No more sliding! Just Tapping. That’s the headline for the description for TapToUnlock7 in Cydia, and I have to say, it’s apt. TapToUnlock7 is a tweak that gets rid of the “slide to unlock” action and replaces it with a simple tap.

TapToUnlock7 works with both passcode enabled devices and unsecured devices. When you have a passcode enabled, a tap will activate the passcode screen, and when you have the passcode disabled, you’ll be whisked away right to iOS’ Home screen.

The tweak features a variety of customization options to change up the look and feel of the tap to unlock button on the Lock screen. Have a look inside as we explore various facets of this brand new release.

After installing TapToUnlock7, you can just start using it as is. Go to the Lock screen, and you should see the tap to unlock button. Tap the button, and your device will unlock.

TapToUnlock Settings

Inside of the tweak’s preferences, you’ll find tons of nuanced settings for changing the look of the tap to unlock button. There, you’ll also find a toggle for enabling tap anywhere functionality. As you might have guessed,  tap anywhere allows you to tap anywhere on the Lock screen to unlock the device.

Although it features a lot of customization options, most of those options pertain to the look of the tweak. At its root, TapToUnlock7 is a simple tweak with one basic function. If you’re looking for a quicker way to unlock your device, then TapToUnlock7 is a solid candidate. Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo to download it today for $0.99, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Framboogle

    I’m still waiting for fap to unlock

    • XboxOne


  • Merman123

    I’m waiting for Elias “Tap on screen” to wake tweak. Seems promising =].

    • Sunny

      Android have this tweak since ages ago time for apple to do the same :p

      • Nothing wrong with copying Android, WebOS, Windows Phone 8.

    • __HENRY__

      do you know when it will be released ??
      can you give me a source where you read this tweak will be released??

  • David Gitman

    I prefer the old ios 6 slider

    • Andrew

      Then use ClassicLockscreen

      • David Gitman

        ios 7.1.1 😛 and NO regrets!

      • Andrew

        Really? I was thinking about upgrading too. I would like to know what do you miss and what device you’re using

      • David Gitman

        I am using iPhone 5s , What do i miss in the jailbreak?

        ClassicLockscreen and iOS 6 theme ^^

      • Andrew

        Wow, how’s the battery?

      • David Gitman

        Hmmm well kinda the same lol

      • Andrew

        Touch ID? Had any crashes at all?

      • David Gitman

        I had keybaord lags! I never had them before the patch.

        fixed my ios 7.0.6 safari crashes.. hmmm Touch ID sometimes does nothing. I put my finger and nothing not even try again
        and sometimes like 4 times try again

      • Andrew

        oh these problems were on 7.1 as well or only on 7.1.1?
        thanks for the info through

      • David Gitman

        I didn’t had them on 7.1 tho..

  • Saulo Benigno

    Nice touch on the video ending, showing the price, developer and small animation of it. Perfect. Congrats Jef!

  • Chuck

    Finally the nightmare is over! All that swiping was tiring my sorry ass out. But with TapToUnlock7, all I have to do is tap and I’m good to go. We’ll worth the 99 cents I invested in this tweak.

  • Why not push the volume up button to unlock? 😛

  • svartkuken

    Too bad the custom text doesn’t work, disabled until it’s fixed.

  • blu

    I like my activator setting, double tap home button to unlock. It has become second nature to me now and I get annoyed on other devices that are not set like that.
    Plus it is free.

  • Ryan

    what about when there are notifications?

  • Tata

    Can you review convergance

  • BozzyB

    “Tap to wake” would be nice like LG does so you don’t even have to press the power button…

  • Varun Soi

    Probably iphone 5s users don’t need this!

  • CS

    Where is Fold to unlock? I liked that tweak on iOS 6…

  • Karim Farrag

    running cydia on my 7.1.1 firmware

  • Eric Ortiz

    is anyone else having issues with the “x” to dismiss texts with bitesms not working properly with this tweak?

  • Narinder Pal

    how to stop alarm while snoozing… tap it option on give u another snooze..any fix for this?

  • Glen_Austin_X126 email

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