iOS 7 teaser (iPhone 5c ad 005)

Apple last month released a cheaper iPhone 5c with just eight gigabytes of storage to address mid-tier markets where, in its own words, “LTE is becoming more established.” The handset was initially available in only five markets: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and China.

Starting today, customers in an additional fourteen countries around the world can buy the 8GB iPhone 5c, bringing the number of regions where the smaller capacity handset is available to nineteen countries…

Customers can now buy the 8GB iPhone 5c via the Online Apple Stores in the following markets: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Many thanks to our readers around the world who sent this in.

In addition to the local Apple Online Stores, the device can be purchased via select Authorized Apple Resellers. Prices vary by region. As a general rule of thumb, would-be buyers can count on a €50 saving (about $70) versus the 16GB iPhone 5c, which retails in EU countries for €599, or about $823.

As noted by Dutch blog, the 8GB model costs €549 in various EU countries compared to the 16GB iPhone 5c that retails for €599. In some countries like Italy, the price difference between the 8GB and 16GB model is 100 euros, which works out to about $138.

In the Czech Republic, the smaller capacity handset is 1,300 koruna cheaper (about $66) than the 16GB version. Over in Sweden, the 8GB model comes at a discount of 500 krona, or approximately $76.

These prices are for unsubsidized contract-free handsets that can be used with any carrier.

Apple has not yet made the 8GB handset available in the United States due to the popularity of subsidized phones. In my opinion, these prices are insane.

Asking consumers to fork €499 or more to get their hands on a handset with only eight gigabytes of storage is a tall order, especially in this economy.

green iPhone 5c green background

The 8GB iPhone 5c needs to sell for €399 to be even worth considering.

It’s worth noting that the 8GB model has about 4.9 gigabytes of storage available to users as the remaining storage is occupied by the operating system, stock app data and various system services.

Apple is aware that the iPhone growth has slowed to a single-digit percentage rate because it no longer has what consumers want. According to an internal memo, Apple sees the strongest demand in smartphone growth coming from “less expensive and larger screen smartphones” sold under $300 contract-free.

There is some hope that the firm might consider selling current iPhones at a sharp discount after releasing the rumored larger-screened iPhones this Fall.

  • Simon Hopes

    It’s about time Apple followed suit with the likes of HTC and have 32GB as standard. Movies, games, apps, photos and music take a hell of a lot of room up and i bet most people, myself included probably spend more time deleting things just to make room!

    • Philip

      agree with that, can’t really afford other than the 16GB version, has to remove screenshots and photos that aren’t really important all the time, didn’t install much games.

      Apps nowadays are getting bigger and bigger, now even facebook is 100MB+ and it saves a lot of trash (500MB+)
      P.S. I did use cache cleaner stuff, I’m just saying those aren’t jailbroken should be very disturbed by these

    • Batman

      Yeah, 16GB is just not enough. But unfortunately HTC only did 32 last year(luckily with my HTC One M7).
      This year, as they’ve re-support the microsd card(up to 128G), The base model is still 16GB.

      • Tommy

        I wouldn’t bother about internal capacity if there is the option to insert an expandable memory.

  • Dead on arrival, it’s just to expensive

  • Carlos Henrique

    In Brazil this will cost 1.800 R$ ( 800 U$ ) like a iPhone 5.
    Brazil is a fu** country.
    I hate this country.

    • Tom

      I feel really sad about PS4 fans over there.

    • Tommy

      Just as bad as China. The 5C 16GB is RMB4499 which is about 750 dollars. Total flop in its target market.

  • Dan

    8GB… just enough for 2 apps, a movie and 10 songs for over 800$. Stay greedy Apple.

    Imagine installing Infinity Blade 3 on this bad boy.

  • A’s Network

    In USD, €499 can get you the 5s and some money left over. That much for just the 8GB 5c is just overpriced.

  • poipiu123

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  • oralarts

    For a company that places user experience front and center, this is a strange play by Apple. With only 5.9gb of usable space, most users won’t have a great (or even good) experience. Not exactly a great way to acquire new, lifelong & loyal customers.

    Furthermore, with retina assets, universal apps, and the increasing size of iOS binaries, 16 gb isn’t what is was a few years ago. Users actually have much less usable space today versus 2010. It’s long past time for Apple to go 32, 64, 128 gb.

  • mav3rick

    This is just a new level of greediness: €100 for 8GB… Truly user committed…

    8GB is unusable in a today’s smart phone. Maybe if you only make calls and send texts from it. Users who get this will just look at the AppStore unable to spend on it. Music tracks purchases already in free fall, apps might follow soon…

  • A’s Network

    I think you are the noob here…
    €499 is equal to $689.60 in the US, and if you buy an iPhone 5s in the US off contract, it will cost you $649. So you have $40 left over. So please stop trolling. Your name itself implies how you are acting here.