Bluelounge Jimi splash

Loads of Apple accessories debuted at CES 2014, but one of my favorites was the Jimi by BlueloungeSimply, “putting your iMac USB port within reach, Jimi is a j-shaped, USB port extension for your iMac to bring your USB port forward, allowing easy access.” It is fairly straight forward and, after a pause, genius.

It is rare to so strategically pinpoint little nuances to everyday uses of Apple devices. Bluelounge specializes in these minute details, solving issues we gradually came to accept over time. I resorted to spinning my iMac around each time I wanted to access the USB ports. With an additional monitor on each side of my iMac, adding anything to the port required me to carefully pull my iMac forward and gently turn it to one side. Sometimes, I resorted to reach over the monitor, blindly cramming my cables into the aluminum back. My reckless behavior is no more, thanks to the Jimi…

Form is function

Truly, there is no reason to belabor the Jimi description. Jimi is a j-shaped, plastic USB 3.0 extender that clicks into the speaker port on post-November 2012 uni-body iMacs, either 21.5″ or 27″ models. Importantly, Jimi is USB 3.0 pass through. Therefore, the extender does not deprecate the data transfer speed. The black design ensures it almost melts away in the shadow underneath the iMac monitor, preventing any undue attention. My eye is not drawn to it as I write this post.

Bluelounge Jimi USB stick

The distraction comes from the unflush fit. It seems the Jimi is slightly torqued and the left side of the USB hub sits in front of the screen surface, while the right side fits flush. Although, I cannot tell while I sit at my desk. The casual observer would not even notice when taking a closer look. However, my compulsive attention is disappointed. I originally assumed, I plugged it into the USB crooked, but after repeatedly testing, I came to the conclusion the Jimi is slightly bent, causing the issue. It is less than .5mm, but I felt negligent not mentioning the lip.

The USB hub is also very firm, which I assume will break-in slightly over time. Until then, I am holding my monitor in place when removing my OEM Lightning cable.

Bluelounge Jimi

Despite these picky frustrations, the Jimi is a problem solver. I was excited by the uni-body iMac design, but losing side-positioned USB ports was not worth slimming an already simple design. In my opinion Apple went a little too far when reducing the iMac. The reduction caused a struggle in function, causing users to reach for the USB ports. Now, the Jimi is able to solve a problem caused by Apple. At the reasonable price of $14.95, it is not a gamble. Stop reaching around or over your iMac and find convenience in the cleverly designed Jimi by Bluelounge.

  • Nicolas Cage


  • Jake Rogers

    Really?! No thanks I’ll save $15 and use my extensive super-powered feeling-behind-apple-computer skills to put in my USB’s.

  • JustReboot

    … or just get a 3.0 hub, use a little wire management, and then gain 6 ports within easy reach for the same price 🙂 – yeah Amazon!

    • Past0rB

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Tom

      Exactly. Haha

  • Christopher

    Apple did that because, well, most of their products are wireless anyway, magic mouse, trackpad, keyboard, time capsule, air port, and almost all of their other gimmicky stuff is wireless, so, their idea is that you basically don’t need it.

    • blu

      Yeah, because nobody uses USB thumb drives or plugs their iPhone into it (not that the iPhone is USB 3).

      Stupid design mistake on their part. Somebody got sloppy.

      • JoJo

        The sole reason this was done is because of the design of the iMac. It was a design choice, definitely not a mistake. To say somebody got sloppy is just a very ignorant thing to say.
        Do you really think a company like Apple gets sloppy on something like this? Design is what they do.

        You rather want ugly cables and holes in the front or the side of your iMac? Buy any other all in one pc, laptop etc not a iMac.

      • blu

        So form over function? Are you that big of a fanboy that you can’t realize this?
        I know it was a design choice, and it was a poor one.
        Even the great Apple make mistakes sometimes.

        Also, if not a mistake, why was this product made? Apparently others think it is an issue too.

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  • Sean Cua

    That ain’t a reasonable price.