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Apple has just released iOS 7.1.1 for public consumption. A maintenance update, iOS 7.1.1 contains “improvements, bug fixes and security updates.” Specifically, it makes Touch ID even more reliable than the previous iOS 7.1 update, while fixing a pair of bugs related to keyboard responsiveness and Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled.

It’s arrived just five days after iOS 7.1.1 devices located in and around Apple’s Cupertino campus started exposing themselves in web logs.

Needless to say, those of you who rock a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad are advised to hold off on upgrading to the new software until we’re able to confirm it won’t break your jailbreak

Firmware files are available on our Download page.

According to the official changelog, iOS 7.1.1 – labeled as build 11D201 – contains improvements, bug fixes and security updates, including:

– Further improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition
– Fixes a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness
– Fixes an issue when using Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled

You can apply an over-the-air update by visiting iOS Settings > General > Software Update. From there, hit the Download and Install button and follow the instructions. You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to download the update.

iOS 7.1.1 update prompt

Alternatively, connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad via a USB cable to iTunes and apply the update using your Mac or Windows PC.

For me, the installer comes in at a rather paltry 26MB, but your mileage may vary depending on your device model and the version of iOS installed.

For detailed info on the security content of this update, check out this support doc.

A companion Apple TV 6.1.1 update is also available on your set-top box.

According to early reports on Twitter, Touch ID recognition is now markedly faster than before. You’ll probably need to re-register your fingerprints in order to get Touch ID to recognize them faster than before in iOS 7.1.1.

Safari now supports new top-level domains like .photo, .camera and more. Also, as a commenter pointed out (and proved me wrong in the process), the App Store in iOS 7.1.1 now appropriately labels items that contain In-App subscriptions.


I originally assumed this was a backend iTunes update, but subsequent checks have confirmed that IAP labels show up in iOS 7.1.1 but not in iOS 7.1.

Should you spot other noteworthy improvements, please do share them with the community down in the comments and I’ll update the article accordingly.

  • Cool! I’m updating… Hopefully better battery life!

    • andy

      I HOPE SO! 😀 tell me if there is better battery life :)!!!

      • Shams

        Significant improvement of battery life

      • andy

        Hmmmm….for me its still bad :(! i went on fb for 5 mins and it already drained to 95%
        what features should i disable for significant improvement of battery life!??? i tried disabling
        1. background app refresh
        2. bluetooth of course
        3. auto app update
        4. mail push
        5. notification centre a few push apps i don’t need to be updated
        6. removed some today view
        – reminders
        7. changing wallpaper i turned off parallax
        8. does game center drain a lot of battery ???
        9. location services important for me but i disabled a few options in setting
        10. time zone – does that drain battery !???
        11. spotlight search, if i untick all the search apps does that save 5% of battery?

        Thanks for the help 🙂

      • Shams

        Those items are really good to disable. Could not think of anything else. Background App refresh and location is a big one.

      • andy

        Ah thats weird, i disabled location services after a fresh restore instead of having it enabled and i feel a better significant performance and battery life a bit 🙂
        background app refresh….. i use facebook everyday tones of times!! and weather only to check the forecast for school for tomorrow’s. Should i just disable background app refresh or just disable the onces that arent significant daily uses…???

      • Shams

        Disable background refresh. Right now my usage is horrible. 6hours 27 minutes drained to 20%

    • Rahimo

      can any one tell me when the iOS8 will be released ?? I can’t wait more for JB of ios7.1.1 !! ooooh god :::

      • WWDC in early June iOS 8 will be released. As far as the jailbreak is concerned, its really anybody’s guess.

      • Rahimo

        Thank you justin !!!

      • iOS 8 is to be officially released to the public most likely in September or October. The betas should start rolling out shortly after the WWDC keynote is over in early June.

      • Rahimo

        Thanx R0F !!

      • No problem.

  • Maxim∑


  • Guy Gascard

    may be a bug or two that allow a route to jailbreak

    • Jamie Tilden

      Don’t count on it.

  • RarestName

    iPhone 5s here. Not getting the OTA.

    • andy

      Reboot your device, and you should get OTA update of ios 7.1.1 🙂

  • Erny Carrillo

    I mite update my ipad, but im keeping my iphone jailbroken.

    • sharp44MAG .

      I suggest you don’t even update your iPad. Especially with OS Experiance coming out in a couple weeks.

      • Al

        Agreed! I’m definitely looking out for it.

        As far as I know his perfecting the DRM/Protection, hopefully it won’t take long.

      • Erny Carrillo

        Sorry. Forgot to mention my ipad was not jailbroken as of now. So mite as well update it since its unjailbreakable. When i upgraded ipads, i had to restore and lost my ios.

  • Linton Findlay

    is there any news on a 7.1.x jailbreak?

    • RarestName


      • Linton Findlay


      • RarestName

        What else were you expecting?

    • Leever

      There won’t be till the next iOS – at least from evasi0n.

  • G®UΣ

    Touch ID have become a lot faster to register your finger!

    • saimoom fb

      i have iphone 4s…so can i use this feature?????

  • RarestName

    Anyone who updated has the iAP text under the prices?

    • Bill Do

      Seems kinda redundant though as most apps have iap.

    • That’s not iOS 7.1.1, it’s a silent backend App Store update propagating now around the world

      • RarestName

        So it seems that it’s just a mere coincidence that this wasn’t available on my phone before updating to 7.1.1 then!

      • Actually, you are right, this is an iOS 7.1.1 thing. Update the article and credited you, thanks!

      • RarestName


  • leart

    Done 🙂

    • Tom

      Lots of free space. I have just 500mb approx left.

      • leart

        i loosed my ios6 jailbreak recently, my phone is freshly restored 🙂

    • Alan

      Can’t do it, I’m not about it :/

    • Max Rojas

      i dont get it; explain please

      • rockdude094

        He’s about to lose his jailbreak..

  • hkgsulphate

    seeing the “Download and Install” button feel like on drug

  • Aleksandar Kojić

    another screenshot from Croatia and Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) HT logo!

  • Rowan09

    “Needless to say, those of you who rock a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad are d to hold off on upgrading to the new software until we’re able to confirm it won’t break your jailbreak…”
    Is there a jailbreak for 7.1?

    • RarestName

      A tethered one on the iPhone 4.

      • Rowan09

        I heard about that one, but I thought I missed something.

    • oralarts

      No. I’m not sure why he wrote that. Of course, if you go beyond iOS 7.0.6 you will lose your jailbreak.

      • Rowan09

        Ok. I’m on 7.0.6 and I’m not updating either way. My iPad is still on 6.1.2 because of Delete Mail and Safari Upload Enabler. As soon as Safari Upload Enabler got updated for 7.0, 7.1 was released.

  • Dan

    no update for me, my jailbreak is worth more than that

  • Tom

    Wow! the update was soooooo fast!

  • mordechai eliyahu

    and im still on ios 5.1.1 on iphone 4s

    • Maxim∑

      a little out of date

      • mordechai eliyahu

        ya but some apps from apple store that has been removed only works on ios 5 like mr number that is a reverse lookup for cell phones

      • leart

        I miss a lot that firmware on my 4s… My phone it was double time faster on ios 5

      • leart

        Yes but it was a great ios.. It was my favorite, youtube and and GOOGLE MAP.. If it was possible I would downgrade wy 4s at that firmware, it was stunning fast

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Jailbreak? Please…

  • mordechai eliyahu

    i got a feeling that over 10 people are gonna ask when the jailbreak will come out….so let me tell u now…wait for ios 8.0 then u will get your jailbreak

  • Dan Chenoweth

    Does anyone know if this update will fix the facetime problem that they have now?

  • Guest

    Personal Hotspot fixed

  • #WatchDogs

    I found that on the internet lol 😉 iOS 8

    • Better safari logo!

    • Keabsy

      and the iPad version (now with calculator?)

      • Ryan

        just calculator? I need more than that (voice memos, compass, stocks, weather) 😛 Wondering why apple’s taking so long to add a few particular stock apps to the iPad, but if they are indeed adding a calculator app, they are at least going into the right direction. But I don’t really like the Safari icon though.

      • Keabsy

        There’s 2 pages :p

      • Ryan

        eh they probably have apps on the 2nd page. there’s no screenshot floating around the web of that by any chance right?

      • Keabsy

        This is the closest I can get of the apps installed. This is on the 5.5′ iPhone.

      • Keabsy

        And by the way, #WatchDogs’s screenie is from the 4.7′ model, this is on the 4-inch iPhone:

    • Aneeq Naqvi

      I doubt that watch utility app. O.o

    • onebyone_

      I believe, this is real. Take a look on tue clock icon and the hour. they are the same.

  • Mohd Musa

    Personal Hotspot is fixed

  • David Gitman

    OMG its actually faster now (touch ID)

  • Jonathan

    Needless to say, those of you who rock a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad are d to hold off on

    What’s the “d” there for?

    • Carlos Gomes

      You wanna know what the D is? haha

      • Jonathan

        eh, nvm. figured it out. 0_o
        *tries to make brain focus on other things*

    • “advised”

      fixed now 🙂

  • Jason B

    Hold off until we confirm it won’t break your jailbreak? I would think it’s safe to assume that if 7.1 broke it, 7.1.1 isn’t going magically bring it back.

    I doubt we will see anymore jailbreaks until iOS 8. With it getting harder and harder to do, and all the people that are able to do it getting swooped up by Apple, there’s no point in wasting exploits on iOS 7.

  • Climor

    Just updated. Touch ID is faster in terms of unlocking my iPhone and reading a new fingerprint. You don’t need to re-register your existing fingerprints.

  • Sagar Maharjan

    I wont update whough i dont have jailbreak on my iphone i willl wait for youtube to post the videos about ios 7.1.1 and its jailbreak

  • Alan

    Yeaa thanks but no thanks I’ll stay 7.0.6 :p

    • Jonathan

      Please read your emails.

      • Mondo

        I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s bothered by this.

      • Jonathan

        I hate badges. xD

    • What is the name of the themes?

    • Luism27

      What are the names of the first and second themes??

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    iphone 3 has already been jailbroken on 7.1.1. so have hope everyone.

  • Ray Wolf

    Too bad my touch ID is now slower, ooooo the irony LOL

  • cesar velasco

    Anybody knows if Gevey for iphone 4s continuous to work?

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  • Nirvana

    I’m updating, first time i’ve ever updated via OTA of course on older devices. unfortunately, even 7.1 can’t get my 5S out of 7.0.6. :p

  • Sachmach29

    Ugh, almost instant Touch ID and better battery, I’m barely restraining myself from updating from 7.0.4 jail broken.

  • Andy

    Hmm a screenshot of a phone from Singapore? That’s pretty random.. Any of the writers of iDB is from Singapore?

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    iOS 7.1.1 feels smoother, everything feels more responsive and crispier. Apps with heavy data usage load quickly. Wish the was a jailbreak for this version.

  • onebyone_

    Safari on iOS7.1.1 became laggy
    iPhone5 without any other app open.
    check it out when you open the tabs

    • onebyone_

      well. fixed. Just reboot my iPhone and works like a charm 😉

  • jen bernadette almazan

    Why can’t i download an application? Please help me. 🙁

  • Rodessa Lalangan Villarente

    Anyone else having trouble downloading? I’ve tried to download it so many times and everytime I think it’s updated the notification for the ios 7.1.1 keeps popping up when my phone turns back on from the update. It’s so frustrating

  • topcricket

    we are JB army. we don’t give a damn. see you then. bye

  • Kirsty Andrews

    battery dies quicker and it cuts out on all games the ios 7.1.1 is appsolutely crap!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandi Lerma

    if you have a 4S DO NOT UPDATE! My battery is dead in 2 hours

  • Lewis Gale

    Since I’ve updated me and my partners facebook app won’t show a news feed, did anyone else experience this or know away to fix this?

  • peaceloveespn

    My camera app isn’t working anymore… Did this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions? I’ve already tried restarting it.