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As promised, each Thursday is probably the biggest day on the App Store in terms of new, updated and discounted apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. App Recap aims to cover as many of these App Store happenings as possible, as part of a comprehensive roundup that goes alongside the more in-depth app coverage that Lory, Christian, Cody and our other writers provide throughout the daytime. We’ve covered a lot today, so dive right in ahead…

New Apps

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.32.01 PMWarhammer 40,000: Carnage, part of the popular Warhammer series, pits you as a legendary Space Marine that must run and gun through hordes of enemies in a fast-moving side-scroller. The battle game packs an impressive number of features: over 500 iconic wargear items, fireteam missions, free expansion packs and more. Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is $6.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

CinamaticFrom the creators of Hipstamatic comes Cinamatic, a new app for creating short 3 to 15 second films with custom filters. A number of filters are included with the app, and additional ones can be purchased from the shop. Videos can then be shared directly to Instagram, Vine or Facebook. Several other features are included. Cinamatic is $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone, specifically optimized for the iPhone 5s.

PixeldbIf you are a fan of video games, Pixeldb is a new hidden gem worth a look. The app serves as a pocket video game database, providing everything from game descriptions and reviews to video content and personalized lists. The app sources its content from, with a sleek and clean user interface. Several platforms are covered, from Xbox One and PS4 to iOS and Android. Pixeldb is free on the App Store for iPhone.

KiwanukaGuide lost citizens to freedom and discover forgotten dreams in Kiwanuka, a new game with everything from human bridges to seemingly impossible obstacles. Use a magical staff to tower and climb throughout your journey in an environment full of fire, ice and rocks. The game sounds interesting and has unique graphics to boot. If that sounds like fun, Kiwanuka is $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

2-bit Cowboy2-bit Cowboy is a Western action platformer game with graphics that resemble classic Gameboy games. The app instantly reminds me of playing Pokémon Blue on my Gameboy Pocket when I was growing up. In the game, tackle challenges and track down bad guys to earn rewards, find hidden loot and more. 2-bit Cowboy is 99 cents on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Also new: Adobe Voice (Free), SoulCalibur: Unbreakable Soul (Free), Swipecart ($1.99)

Updated Apps

Viber icon

Viber was updated today with enhancements to the way the app handles photo, video and location messages. A number of general bug fixes were also made, bumping the popular cross-platform messaging app to version 4.2.1. Viber, which lets you share photos, videos, voice messages, locations, stickers, emoticons and more, is free on the App Store for iPhone.

IMDbIMDb Movies & TV was also bumped to version 4.2.1 today as minor bug fixes were made. Just a few weeks ago, the app received TV listings in the United States, Amazon Prime availability and more in a larger update. IMDb, useful for everything from movie showtimes and trailers to TV listings and recaps, is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Think of it as the ultimate Netflix companion.

TalismanTalisman is a new fantasy adventure game, one that Lory recently positively reviewed, that was updated today to resolve an issue with incorrect character purchases and a bug “where House Rules chosen from the main menu were reset when starting a game.” Talisman, a game in which you embark on a quest for the ultimate treasure, the Crown of Command, is $6.99 on the App Store for iPad.

Icebreaker iconIcebreaker: A Viking Voyage, a critically acclaimed and award-winning puzzle game, has been updated with 40 brand new levels, a new boss fight, new side quests and all new achievements. The game is also now universal with iCloud compatibility. The free update pack ensures extra replay value for the game, and pushes the app to version 1.2.0. Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is 99 cents on the App Store for iPhone.

Also updated: Yahoo News Digest (Free), Instapaper ($3.99), GoodReader 4 ($2.99)

On Sale Apps

Assassins Creed Pirates app iconUbisoft has discounted Assassin’s Creed Pirates to 99 cents for the first time since the app was released last December. In the game, engage in brutal naval combat and build up your crew and ship to become one of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean. Explore the vast array of islands in the Caribbean as you embark on a quest for legendary treasure. Assassin’s Creed Pirates is 99 cents on the App Store for iPhone and iPad while discounted.

AlayerAlayer is free for the first time ever. The image editing app has a streamlined workflow and useful tools for adding layered effects to photos, including the ability to selectively blur and erase texture overlays. Add textures, lens flares, effects, light leaks, gradients, color adjustments and more with Alayer to fully customize your photos. Alayer is currently free on the App Store for iPhone while it is discounted, with a regular price tag of $1.99.

Draw Breaker HD iconDraw Breaker HD is free for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Lumena. In the game, you must prevent Professor Blockowski and his block army from turning the world square based on classic brick breaker gameplay. There are 16 unique monsters to battle and over ten different power-ups across five episodes and nine unique rounds. Draw Breaker HD is free on the App Store for iPad.

Also on sale: Draw Breaker (Free), FileCentral for iPhone (Free) and WikiLinks (Free)

Let us know what you think about Thursday’s selection of featured apps in the comments section down below. If you come across any other new, updated or discounted apps, do share too. We’ll keep this post updated regularly throughout the day if there are any other important App Store developments.

  • Alex-V

    2 bit cowboy really brings a bit game boy feeling .. 🙂

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    Viber bad at wifi & 4G calling handling.

  • Ryan

    Where’s theme Thursday?

    • Theme releases have slowed now that the iOS 7 jailbreak has been out for quite some time. I will be covering quality themes on an individual basis from now on. Connect with me on Twitter (@rsgnl) if you have any suggestions.

      • Jonathan

        I’m currently working on a large theme, called ReOS. Would you be able to include it? I’m @Firebirdflame1 on Twitter.