Almpoum Featured

Almpoum is a jailbreak tweak for frequent screenshot takers. As you might have guessed, this is the type of tweak that bloggers, or anyone else that documents aspects of iOS, may find handy.

With Almpoum enabled, users can be prompted whenever a screenshot is attempted. The prompt contains several options—save the shot to the Photo Library, copy it to the clipboard, do both, or outright cancel the screenshot.

We’ve recorded a video walkthrough to showcase the different facets of Almpoum inside. Take a look after the break for all of the details.

Once you install Almpoum, you should head to the stock Settings app to find its preferences. The preferences for the tweak contain a kill-switch and an options panel for further configuration.

Almpoum allows you to establish a screenshot action—the thing that happens once you invoke a new screenshot—along with the ability to always copy screenshots to the clipboard, and to always save photos.

Almpoum Main

Screenshots can be saved to a custom album by enabling the save to custom album toggle. You can also change up screenshot fundamentals like the screen flash, and screenshot sound.

Almpoum Prompt

Almpoum is a useful tweak that contains quite a few features. Most users won’t find a place for all of the tweak’s features in a workflow, but you’ll most likely find at least one appealing item from its feature-set.

If you’d like to try Almpoum, head on over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download it today. It’s a free tweak, and it works on both iOS 6 and iOS 7. Let me know what you think about Almpoum down below in the comments.


  • As someone who takes a decent amount of screenshot’s, I find this to be a very useful tweak. I’m actually surprised that it’s free.

    • Al

      ClipShot is free as well. Has similar functionality, but design wise this is better.

      • Matthew Cleveland

        I’m using ClipShot as well. I’m going to try this for awhile and see which I like better.

  • Lukas Fauset

    If there were a way to send directly to Skitch, and bypass the photo library, I’d be crazy on board.

  • Fermin

    Would you guys know of a screenshot tweak that allows you to crop the screenshot before you decide to save it to your photo library or copy it to your clipboard?