I recently went on a road trip to Montréal, only realizing upon arrival that I had forgotten my official Lightning cable back home. With my iPhone running out of battery and no Apple Store within a short distance, I reluctantly purchased a third-party knockoff cable from a local electronics shop. In hindsight, it was a terrible decision. The cable barely worked and my iPhone constantly prompted me with compatibility warnings. It was a waste of both $20 and my time.

For that reason, I am enthusiastic about a new Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming product called the Quickdraw Cable by Woodford Design. It is hard to get excited over a simple cable accessory, but the Quickdraw has several advantages over a traditional Lightning connector and most third-party knockoffs. For starters, the one-meter cable is crafted with anodized aluminum plugs that are high quality and sturdy. That includes both strong cable strain relief and a waterproof design… 


The team discusses how it achieved a design that is aesthetically and functionally sound:

We started working with numerous cable manufacturers to identify a far tougher and better quality cable design. We found the key to this was to have a moulded plug incorporating all the Lightning connector electronics and cable flex. This resulted in a very tough plug which we have extensively tested.

We also wanted a cable that looked great, so we looked at the best accessories on the market for the iPhone and iPad and took design clues from them. Look, feel and function were all key to creating a product that was just right in the hands of the customer and ultimately one that we would be proud of.

Quickdraw has a woven cable to ensure that it remains tangle free, and a magnetic tidy that attaches to an included magnet to prevent the cable from falling behind a desk, dresser or other workspace. The cable tidy also allows for easy access at home, work, in the car or elsewhere. An obvious downside here would be losing the tiny magnet, but the cable also sticks to any steel surface. The cable is topped off with laser-etched mirror graphics showing the Woodford Design logo.


The product has successfully reached its £10,000 ($16,900) funding goal  just five days into its Kickstarter campaign, with the early bird price of £10 ($15) already sold out. Those interested can still make a minimum pledge of £15 ($25) to receive one Quickdraw Cable with free worldwide shipping and a lifetime guarantee. Woodford Design is unsure how long the manufacturing process will take, however, so expect delays in the weeks before the finished product arrives at your doorstep.

Quickdraw is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models that are equipped with an 8-pin Lightning connector. If the campaign reaches at least £15,000 ($25,400) in funding, the creators will produce the cable in gold and space grey versions. At the £40,000 ($67,600) funding level, the company will look into adding an LED indicator that lights up red or green depending on the charging status of your device. The feature will depend on approval from Apple.

Overall, this is an interesting third-party accessory that merits the attention and funding it has been receiving. I will hold off on deciding to purchase the Quickdraw until it comes off the assembly line, and has a final price tag, but the cable definitely appears to be a solid and well-researched product. More information about Woodford Design and the Quickdraw Cable is available on the official Kickstarter campaign page and this Reddit Q&A thread.

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  • AnArcticMonkey

    Where did you buy a bloody knock-off cable for $20? You got extremely ripped off considering they cost $21 brand new from Apple in Canada…

    • onesimpleclickk

      I would happily spend $20+ on a ‘knock-off cable’ if it last a lot longer than Apple’s own cables. You pay for quality, and quality is something Apple fails at when it comes to cables.

      • Naqiuddin Ihsan Amj

        I think they did that on purpose. No one would buy cables from them anymore if they will last long.

      • sorrento

        Unfair cause Apple care (warranty service) is the best in the world so they would deliver you a new one at home within the next 48 hrs for free !
        I was so surprised !!

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Nope. I broke an official Apple charger and they wouldn’t replace it. I find 30-pin chargers with a cheap adaptor to be a lot cheaper than buying a lightning charger anyway. I think the only reason the lightning charger exists is for Apple and accessory makers to make more money (not that I can blame them since they are after all running a business)…

      • sorrento

        Broke ?!?
        I’m just saying what I’ve got from their service… So I don’t know what you mean by broke but if you have any issue with their accessories you just call Apple care and explain what’s is wrong then they send u a transporter with the new replacement product and you hand the old one to him….
        This is how it works in Europe with two years warranty (European law)

      • Julian Kieferle

        Well that isnt entirely right, you get this 2 year warranty thing but its very hard restricted. Means you have to be lucky that ur device gets damaged in a way they dont find any reasons for “self debt”. Apple Care lasts only one year anyway.

      • Mike Chu

        you can get them replaced under your iPhone warrenty

      • Agreed, however, I think their previous 30-pin connector was pretty good as a standard cable (just the official pricing was the problem). Though, this new lighting design that fully exposes the contacts to damage by moisture, not sure how 3rd party manufacturers can fix that…and I don’t think Woodford is any exception.

    • I totally did get ripped off by some random electronics shop in downtown Montreal that I would barely consider a business. He made up the $20 cash price in his head. I had no charger and for the sake of enjoying my vacation I simply didn’t fuss with his price.

      • njbj

        Next time go to the lost and found office of your hotel and negotiate to borrow a charger from them. Nine times out of ten they have a few chargers of all kinds that guests have left behind.

      • Dan

        Surprised you didn’t find the Apple store in downtowm montreal (I live there), it’s smack dab in the middle on St Catherine street.

  • kadeem kadz Dulice


  • onesimpleclickk

    Apple might be great at making iDevices, but they are absolutely terrible at designing & building peripherals such as sync/charge cables for them.
    It doesn’t help that they charge a premium for such badly made products.

  • David Gitman


  • Liam Mulcahy

    I bet apple makes the charger so easily breakable so we buy more of them thank god for this.

  • Andy

    This might be the first Kickstarter I support!

  • blu

    “the company will look into adding an LED indicator that lights up red or green depending on the charging status of your device”

    That would be cool. You could see from across the room if your device is charged or not.

    Problem is I am too cheap to pay what they would ask.

  • StayingAlert

    No way I would pay $25 for a 1-meter cable. If you wanted to use the device while charging, you would almost need to sit on the floor next to the electric outlet.

  • mrweid

    I remember there was a similar project about lighting cable and forgot about its name. Anyone one remember?

  • mrweid

    Just remembered. It’s called juicies+

  • MagicDrumSticks

    LOL. These remind me of the insane markups that HDMI cables had when they first came out.

    Cables are the biggest ripoff known to man, the margin is unbelievably huge, and I would never dare pay $25 for a cable that costs $2 to make.

    • sorrento

      If you know exactly how much it coast, you might get crazy… LOL

  • Sean Clark

    They’re advertising a feature they don’t even know yet if they can legally fulfill. Meh.

  • firerock

    Wow this cable looks so cool definitely want some

  • Philippe Vézina

    There is 4 Apple Retail Stores in Montréal, one located downtown 🙂

    +1 for the hotel’s L&F, also Métro’s and train/bus stations Lost and founds works too, just tell you lost yours!

    • Dan

      haha yeah that’s what I was thinking (I live in Montréal)

    • Thanks Philippe – didn’t know the area too well and wanted to leave my car at the hotel.

  • GzyOnline

    Joe, I was waiting to see you explain how this new cable alternative is going to help you next time you forget your cable at home on a trip… You didn’t. Now your opening story has proven USELSS. SMH~

  • Crusso

    So you’ll back a KS for a cable that may take months or longer to deliver. If it ever does. Go look up Juicies. You can go to a knock off site like iThrough and buy an extended length lightning cable for around $5. Just don’t buy any of the under $5 ones as they truly are crap.

  • lkkgajkglja

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  • Hi all, as the project owner of the Quickdraw Cable I just wanted to answer some of your questions and comments.

    The reason our cable is so expensive as compared to the cheapo ones on ebay is that we use Apple certified parts and have to pay a licence fee for this. This adds up to quite a lot but does mean that your cable will work into the future when Apple perform iOS updates. Apple are constantly blocking non certified cables hence why cheap cables never last long.

    We are also using top quality materials to make a tough long lasting cable hence why we can offer a lifetime warranty. Sadly we are not making huge markups!!

    Its great to hear you views as we really want to know what people think.