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These days, kids in elementary school are already learning how to code. It can be really intimidating for someone who doesn’t even know what HTML is. Even though computer knowledge is much better for the average person than it was 20 years ago, there are still a lot of secrets hidden behind those cool programs we use.

If you are too old to have learned code in school, too young to have started yet, or just want to practice the basics you learned so long ago you’ve forgotten, we’ve got a list of some of the best apps to learn how to code



This app is great for grown up beginners looking to learn the basic structure of code. It includes simple, fun exercises to help train your brain so that, when you can sit down behind the computer, you can take what you’ve learned throughout the day with you. This app is available for free.

Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers

Hakitzu Elite

Last May, I took a look at the early version of this code learning game. Although I found it to be extremely exciting to learn code using giant robots, I also found it to be excruciatingly irritating to try to play a game that was infested with bugs. Thankfully, the game received a complete overhaul (and name) and is much less buggy. Learn to code by giving movement inputs to your robot. Don’t worry, you will be told what to do and learn what you did wrong. This game is available for free.

My Robot Friend

My Robot Friend

If you thought it was cool to learn how to code using giant robots, think how much your little one will enjoy it. This app was developed by the team at LeapFrog. It teaches kids the basics of programming by helping them understand the concepts of giving text-based commands to the robot. It also includes games, puzzles, and the ability to customize your robot. You don’t have to be seven years old to play. Just don’t let your friends see you. This game is available for $3.99.

Learn Programming: Coding Tutorial

Learn Programming

If you have a particular reason to learn how to create eye-catching websites, this app will help you turn your ideas into code reality. It features video and audio lectures, presentations, and lessons to teach you how to build landing pages that will entice viewers. Learn Python, Django, HTML, and CSS. This app is available for free.



Everybody wants to run a blog. However, not everybody knows how to make one that looks good and runs great. This app offers step-by-step instructions on how to build web pages using HTML. The built-in text editor allows you to test your code right away and see the results of the page you just built. This app is available for $4.99.



The best way to get your kids excited about computers is to start them with the learning process early. No, wait. That’s the best way to ensure they will hate it. Just like piano lessons. What you should do is trick them into learning programming by giving them a fun game with light up robots. This app will teach your tiny tot about control-flow concepts like procedures, loops, and conditionals. They will never know you hid cauliflower in their mashed potatoes. This game is available for $2.99.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

If you are looking for a way to be the smartest kid on the block, this app has more than 4,000 videos to help you gain a broad variety of knowledge. One of the topics of this learning app is, of course, computer programming. You’ll be able to watch videos, track your progress, and download playlists to watch offline. This app is available for free.


Similar to Khan Academy, this app is full of a wide variety of videos, lectures, and lessons to make you just a little bit smarter. It wouldn’t be on our list if computer programming weren’t an available course. With this app, you can watch videos online or offline, track your courses from the app or the web browser, rearrange course into a customized playlist, and more. This app is available for free.



You won’t be able to say that you don’t know how to do something because they didn’t teach it at your school with this app. Learn how to program, take photographs, and decorate cakes, all in the same place. Udemy is like combining all of your high school’s electives into one convenient location. This app is available for free.

Cato’s Hike

Catos Hike

In this children’s story, little Cato discovers that he can’t move anywhere until he figures out the program that will allow him to do so. Kids will learn simple programming interface using cards to set commands. The map editor lets you create your own puzzles to share with others. The game teaches little ones the essentials of programming and problem solving that can be used later in life. This game is available for $4.99.

Looking for more apps to learn coding? Check these out, too.

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Do you have anything to add to this list? If you to, please make sure to share what you believe are the best apps to learn how to code down in the comments section.

  • Framboogle

    Wait a minute… Isn’t HTML and STD?

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      lol , html is a coding language for coding web pages

      • Abinash Shaw

        HTML is a markup language for our internet browsers!

      • JulianF

        I think he was joking, hahaha

  • Andy

    Does anyone on iDB team know how to code?

    • I believe Jeff has some solid skills. I personally can read HTML and tweak a few things here and there but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself as a knowledgeable coder. I don’t believe the rest of the team knows how to code, although Cody has been taking a few courses on

      • Toni

        Well I guess he can call himself Codey then…
        Ok, I am awefully sorry for that 🙁
        Anyway: great writeup!

      • Julian Kieferle

        Very sad actually. An IDB app would be great!

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        You realize how stupid that comment is?

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        You must not listen to the podcast

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        thats what i was gonna say! 😀

  • Christian Mejía

    Always wanted to learn how to. There’s a class at school for it but it’s too late to take it now. 🙁

    • Cesar Martinez

      Try Udacity on the App Store it’s a great app, check it out! It’s FREE too!

      • The app is free. The subscription isn’t

      • Cesar Martinez

        There is no need to subscribe because you can just take the course as Free Courseware. I am taking 12 of the courses and don’t pay anything.

      • Hmm I tried logging in and finding a course but it wouldn’t do anything, I assumed it was because I didn’t have a subscription

      • Cesar Martinez

        What I did was just click on start courseware and it work, it enrolled me into the course. It worked both on my iphone and ipad

  • Matt

    As I don’t don’t want to wrk with computer and things like that I’ll pass, but cool that there are apps like that.
    I myself am getting a degree in Architecture or Mechanical Engineering.



  • Sachmach29

    I like how most of these don’t even tell you what language you’re learning, they’re just like, YAY YOU’RE LEARNING TO CODE!

  • Maxim∑

    Udemy is good, I would recommend downloading iTunesU and following the stanford courses

    CS106 AB*-X,CS107/108/110 are needed to learn Objective-C

  • James

    I really like udemy. and they’ve always got a deal going on where you can get courses for like $10 that were normally $100-$200+. And their iphone app is nice too.

  • Dave

    Try pythonista! It’s awesome for coding in python; it has a built-in python interpreter and it includes the whole python 2.7 documentation which definitely is all you need to learn this awesome and simple language!

  • domininiquee

    Allavsoft works good, you can have a try.