Apple’s upcoming Campus 2 structure, dubbed by the press the iSpaceship, is starting to take shape. As evidenced by a bunch of aerial photos taken last month, a large portion of the site has been demolished, with the rubble cleared out.

A new batch of photos taken from the air and published Thursday depict a spaceship-like imprint of the main building on the ground.

The dirt in the circle is especially interesting as it offers a hint of the perfect Euclidean geometry, in line with Apple’s maniacal attention to detail. Check out the images included after the jump and dare telling me this won’t be the office of the future…

In addition to the circular imprint, construction workers have cleared the area for research and development facilities.

When completed, Campus 2 will become a new home to some 12,000 Apple employees and will complement Apple’s current headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.

Check out the images below, take yesterday and shared by AppleToolbox.







And this is what the site looked like just a month ago.

iSpaceship (Aerial, Apple Toolbox 004)

Additional images can be found over at AppleToolbox.

The 2.8 million square foot ring-shaped structure should come online by mid-2016.

The central structure will include an underground parking lot for about 2,400 cars, a 120,000 square foot auditorium for corporate events, a 100,000 square foot fitness center and more.

The office buildings will be surrounded by a cluster of apple trees and there will be roving footpaths and bike paths, with more than a thousand bikes kept on the site.

  • ✯Mike✯

    Can’t wait to see the finished building. Ironic apple trees though haha.

  • Anthony Gilera

    It must have been fun doing donuts all day lol.

  • MK Design

    That’s going to be a hell of a campus once they’re finished!

  • jalexcarter

    My construction company is one of the subcontractors working on the project, can’t wait to see the site in person and see the inside once it’s hit some significant milestones like being dried in!

  • I wonder how long it would take to walk from one side to the other

    EDIT: the construction site, not the finished campus

  • Ricky

    Im wondering if theres a big rain and all those mark will be erased hahaha