iPhone 6 rumors are heating up as we inch closer to Apple’s summer developers conference and an assumed Fall launch of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek recently claimed in a note to clients that Apple is negotiating with wireless carriers to raise the iPhone 6 price by $100, because the handset will be “the only headline-worthy high-end phone launched this year.

The price hike would make the larger-screened iPhone retail for $299 after a two-year contract with a  carrier versus the usual $199 starting price of latest on-contract iPhones. Interestingly enough, a recent study has found that one-third of iPhone shoppers would indeed pay more to  get an iPhone with a screen larger than four inches.

What about you?

Misek’s analyst note was first shared by StreetInsider, here’s the quote:

The possibility may at first seem far-fetched in light of investor concerns regarding possible carrier subsidy and handset price cuts due to smartphone saturation and lack of differentiation.

But we think this general lack of differentiation could be the reason why Apple may be able to get a price increase. Carriers realize that the iPhone 6 will likely be the only headline-worthy high-end phone launched this year and that they will lose subs if they do not offer it.

Here, cast your vote below.

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Just a quick observation: Apple typically keeps price points of products intact as it refreshed them with new technologies. With the iPhone accounting for more than a half of its revenues and considering the smartphone saturation on the high-end, the iPhone 6 price increase should only be analyzed in the context of widening the price umbrella and thus the addressable market.

That is, come this Fall the current-generation iPhone 5s lineup should drop to $99 while the iPhone 5c, now $99, should go free and replace the iPhone 4s as a new entry-level option.

At the same time, Apple should be wise to also refresh the iPhone 5s because there should be a four-inch iPhone occupying the slot currently taken by the $199 iPhone 5s.

Only then would it make sense for a larger-screened model to command a $100 premium, similar to how full-size iPads are pricier than the iPad mini models.

It would make absolutely no sense to make the iPhone more expensive for consumers while killing the current $199 price point/four inch form factor.

So don’t be shy – feel free to articulate your vote and share it with fellow readers in the comments below.

Mockup top of post via MacRumors and 3D artist Ferry Passchier.

  • Virus

    Sure if the 32gb is the basic model and has at least 2gb of RAM

    • Zawwu Zy

      That’s Probably Never Gonna Happen ( About GB only)

      • Lordrootman

        I know exactly what apple is going to do
        Iphone 6 will start 299 32 GB
        6C will be more affordable start 100 16 GB 32 GB 200

    • Tom

      I am wondering if they will increase the price of unlocked version too.

    • Noaaahh

      I think that’s too extreme. 2GB of RAM for an iPhone? No way.

  • if they are selling the 32gb for 300$ sure why not. For larger screen no, if they are offering something that the other competition is not I would change my mind.

    • Shadowelite123

      i partially agree with you, however a 32GB should be 199 for the 4.7 inch. i would not mind the 5.5 inch to have the $100 price bump from the 4.7 inch. Apple always has something the competitor doesn’t. whether its quality, stability, simplicity, etc, Apple always has something competitors don’t. I would be with you on your statement if the iPhone 6 design was just horrible, but speaking as both an iPhone and android user, Apple always has something better.

  • Yes! Either way, Apple, just take my money!

    • Jonathan

      What am I looking at. 0_o

  • Mr. Awesome

    Better eliminate 16gb…

    • N&LH

      They should make the default one 32gb

  • This is like they tell me: “Let us sell you this brick and charge you additional 100$.” So my answer is no.

    • Shadowelite123

      Brick? if by brick your mean a brick that can do more or more efficiently what other “bricks” can then please refresh your statement. a $100 more 5.5 inch model would make perfect sense if the 4.7 inch model what the standard and current iPhone pricing. on top of that, a larger, 4.7 inch model costs more to produce than the current 4 inch model so again, it would make sense for a $100 price bump for a much larger (compared to the 4 inch current iPhone model) model due to a higher cost to produce.

  • RarestName

    32GB and 2GB of RAM minimum.

    Doesn’t matter if the screen size stays the same.

    If you look at the device diagnostics, there are lots of low memory crashes, but they’re being handled so efficiently that it’s invisible to the average user. Not so much for the average jailbreaker though.

    • Lagax

      I jailbreak my Device, too! But apple is constantly trying to hold People from jailbreaking. If we do this, this is our own problem.

      • RarestName

        I forgot to mention that those older devices with iOS 7 are struggling with multitasking as well…

        iOS 7 comes with poorer memory management, that should be fixed with more RAM. That never happened on iOS before (ಠ_ಠ)

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Pretty much. Technically if your device is jailbroken you don’t even have a warranty anymore…

      • Shadowelite123

        That is of course if you restore, then you do have your warranty. Apple in reality, doesn’t void warranty due to jailbreaking, your warranty is simply suspended or denied if they see your iDevice is jailbroken. That is how it was for me.

  • Hector Ricky Flores

    Only if the minimum memory standards are raised to 32gb and eliminate the 16gb model. Then yes. But if it’s 16gb AND $300 heck no. Just buy a $200 5s

  • Ziich

    i could only justify the price increase somewhat if the iPhone 6 is only offered in higher capacities e.g. may the 6 is only offered in 64 and 128 while a 32gb 5s is available at 199 32gb 5c at 99 and 16gb 5c at 0. On the other hand that seems like too many sky o cater for considering apples history. I don’t know but we will see

    • onesimpleclickk

      no one needs a 128GB phone. i have never even gotten close to filling my 64GB 4S, let alone trying to fill another 64GB on top of that.

      • Ziich

        YOU do not need a 128gb phone. i on the other hand could easily fill 64gb.
        i currently have a sony xperia Z and it is equipped with a 64gb sd card. on it i have about 30gb of music and about 20 gb of movies and tv shows. the rest is filled with some of my photos (about 8gb) and system backups(about 5gb). the phone sadly only comes with 16gb(really only 11gb) of internal storage which is filled with my apps and games.
        with a higher capacity phone i would be able to store my music at higher bitrates and my movies at full HD. and with mobile games always increasing in size I could quite easily fill up 128gb

      • Andy

        No one needs 128GB? Everyone uses their devices differently, there are 128GB iPad models, so why not 128GB iPhones? Ten years ago, not many people had smartphones. Look how much has changed since then, technology advanced so much but the amount of storage space is still relatively low. Frankly, I find it ridiculous that most phones in 2014 are still released with 16GB or less, you may say that some people don’t need that much storage but the price difference for such components (8/16/32/64/128GB) is minimal especially for the amount of money charged for flagship phones and tablets. Besides, there is literally no downside to having extra storage – some people have a large library of music, videos, photos, documents. Cloud storage may be an option, but there’s nothing more convenient than accessing your files already stored on your phone.

      • Gustavo Mirabal

        I think 128 gb is for people who store a lot of videos in it. I can do really good with a 32 because using spotify i dont need to have music in my idevice anymore.

      • Pez Tickles

        I could with the amount of music i have on iTunes

      • James Gunaca

        I find that a lot of people disagree with you about a 128GB iPhone. Get a 5s with slow-mo and you will quickly change your mind.

        I went from a 64GB iPhone 5 to a 32GB 5s, thinking iTunes Match would supplant my need for more storage because of my large music library, but almost monthly I’m having to wipe stuff off my phone because I’ve hit the storage limit. If they have a 128GB option on the 6, I won’t hesitate. That’s the model I’ll get.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        If they have a 128gb iPhone 6 it will be ridiculously expensive off contract…

      • James Gunaca

        Still on my unlimited contract, no issue renewing for me.

      • Shadowelite123

        not if they take out the 16GB model

      • Shadowelite123

        you can’t say no one needs that amount of space if you yourself doesn’t. there is a lot of people who are heavy downloaders. i for one like to have movies on my iPhone for when I’m on the go and i don’t want to use my data or don’t want to stream something and have to deal with buffering. photos are another factor because a lot of people take a lot of photos and I’m sure no one wants to have to delete photos or other stuff because they have run out of space.

  • Jonathan Liu

    Off topic, iDB should ban the Samsung GS5 ads that keep popping up.


      Off Topic, use Adblocker 😛 it’ll change your life :3

    • Guest



        Lol he’s not racist. but those ads didn’t make sense here 😛

      • Jayy

        And don’t promote use of adblock on a site like this, they get paid off of ad revenue.

  • onesimpleclickk

    they need to start the base model at 32GB. anything less is starting to border on being useless for a lot of people. 32GB can store a hefty music library, a pretty full photo album & a decent chunk of apps. 64GB is more or less for the power user who likes to keep practically there whole life on their phone. if they really wanted to shake the market up they could release a 128GB edition, but i would imagine the price tag on that thing would be astronomical.

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I really hope it doesn’t rise that much… I live in brazil and we have the world’s most expensive iphone (really there’s a comparison for that). The iphone 5s is worth almost 1500 american dollars in here!

    • Rak S

      I thought it was expensive in Europe… Damn!

    • Arq.Javier Cancino

      in Mexico, you can get it free with a $1000 us dlls per month contract (2year), or $1000 us dlls with a $30 dlls per month contratct.(2year)

  • Qasim

    PolarB is much better, as far is iPhone price is concerned, i live where i have to buy a fully factory unlocked device so the $199 $299 does not matter

  • Mago

    I own a 64gb 5s and the only way i would pay $499 instead of the $399 is if they include a iwatch with that price if it is repease this year other than that no!

  • diggitydang

    Gimme 128GB’s, then sure… If the incremental cost of memory is only pennies (I read an article once that it was), then why not bump up the capacity (give something back to the consumer) and charge $100 more… A straight up price increase is a bit hard to swallow. BUT, I know Apple wouldn’t do that, I’m just sayin’…

    I like the new polling system, by the way.

  • Wolfer

    I would buy it if, just if, 32 Gb default, 2Gb RAM, larger screen, faster 64 processor, 2 flash bulbs like the 5s, faster shutter, and you know more pixels into the screen(larger screen is better with more pixels in it, if not the pics are not going to be so crystal clear.

  • Zack Simpson

    It would be hard to justify, but I could be persuaded maybe. Has anyone considered the theory that this $299 model could be reserved for the iPhablet that will supposedly tout a 5.5 inch screen, while the iPhone 6 would keep it’s typical $199 price?

  • Dean Johnson

    I’m not really sure that they would do that. in 2013 they lowered the prices of all the MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pro’s and made the OS updates free. I don’t see them suddenly increasing the price of the iPhones

  • Anthony Antunez

    Only if the base model is the 32GB. I ain’t paying $100 more to settle for 16GB again.


    Then this one gonna be 32GB lol

  • Lagax

    I’m paying 700€ because this is off-contract. ^^ Does everybody in America have a contract where he gets the phone cheaper?!

    • Arq.Javier Cancino

      $650 us dlls off contract directly at apple store. 16gb wifi.

      • Lagax

        Exactly. It’s just like most people in America do use this contract thing and are at AT&T, TMobile or something. Almost nobody is at those major carriers and almost everybody buys his devices off contract here in Germany,…

        Aren’t there ‘discounter’-carriers in the US?

    • Arq.Javier Cancino

      $200 the cheapest.

  • iBanks

    I’ll be paying full retail for mine to maintain my Unlimited Data on Verizon so it makes me no difference.

    • Rak S

      I’m guessing that the full retail one will also go up $100

      • iBanks

        Yeah. Fine by me. I paid $800 for the 4gig Original iPhone. I’d be willing to pay it again to ensure I’d keep my unlimited data.

  • Jason B

    Agreeing with others, only voted yes if the base model will be 32GB. I will not have another 16GB phone. It was enough with the 3G, but when I updated to the 4S, I am constantly fighting a losing battle to keep some memory free to record videos. And this comes from someone that stores little to no music on their phone.

  • Andrew Roth

    Seeing as that $200 is really more like $700, that would really be $800 over $300… So I could get a four Moto X’s for the price of one iPhone. I love Apple but no way.

  • Biscuit

    Blah blah blah we’re all gonna get it

  • n0ahcruz3

    Id rather buy a note 3 or M8 with expandable memory or battery.

    • At that time, buy the Note 4. Note 3 is the best phone around

      • N&LH


      • dork

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yup note 4. Or get me a note 3 saves me money. Note 3 is still a beast.

  • 300 for a 4.7″ phone that’s laughable.

    300 for a 5.5″ iphone is fine

    • urrl

      THANK YOU. I wish they would finally compete with the present offerings with respect to size.

  • JomanJi

    that’s cheap compared to now that an iPhone 5S costs $964 unlocked in sweden, compared to the US, where it only costs $649 -.-

    • Rak S

      If the price goes up in the US, it’ll also go up everywhere else.

      • JomanJi

        but it’s $300 more in sweden than in the US. Why? Because of shipping??

      • Rak S

        No, just because Apple chooses to charge more in most countries outside the US.
        In the few countries where they are forced to reduce the price (Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.) they sell all their devices at the same/similar prices to the US.
        It’s a more than a bit annoying if you live in Europe.
        I bought my Retina MacBook Pro in the US, and the saving I made on buying it there, paid for my flight to NYC!

      • JomanJi

        wow, I can believe you. Here in europe, electronics are expensive…

      • Rak S

        I’m English, living in Denmark… I know the feeling 😉

  • Decio Arruda

    It would affect their sales by a lot I think. But as long as the unlocked price doesn’t change at all, I don’t really mind. I came from Europe to the US and I’m not throwing money out of the window for these carriers.

  • urrl

    I left the iphone because of screen size mostly. Now they are coming up with the same size as my present android? No way, unless the rumor of the 5.5 iphone model is true. Then I will surely reconsider.

  • Mingo

    Only if it’s 32GB. If we let apple have it their way they will jack the price whenever they feel like it. Samsung is giving apple a run for the money.

  • Blip dude

    Can’t give an answer to this now, because I would have to see what it offers besides a larger screen and more RAM. Also, from iPhone 5 and beyond, I will ONLY buy unlocked phones since I am no longer trying to sign contracts, so that gives me a 2-3 month wait to see how the phone turns out.

  • Chris

    Same size screen as iPhone 5 or even better iphone 4/4s and I will be there like a tramp on chips if not nope stick to the 5s thank you apple

  • Tom

    Never took a contracted phone….

  • F P

    Phuck off Apple.

  • James Gunaca

    If it comes stock with 32GB instead of 16GB, sure. $100 markup for storage is a rip-off, if you ask me.

  • Rowan09

    I wouldn’t want to pay $300 because I don’t buy on contract anymore, but if I did no. I hope they keep the unlocked version at the same price since it’s not subsidized.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    With options like the. One Plus One and the Nexus 5, competition is even more fierce than ever before. I certainly hope that these amazingly valued devices help bring down prices of iPhones.

    This isn’t a matter of Apple vs Google anymore, it’s our wallet vs the corporation’s wallets!

  • onebyone_

    Guys if you see on a chinesse web an iOS 8.0.1 (just for iPhone 5S ad 5C) is totally FAKE!
    stay away of this.
    obviously all we know that the real update will be announced in the upcoming WWDC in june.

    • Jonathan

      You know, I might download this just so I can see the contents that are inside..

      • onebyone_


  • XboxOne

    When Safari crashes – Yeah you do.

    • eXoguti093

      Safari crashing ’cause of ram? That’s a software issue not hardware, it makes no sense, with 512mb Im running iOS 7 jailbroken with a bunch of tweaks, ram stays at around 80-130 and down to 20mb when I’m playing games or in apps, nothing ever crashes, so with a 5/5s it has more than enough to go through the next 3 or 4 iOS releases, when they upgrade to 2GB well that device will stay up to date for a while longer, but theres nothing to take advantage of that whole lot of extra ram except MAYBE intensive games which you can run just fine with 1gb, android devices have more ’cause most uses more, unless you have 3GB you end up with close to the same amount for both android and iOS devices, which are more than enough to run their OSs

      • Shadowelite123

        You are right though a bump in ram would be useful. I’m a heavy tweak user and sometimes my old iPhone 5 could not handle everything i had. i would have issues with speed and it would crash quite a bit. not a lot to be too annoying but yea a ram bump would be great. we don’t need a whole 2GB ram but a bit higher would be useful. then again thats just me.

      • eXoguti093

        I see them increasing it a bit more, but asking for a 1gb more is too much, in the time the device becomes too old and people will want the newest, that extra gig will be wasted

      • Shadowelite123

        im not really asking. I’m just saying it would be useful to have a ram bump. i personally don’t mind having the current ram size though again it would be good to have an increase. with Apple working on new things involving their 64 bit chip, I’m assuming they would need to bump up the ram size a bit to make sure it can handle anything they add and still have ram left over.

      • kiljoy616

        Yes it would be useful to maybe 1% of users but it also takes up more room and need juice to keep it running. There really is no free ride. Never had any crashes on my iPhone that was memory lated. Bad code sure but not lack of memory.

    • NotMyRealContact

      From a development standpoint, if you have a fast enough CPU, you can dodge the RAM, via swapfiles or similar methods.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    PolarB is much nicer

  • Shadowelite123

    What Apple should do and would most likely do is release the iPhone 6 4.7 and 5.5 rumored models without a 6C companion. They should release the 4.7 inch model at $199 for a 32GB model. For the 5.5 inch, they should release it at $299 for 32GB and release it in a separate category, for example iPhablet. The 6C would be released with a 6S model next year and offering the kind of play like it was when the 5S was released. the pricing would be 199 32GB, 299 64GB, and 399 128GB for the 4.7 inch. the 5.5 inch should play out as 299 32GB, 399 64GB, and 499, 128GB. the unlocked versions would be the same price with the current iPhone play and the 5.5 iPhablet would just be 100 more and all with the new 32GB starting options. This would be the best play for Apple and would be the best for everyone as well.

  • zlOCk

    $300 looks good start for iPhone 6.

  • ins0mniac1

    Except browser tabs refresh constantly if you have more than two tabs open on complex websites. Plus more than a few apps in multitasking puts other backgrounded apps to sleep when ram is required. It effects my workflow and I’m hanging for a RAM upgrade.

    • kiljoy616

      Sound like your talking about a desktop computer not a phone.

  • ins0mniac1

    Its interesting to see nearly everyone agreeing on two prerequisites for a price hike:

    1. Double the ram to 2GB
    2. Double the entry level storage capacity to 32GB

  • Girish

    i always buy contract free iphones everytime 🙂

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  • John D Pappas

    With the decision not to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S5 at this time, I’m learning to tolerate the short battery charge on my 4S. That and the non expandable memory is what will push me to another manufacturer. Seems the only way to stay in the market is to be equal or better than the rest…and lousy battery with limited storage is not the way to go!