Ruby for Reddit

Reddit has long been one of the most popular websites on the Internet, serving as an online discussion board for users to discuss a wide variety of topics. But one thing it has always lacked is an official mobile app — fortunately, that’s about to change. The San Francisco-based company has posted an official job listing within the /r/forhire subreddit, looking for mobile app developers to help create official apps for Reddit… 

The Daily Dot was first to post about the listing:

“The world is going mobile, and so is reddit,” wrote Reddit HR generalist Nicole-Jasmin Clark. “We’re hiring developers to help us build and maintain apps to highlight great content from reddit for a broader, global audience. Our focus is on making it easier for people to find great content on reddit through mobile apps, clean design and machine learning.”

Reddit is looking for mobile app developers that have experience in either Objective-C or Java programming languages, meaning that both iOS and Android flavors of the app should be expected. The company is excited to test multiple ideas and push boundaries in order to create an official app that allows Reddit users to both create and consume great content in the best way possible.

“We have a collaborative team with a mix of design, full-stack, data and PM skills. Your role will be to build an app that combines great design, the best content from the front page of the internet, and algorithm-based recommendations. We’re about bringing choice to users and bringing great content as well. We’d love your help trying new approaches, testing boundaries and creating beautiful products to share the world’s best content and communities.”

This isn’t the first time that Reddit has ventured into the mobile app landscape. Back in 2011, the company released a short-lived iPhone app called iReddit. But a poor user experience, coupled with the growth of popular third-party apps such as Alien Blue and Aliens for Reddit, eventually led Reddit to remove its official app from the App Store. This time around, the company is obviously hoping to get it right.

The biggest question: is it too late?

  • Guest

    Es difícil que logren superar a Alien Blue, esta está muy completa.

  • npopson

    “The biggest question: is it too late?”

    Really? Seems like kind of a ridiculous question. Why would it be too late? Reddit’s not hurting. Mobile’s not hurting. It’s not like people have an incentive to stick with Alien Blue if the official product is better.

    Biggest question is simply if they will deliver a decent product.

    • Merman123

      Actually , it makes perfect sense to present that question. Obviously, reddit isn’t hurting , but it’s now got a certain amount of standards they have to meet in order for their app to be chosen over another well known third party client. Granted their purpose of creating the app is to get users to to use theirs. Also, you say the bigger question is wether or not they can deliver a decent product, but you fail to see that this answer is very much dependent on wether or not it is too late. Once you use a certain app you like , it creates a precedent amongst expectations.

  • jack

    One word: AlienBlue

    • Sean Clark

      That’s two words crammed together.

  • NaSty

    I personally dont think it’ll be better than AlienBlue, knowing these ‘big’ companies, they do what they think is better for users. I dont think there’ll be a nightmode for the official app imo

    • onesimpleclickk

      Big company? This isn’t Facebook or Twitter we are talking about. You don’t think there will be a night mode? Not with that attitude there won’t be. This app will be made for Redditors, by Redditors & it will probably be great.

      • M_AlO

        Reddit is owned by Condé Nast. Which is a pretty big company.

  • Chaotic Buddhist

    I’ll have to echo the sentiments below; this is too little, too late. AlienBlue might as well be the official Reddit app. In fact, if Reddit was smart they’d buy AlienBlue and do just that….

  • Naman Jain

    Well iDB should get an official app…

  • Adam Bowman

    My go to reddit app is Pics HD. I like it even more than Alien Blue.

  • Robert Youlthed

    Finally We been waiting for this for ages)