iPhone 5s ad (Powerful, teaser 001)

Want to know what apps Apple featured in its latest iPhone 5s ad titled ‘Powerful’, which started airing last evening? The 30-second commercial suggests that “with the power of iPhone 5s, you’re more powerful than you think” by highlighting a number of content creation use cases involving a bunch of third-party apps found on the App Store.

If you’ve seen the ad, chances are you’ve spotted a scene in which some guy uses the iPhone’s flash as a heart rate monitor, but what about all the other apps?

That’s what a new section on Apple’s website is for. Titled ‘Powerful’, the new microsite is solely created with the purpose of exploring the apps from the commercial…

“You have the power to create, shape and share your life,” reads a message on the microsite. “It’s right there in your hand. Or bag. Or pocket. It’s your iPhone 5s.”

Here’s the list of apps featured in the spot:

• AmpliTube, $13.99
• Cleartune, $3.99
• Instant Heart Rate, $1.99
• Luminair, $129.99
• Pacific Rim, $0.99
• Star Walk, $0.99
• Word Lens, Free

For those wondering about the add’s song, it’s “Gigantic” by the Pixies, available on iTunes.

App developers whose work gets featured in Apple’s commercial typically see their numbers shoot up as a result of exposure.

I bet Instant Heart Rate developer Azumio will benefit the most due to the eye-catching nature of the program. I’ve immediately picked it up after watching the ad because – you know – who needs a dedicated heart rate sensor when there’s an app for that (I’m looking at you, Galaxy S5!).

  • Did I see read wrong did it say 129.99$? lol
    what does it do?

    • Michael Jay Delaney

      Looks like it simulates a light board, used for adjusting the light in theater and film settings. The physical thing is upwards of 2k at least.

  • Chris

    Hey guys… I’m searching for that Violine app that the Girl on Stage use it!
    Its NOT in the list! Do you know the App-Name?

    • Cesar D

      I was wondering about it too 🙁 lol looks like we really want to play violine without actually having one :p

      • muse952


    • its not yet there on the appstore… its called Motion synth by AUUG

  • pegger1

    I’ve been using Instant Heart Monitor on iPhone for years. It’s also available for Android, which is what makes the S5 sensor insignificant (not this ad)

    • SH Yeoh

      I know there are few alternative apps like What’s My Heart Rate (free) and Cardiograph (paid). Have you compared their performance?

      • Nick

        I’ve been using “What’s My Heart Rate” quite accurate too

      • Nick

        I have recoding ,haha

  • Jonathan

    $129? Seriously?

  • Alan

    That’s nothing compared to VIP black , $999.99

    • Jonathan

      I bought that last week!


    • Capirexz

      Dude, Update your Apps.

    • felixtaf

      The app worths every penny u pay for… Look at the UI… U shud pay that amount jus for that amazing UI. DWL

    • Robin Keanu Keim

      It’s an app/service for rich people…
      In addition to paying $999.99 for the app you also need a very very high income to be allowed to create an account and use this app/service!

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    WTF 130$ for an app ?

    • That’s nothing, I’ve seem apps at almost $1,000!!! Check out iVIP Black at £699!

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        Yes but the difference is that those 1000$ apps are probably fakes/scams while this one seems to be an app that really costs 130$

  • n0ahcruz3

    5s heart rate monitor app using the camera or S5 dedicated heart rate monitor? I wonder which one will be more accurate

    • hkgsulphate

      watch macmixing’s “Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5s: Heart Rate Sensor Comparison” on YouTube

  • Matt

    I just love how they added the heart rate thing!

  • ClaudieX X

    I’ve been using the heart rate thing since iPhone 4!! Lol to all the hype it did on the shamesung s5, just put your finger half cam half flash… 10 seconds and you are done.

    • SH Yeoh

      Have you compared the measurement with other similar apps? I know there are some free ones. I am wondering if the paid one is a lot better?

      • ClaudieX X

        Difference is 1 or 2 heart beat more or less. So… Is the same… There are YouTube videos testing them in real life

  • pookerella

    Thanks. It’s shown twice (I believe) and I was most intrigued by that app more than the others. Odd.

  • Morgan Glissmeyer

    What’s the one where the lady is holding the phone and it changes color when she plays it?

    • danhenny_76

      its called motion synth
      was a kickstarter and will be available in a few weeks they say

  • Ian Leon

    How did they get the blue crayon in the purple wrapper