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The Weather Channel app has long been a favorite for iOS users. It provides fast, accurate information, and offers tons of features for the more serious weather watchers. In fact, the only complaint I’ve ever really heard about the app had to do with its decidedly dated design.

That changed this morning, though, as the app was updated with an all-new iOS 7-inspired look. It now features rounded, translucent UI elements and larger, sharper graphics. Users will also notice that the app is much faster thanks to a number of performance improvements…

Here is your full 6.0 change log:

What’s New in Version 6.0.0

Wow! Introducing our beautiful new scroll down iOS 7 redesign:
– Social Weather—Share your weather conditions with us! We will use that information to identify hard-to-predict spots to improve the forecast for those areas. Plus, whenever you report your weather, you can take and share a photo of your current weather. We’ll keep track of them so you’ll have a personalized weather history.
– Radar maps—Faster than ever
– Design—Beautiful and easy to use. Perfectly aligned to the iOS7 aesthetic.
– Improved navigation—swiping right to left allows you to browse your saved locations, whereas the detailed forecasts and stories can be viewed by swiping up and down. Check out detailed weather conditions by tapping the circle on the main screen.
– App Icon—A new look for the app icon on your home screen signals something completely different, but with the same trusted weather information.

And here are a few more screenshots:

weather 2

As much as the Weather Channel app needed a redesign, I actually think the Social Weather feature is more interesting. The WC is essentially crowdsourcing weather info—a tool that could come in handy in the event of severe weather. The local weatherman isn’t always accurate.

Anyway, I know there are a number of weather applications available for iOS—click here for our top 10 picks of 2013—but it looks like the Weather Channel just put itself back in the discussion. It looks like the new look is iPhone only, and you can find it in the App Store for free.

  • Likii111

    Whats wrong , After 6 months they update their apps for iOS 7!!

  • Looks pretty good!

  • ExRoot

    I’ve been using WC forever. Tried different apps over the years that were useless. Tried WeatherUnderground and fir the first time I moved away from WC. Love it. Just updated new WC to check out but I think WU works better for me as a gardener.

  • sflomenb

    I have a ton of weather apps, but the main ones I use are Dark Sky and The Weather Channel. Hopefully the iPad version will be updated soon. I don’t know why it isn’t universal.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Still prefer Yahoo’s weather app. No ads.

  • Nitsud

    why didn’t they update the weather channel Max app? seems disappointing

  • Wolfer

    I hate this new update, because now you can not costumized it your way; loging in experience is bad, the pictures they are using are horrible; I loved the past one because you can put any pic in the background, and the layers on the map were great, now the layers are not working well…I hate this update!!!

    • Natalia molina

      but it looks better overall

      • Wolfer

        Well…, just the look, but…

  • BozzyB

    how did it look before?

  • Barb

    I kinda miss the starry night skies with the shooting stars! 🙂 The thing I’m having the most trouble with is deleting cities that I no longer care to track. Is Conway, NH going to forever be on my list??? Can anyone help please?!