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Episode 26: We discuss what’s new in iOS 7.1.1, Apple’s recent Q2 earnings call, The ultimate iTunes Store guide, more Nike speculation, and we each talk about our most anticipated upcoming Apple release.

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  • Jaleon

    Hello there guys, sorry for asking this here.
    I was playing around with some tweaks and my phone kept crashing, I deleted them, I rebooted and now it appears like I am in a “safe mode” (It doesn’t say safe mode, but it looks/feels like it). No tweaks loaded, but cydia still appears. I tried deleted some other tweaks, reinstalling some, but it’s still the same. I was wondering if someone here could help.
    Thank you!

    • Jaleon

      update: I tried forcing a boot to safe mode but it does not work.
      It’s as if nothing from cydia is installed but cydia is still there and showing that packages are installed.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Cydia appears no matter what when jailbroken.

        Try rebooting and while it does, hold the volume up button until it disables everything. Then uninstall whatever you need from cydia packages.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Also try installing CCleaner and running it, it might do the trick on cache’d packages.

      • Jaleon

        Thanks for the reply, I had iCleaner installed, tried running it but it did not do the trick.
        Trying to boot into safe mode with volume up button does not work either.
        Any other suggestions/ideas?

      • Jaleon

        [FIXED] Thanks for your help AndroidDog.
        I reinstalled cydia substrate and substrate safe mode and it did the trick.

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  • Tommy Gumbs

    Let’s not talk stock split….keep it at rumors.

    • romeodesigns

      Is this real? If it is, that’s something I’d like to jump on, especially with the iwatch being released and a possible television set. There’s a smart and big reason for a company like apple to do this, not just because they’re a confident organization, but because they are smart and know how to play the game. In the end, whomever has stock invested, will see a huge return and show that apples worth a hell of a lot more.

      • Yes, this is real. Apple announced it