Do you ever tire of the same old swipe-from-left-to-right gesture when unlocking your phone? Are you looking for a way to switch up the phone-unlocking experience? If so, then perhaps you should look into this brand new jailbreak tweak.

SlideUP2Unlock allows you to swipe up on the Lock screen to unlock your phone. It gets rid of the Lock screen camera shortcut in favor of a vertical unlocking gesture. As always, we have video of this tweak in action. Take a look inside to see it in full detail.

SlideUP2Unlock’s preferences are contained inside of the stock Settings app. The preferences are nicely designed and extremely simple—it contains a kill-switch toggle, a toggle to hide the unlock icon, and a respring link.

SlideUP2Unlock Settings 2

Once enabled, you’ll notice a new lock glyph. The glyph replaces the camera shortcut icon that resides in the bottom right-hand corner of the Lock screen. Performing a swipe-up gesture will now unlock your device, but you can still stick to the traditional method of unlocking if you desire.

The main downside to SlideUP2Unlock is that it completely replaces the camera grabber. Not only does it replace the camera grabber icon, but it outright replaces its camera shortcut functionality.

SlideUP2Unlock Passcode

It should be noted that passcode enabled devices will be forced to enter a passcode on vertical swipe unlocks. Instead of accessing a passcode unlock request on the actual Lock screen, you’ll be greeted with a passcode pop-up that partially exposes the contents of the device’s Home screen. Entering a correct passcode will fully unlock the device, whereas tapping cancel or entering the wrong passcode will cause the screen to go dark, and you’ll be sent back to the Lock screen.

SlideUP2Unlock is by no means a game-changing tweak, but I think it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to switch up the style of the Lock screen. Since it’s free of charge on the BigBoss repo, you really have nothing to lose. I recommend giving it a whirl and reporting back with your findings in the comments below.

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