartwatch.

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  • Ryan

    Jeff, even tho you’ve gone to the dark side we still love you man.

  • Mounish MN

    jeff man

  • Khis Ariasaif

    I bought a S4 and went back to IOS! Now we just wait for Jeff to come back.

    • Khis Ariasaif

      I give Geoff 2 months

  • Guest


  • Guest

    samsucks !!!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I like the idea of a bigger screened iPhone, but not a 5.5 inch display if that means the dimensions of the iPhone drastically change from the iPhone 5/5s design. I’ve been having a small issue with my iPhone 5s peeking out the top of my pocket. I don’t want a huge iPhone sticking half way out or even running the risk of falling out of my pocket. I should just reconsider the size of my pockets perhaps. Anyways, 4.7″ sounds great for my needs. I know plenty of folks who would benefit from a 5.5″ but at some point, something needs to give. If these phones enter 6″+ territory, that’s just going to start reach uncomfortable level. There needs to be a bigger screen iPhone with better use of space with the current dimensions, or even just a tad bigger.

  • Jeffrey

    jeff WTF?!?!?!