Samsung Next Big Thing

Apple’s second California trial against Samsung over smartphone patents has given us an unprecedented insight into Samsung’s obsession with beating Apple and Apple’s worries over losing the cool factor to Samsung due to the snarky ads that ridiculed the iPhone as an outdated and dull phone.

As you know, Samsung’s campaign headlined under the ‘The Next Big Thing’ tagline went viral in September of 2012, thanks to a particularily scathing ad that ridiculed folks who’d wait in line for an iPhone 5.

The commercials were meant to counter the iPhone 5 “tsunami,” as Samsung execs put it, and have managed to enrage Apple’s marketing boss Phil Schiller so much that he proposed in an email to CEO Tim Cook that the firm fire its longtime ad agency.

According to a highly confidential email exchange between Samsung execs, we now know that the South Korean firm saw Steve Jobs’s death as the “best opportunity to attack the iPhone” and tarnish the Apple brand…

The emails were presented as evidence in the trial and obtained by AppleInsider.

As a reminder, Apple on October 4, 2011, announced the iPhone 4s and Steve Jobs passed away the following day.

Then vice president of sales operations and head of national sales for Samsung Telecommunications America, Michael Pennington, immediately issued an internal email to Todd Pendleton, Samsung’s chief marketing officer, to frame the unfortunate event as an opportunity to take the iPhone 4s head on.

“Sorry to continue to push this issue, but I have seen this far too long and I know this is our best opportunity to attack iPhone,” Pennington wrote. “If there is no consensus on the approach I initially proposed, I will stop pushing, but I would like to better understand our strategy so I can align with that.”

Also, this:

The point here is the there is an unintended benefit for Apple, since the external messages by third parties are all highlighting and/or supporting the consumer perception that Apple products are superior, since Jobs’ was such a visionary and perfectionist.

What consumer wouldn’t feel great about purchasing a device developed by such a person?

He then goes on to complain how Jobs’s passing has led to “a huge wave of press coverage of Apple’s and iPhone’s superiority, all created by the, passionate, tireless, perfectionist” CEO.

To this, Pendleton replied that his team would unleash the holiday ad blitz “and go head to head with iPhone 4s.”

We are working on a very aggressive strategy touting our advantages in hardware and software. In the process we will demystify the perceived Apple advantage (ecosystem/services) by showing how consumers can easily switch to Android and have more personalization/more choice by being part of the Samsung ecosystem.

Pennington also suggested that Samsung should “use Google to attack Apple” in a marking campaign as a way to “avoid attacking Apple due to their status as a large customer.”

If it continues to be Samsung’s position to avoid attacking Apple due to their status as a large customer, can we go to Google and ask them to launch a campaign against Apple, based on the many better Android options available in the market for the fourth quarter of 2011?

Here’s a screenshot of the email exchange.


The following year, Pendleton wrote in another email that Samsung needed to “quickly understand the exact reasons” why the company was winning customers away from iPhone. “We should also quickly understand where we failed to win customers away from iPhone in our initial GS3 launch,” he wrote.

After losing the first patent trial which resulted in nearly a billion dollar in damages to Apple, Samsung’s legal strategy has taken a U-turn. The company is now attempting to shield itself by arguing that some of the allegedly infringing features its devices use have been developed by Google.

Samsung is also arguing it’s been successful at beating Apple because it had better marketing, not due to patents or any specific feature.

  • Infinite Production

    Shamesung, for some reason, I just knew.

  • The Time Traveller

    Apple should just terminate their processor contract with Samsung and sign with Intel instead. That itself would be a death blow and show the world how much Samsung relies on Apple for profits!

    • Maxim∑

      Yeah, 10% drop in profit for Samsung right away if they do that

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  • Qasim

    Cant say this enough, pathetic samsung copies the same thing which it calls boring and dull

  • Leonard Wong


  • Best “Marketing Duos” of our generation.
    They both get so much attention, where it seems like they’re the only companies that produces Tech stuff.
    Leaked Emails, photos, he is responsible for that, he is responsible for that, etc.
    They both know what they’re doing and it’s pulling off perfectly.

    Am I the only one that’s noticing this?

  • Maxim∑

    They should respect the man and company they copied

  • Super “ShameSong” Copy

  • Samsung is filled with shit.

  • Technocrz!

    Thats the DNA in Koreans, first they Copy then steal then back stab, its very common in Korean Nation.

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      It never surprises me that ignorant, racist morons don’t know how to type English at all.

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        i just stepped on Korean dog eater’s tail, you know how to write english?Kiss My Ass!

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  • I wonder if Samsung has considered the over-the-top approach of just building something.. you know… good…

  • Rowan09

    I was always amazed at the zombie commercials when Samsung wants zombies promoting their product. It makes me laugh when an Android owner hates the iPhone because it’s popular and go right to Samsung.

    • I’m more toward Nexus and HTC devices… not a big fan of Samsung with its touchwiz ui…

  • Templar

    Shamesung is full of shit

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  • Jon20

    It’s funny this comes up because I’ve always said that those “Next Big Thing” commercials only started coming out after Jobs passed. They would have never had the balls to put out ads like that when he was alive because look at the way he went up against Microsoft with the Mac vs PC ads. I miss those. Sometimes I do wish Apple would stop doing such conservative ads and really stick it to them. I know it’s not their style anymore since Jobs passed but man do I wish…