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We’re back with another edition of App Recap, a daily column that promotes new, updated and on sale apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. App Recap serves as an extension of the more detailed App Store coverage that Lory, Christian, Cody and our other writers post during the daytime, and the roundup is frequently updated during the day if needed. If you want to know about new must-have games or the latest sales, read ahead for a look at today’s featured apps… 

New Apps

Bicolor Icon

Bicolor is a minimalistic puzzle game with 180 handmade levels, each consisting of just two colors. The game is entirely based on tapping and dragging numbers and blocks to complete various patterns and clear the board. It draws comparisons with 2048 and other puzzle games that have simple gameplay and controls. Bicolor is 99 cents on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Picplace Icon

Picplace serves as a personal diary for taking pictures of places you’ve visited and remembering where they are located. The app uses your device’s location data to record coordinates of the picture you take, so you know how to get back. It has several features, including organizing pictures by city, offline mode and social sharing. Picplace is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

Twistam App Icon

Twistam launched on the App Store one month ago, but it’s an interesting and unique app that deserves a mention. The app lets you record one video with your front-facing camera, and another with the rear-facing camera, and then merge them together into one clip. You can them download, share, comment or add a geotag to your videos. Twistam is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

Live Colors for Kids appLive Colors for Kids is an easy to use coloring app for children, providing a combination of gaming and learning with 20 animated coloring pages, soundtracks recorded by professional actors, eye-candy graphics and more.  The app is localized in over a half dozen languages for use by children worldwide. Live Colors for Kids is free on the App Store to celebrate its iPhone release. Also available for iPad. The app will cost 99 cents as of May 3rd.

Intake iPadIntake is a classic arcade shooter in which you must battle against a never-ending barrage of pills to prevent yourself from overdosing. After all, drugs are bad. The so-called psychedelic shooter features over 70 in-game achievements, four challenge modes, color blind modes, a dubstep soundtrack, high scores and more. Intake is $2.99 on the App Store and an Editors’ Choice this week for iPad.

Updated Apps

Republique App IconRepublique has been updated with bug fixes, but maybe more importantly, Episode 2: Metamorphosis is now available. The stealth-action game “explores the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age,” tasking you with hacking into an elaborate surveillance system to guide an oppressive woman named Hope through danger and deception across five episodes. Republique currently sells for $2.99 on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Episode 2 will cost you $4.99 as an in-app purchase.

Apps on Sale

Infinity BladeInfinity Blade, the iconic and award-winning sword fighting game by Chair Entertainment, has been discounted to 99 cents for the first time in five months. The classic game usually sells for $5.99, so you would be wise to grab this deal while you can. Infinity Blade tasks you with navigating a player through a castle realm, fighting enemies and collecting items along the way. The game is 99 cents on the App Store for a limited time.

Machinarium Icon

Machinarium has been discounted to $2.99 to celebrate the release of Botanicula for iPad, a reduction of 40% off its regular $4.99 price tag. Machinarium is an award-winning adventure game in which you play as an unnamed robot in a scrapyard. I immediately associate this game with Wall-E, but it’s so much more than that. With impressive graphics and soundtracks, it is unsurprising that this indie game is so critically acclaimed.

Dailybook IconDailybook is free as part of an App of the Evening promotion, so grab it soon. The app is a simple and visual journal based on photos, audio recordings and tags. It also features the weather and temperature, a calendar view, built-in mapping, password protection, text formatting, full screen mode, social sharing and more. Dailybook, designed for both iPhone and iPad, remains free on the App Store for probably only a matter of hours.

We’ll be sure to keep this post updated throughout the day if required.

  • Alborz

    Don’t forget Equate. it’s free this month…

    • abdullah575

      how to get it?

      • Agru

        Open AppStore

  • Andy

    I would add Opera Coast, really nice browser that was updated with iPhone support. It may not replace your main web browser for power users but it’s great for checking out some sites.

  • ali_plus

    Tilt to live 2: Redonkulous
    On 66% Sale

  • NewsTrunk

    Bicolor is a amazing puzzle game with 180 handmade levels, each consisting of just two colors. App recap have new update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.