iWatch concept (teaser 001)

Earlier this week KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in a note to clients that Apple’s rumored wearable device – which was dubbed by the press the iWatch – should come in two sizes, featuring wireless charging and “fashionable” design.

Corroborating the analyst report, a new story has it that the device is indeed coming later this year in two sizes, outfitted with a flexible screen made by LG Display, a company thought to be the sole display supplier for the device…

A report from Korean publication Naver [Google translate] passed along by GforGames reiterates that Apple has reportedly struck a deal with LG Display to produce flexible displays for the iWatch.

The device should come in two sizes: one with a 1.3-inch screen and the other incorporating a display measuring 1.5 inches diagonally. The smaller would be for women and the larger for men, as per previous reports.

It should come out in September and Apple’s target is to sell nine million units this year.

The report jives nicely with a January story by The Digital Daily asserting that LG Display was slated to start mass producing iWatch screens this Fall, with the initial production volume pegged at two million OLED screens per month.

iWatch concept (Home, Todd Hamilton 001)

We also know Apple hired LG Display’s OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen expert and that the firm has several patents involving flexible OLEDs, OLED based BLUs for LCDs, OLED control schemes and more.

However, I find it rather odd that LG Display would be the sole supplier of iWatch screens. Apple typically sources components from multiple providers in order to mitigate risk by reducing its exposure to a single supplier.

Also, the claim contradicts The Korea Herald report from last October saying Apple was considering adding Taiwan’s RiTDisplay and Japan Display to its supply chain for the iWatch.

Healthbook (Emergency Card 001)

Latest rumors point to the iWatch being more of a fitness/health tracking device than a smartwatch. It’s said to include biometric sensors to track users’ health status, heart rates, blood chemistry and more and pair with iOS devices running iOS 8 and its rumored iWatch companion app called Healthbook, pictured above.

The iWatch launch should be a pretty big deal, warranting its own media event. Therefore, we’re not expecting the official announcement at Apple’s upcoming summer developer conference, which kicks off June 2 in San Francisco.

Is the iWatch going to happen?

Do chime in with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    If it does then… (hate this image, I just had to get it out of my system).

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  • iWatch, watch yourself.

    • Reminds me of the joke I used to tell when I was 4 or 5. “Spell I cup” …”I see you pee

  • felixtaf

    That Motorola watch was stylish and classy… Also Pebble steel and Sony SW2. Nothing else looks good to me now. How good iWatch will be?

    Dont care anyways!

  • Hai Hung Yong

    Key challenge for Apple or any other tech company is not the tech or the computing portion, but rather the wearable/fashionable portion of any wearable computers.

    Apple may be able to build a highly classy and timeless design, but that itself may not appeal to everyone.

    Android Wear may have a remote chance by virtue that there are multiple companies building products that may appeal to the long tail of tastes… but then again none of current Android partners (HTC may be the only exception) knows how to build quality stuff like Apple does.

    • Hyr3m

      A “timeless design” for a wristwatch sounds pretty counter-productive doesn’t it ? 😀

      Also, what about Sony? Pretty decent build-quality I think… At least it’s better than Apple (but then again that’s not saying much…).

      • Hai Hung Yong

        Yeah literary.

        But Apple doesn’t even have a design yet… how to compare? And i don’t fancy Sony’s design in this case, considering i like their other products.

      • Hyr3m

        Considering Apple stole their whole design philosophy from Sony… you’re probably not going to like Apple’s “iWatch” 😀

      • Hai Hung Yong


        I rest my case

      • When you’re right, you’re right…The Macbook Air design was copied from a Sony Viao from 2002-ish. nearly identical.

      • Hyr3m



  • abc

    iWatch. i = NSA

  • Virus

    Will save the money for the iPhone 6 intend if I want to know the time i will check it on my iPhone not an iWatch

  • I love the I watch design in the second pic that looks like a band. But it’s do unrealistic. The size of the icons would be so extremely small

    • felixtaf

      That looks more like iBand!

  • Clement Yeo

    Retina from LG suffered a lot negative feedback on ghosting issue
    Hopefully this time LG will not mess this party again (if its LG)