Google Glass iOS (teaser 002)

Google will hold a one day sale on Tuesday, April 15, for anyone who wants to pick up the Explorer edition of Google Glass, the wearable headset that can take photos, beam apps into your eye, and more.

Until now, Google has limited the sale of Google Glass to customers who received an invitation from another Explorer or directly from Google, but starting Tuesday at 6am for 18 year old US customers, it’s your chance to finally check out what’s going on with this wearable hype. To buy a pair, you must go to the Google Glass website, but don’t think they’ll come for free…

Google will still be charging the same $1,500 price it has been since the release last year. During the sale, Google will also be offering them with sunglass shades or a more stylish frame than the one you may be used to seeing.

Just because Google is opening the sale of Google Glass to everyone for a few hours, doesn’t mean it’s the official launch of Glass. As the Explorer edition name implies, Google Glass is still very much in beta, however, Google has tipped that it plans to launch a consumer version of Glass in 2014 for a reasonable price.

For iOS users, Google makes available a MyGlass app that lets users set up their head-mounted computer, screencast their field of view, add new Glassware apps, manage contacts, and get directions.

So it begs the question: should you buy Google Glass even with a new version coming this year?

You can order a pair of Google Glass starting tomorrow morning on the official Google Glass webpage.

Will you buy a Google Glass?

  • No. I’m not paying $1500 to be spied on by Google.

    • You read my mind.

    • James

      Lol. But seriousy tho, google glass is pretty bad ass and so is google now but not worth 1500 for what it does currently. At least not on my salary.

      • Infinite Production

        A glass, no way.
        A watch, I’ll see what it has to offer for this kind of price…

  • felixtaf

    No SmartWatch and No SmartGlass for me, whether its from Google or from Apple!

    • DosXX

      Lol if Apple came out with something like this you’d be on it in a heartbeat.

      • felixtaf

        Looks like you can only understand the first part of a sentence! Read it again!

      • DosXX

        Nah I read it. It’s just the way it is here on iDownloadBlog. Hey guys lets bash Samsung, even when they do have better products, ew that concept design of the iPhone 5 is ugly; would never get.. when it’s the real thing 3 months later “wow its amazing I love Steve Jobs, goes and buys it”. OMG iOS 7 is so ugly… where are the links to try the beta? It’s just one big circlejerk of fanboys around here.

      • felixtaf

        But is it relevant to what I said? Did I say Google glass or Samsung sucks????
        Not everyone here in iDB bash Samsung or Android. I personally OWN Note 3 and am not interested in smartwatch or smart glass from day1!
        Prejudice is not nice, its jus shows your weakness!

      • DosXX

        I never said that you said any of those things. And by not everyone you mean a small percent. Also does it matter is you own a product or not that isn’t Apple? It’s as if you’re trying to make a point that owning a competitors product makes you better or somehow influenced differently. I know people who bash windows after making a transition to Mac OS or Linux and they still own it. Doesn’t matter if you own it, it’s your attitude towards it.

      • felixtaf

        Well I have nothing to clarify to you. But, keep your prejudice thoughts to yourself!

      • Rowan09

        You can like both and have your preference for 1 or 2. I prefer IOS over Android, but I like Android as well (except the Playstore). I wouldn’t purchase Glass from anyone for this price unless I needed to for a job or making money somehow from it. The concept is cool but it’s basically a phone in front of your eyes, so no thank you.

      • Alberto Espinal

        My boss once said if you don’t like your job there’s the door, so if you dont like this blog just don’t come here, because you gonna find a lot of what you said here!!

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Could not agree more, even the writers are incredibly biased!

        But despite that, I’m still strangely drawn to the stories they put out. o_O

      • Mustang5Oh

        Wait…they have better products? I’ve owned Samsung phones and I can say they are for sure not better. Different slightly obviously but for sure not better. They are cheap feeling, ugly UI and battery life blows.

      • @felixtaf:disqus maybe like Apple but he isn’t a fanboy. If he says he wouldn’t, you can believe him.

      • felixtaf


      • I got your back :-p

  • If I had the money. I’d be too scared of walk around wearing one anyway, with how people are getting attacked and stuff.

  • Matheus Lisboa

    If I had money I probably still wouldn’t buy it… It has no use for me… But I can see why it can prove to be useful for some people

  • David Gitman


  • JulianZH

    Nope, no money and found no use with it.

  • Joshua1492

    I would so get em. Lol, I think there cool.

  • Brandon Miranda

    One of you guys needs to buy it. Or did you already review it? If not definitely get a pair.

  • YNN08

    Crazy prices and I am not that crazy …people will buy to sell on eBay

  • Rickm_jr

    Some people got early access and they let me try it on. What a waste of time and money, you look at a tiny square image in the glass block. and only 10 second videos? No point. Don’t waste your time until technology advances enough for you actually be able to do something, not to mention it’s really just too ostentatious.

  • Blip dude

    Uhh, no.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    You mean that for just $1500 I can be the proud owner of a pair of glasses that gets me arrested by the FBI every time I walk into a cinema? Awesome!


    P.S the above actually happened to a Google Glass owner…

    • Vckmkr

      Do american cops set out to break world records for un-necessary arrests?
      If they dont they sure do a good job of arresting non criminals and even killing innocent ppl eg: kelly thomas

  • jzack

    its pretty useless at this current state.. its worth the wait until it has an actual function of wearing it

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Hell no. I’m not waste 1500$ for a foolish glasses

  • CS

    Maybe for $200. $1500 is a joke. I’m not being biased, I really like the idea. The demand and technology isn’t there yet. The price needs to change pretty drastically. I don’t think we are ready for google glass

    • N&LH

      $1500 is very expensive.

  • diggitydang

    I’m expecting news reports soon, along the lines of “Google Glass catches fire/explodes, blinds owner”. Yikes…

  • Ok Scroogle, let there be ads!!!!!!!!!!

  • N&LH


  • Marcos Frazão

    “implied facepalm tommy lee jones”

  • Conanap

    1500 just seems way too expensive; I mean, it costs more than an iPhone. Also, it’s not properly integrated with iPhone, so I’m waiting for a JB tweak or Apple’s version of it.


    If they were 299$ I
    Would buy them. But 1500 bucks is to much for a in coplea pice of hardware.

  • blastingbigairs

    No thanks, utterly unnecessary IMO.

  • Rowan09

    Google Glass in its current state from what’s I’ve seen is going to be for specialize usage. I see absolutely no reason to even purchase this product much less pay $1500 for it. I thought Google was suppose to sell products cheap?

    • Hyr3m

      “I thought Google was suppose to sell products cheap?” — What ? Who told you that ?

      • Rowan09

        I’m just basing it off their Nexus Line and the fact that services is 98% of their business model.

      • Hyr3m

        They, unlike Apple, sell stuff for the right price-tag. Sometimes it’s expensive, sometimes it’s inexpensive.
        Only Apple sells overpriced cheap products and services. (oh well.. in the tech industry, that is)

      • Rowan09

        What your saying is just not true? Apple sells overpriced cheap stuff like what? How can you say Google sells it at the right price tag if they sell on both the cheap and expensive side? Can you give me any reason why Google Glass is worth $1500? You should not compare Google and Apple by the way because Google sells services and cares little about hardware. Apple needs hardware sales to survive as a company. You don’t go to Nordstrom or Bloomingdales asking for $5 t-shirts, Apple is a luxury brand and a Nexus full price in Best Buy is still $500+. Cheap is based on who you’re asking, if I buy a Nexus and it stops working after the Best Buy 30 day or 90 day warranty, I will have to deal with the manufacturer. If I have an Apple device I just go back to Apple and that’s also included in the price. A S5 full price is over $600, a 16GB iPhone is around the same price.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Google selling them: $350. Not best buy. And Google glass is $1500 for the explorer edition, which is essentially the developer model. When it releases for the average person, it will be SIGNIFICANTLY lower. And also Apple = manufacturer. Same as LG = manufacturer of nexus. So if you go back to Apple isn’t it the same thing?

      • Rowan09

        The only reason Google is selling them cheap is because they sell services not hardware. 98% of their business is from services and the other 2 is to promote service, hence Android, Nexus, Chromecast, and now Glass. It’s open for anyone to purchase for $1500 so if it was only the developer edition why are they making it available to anyone for purchase for a limited time? You don’t know the price of Glass so this could very well be the price. I am assuming Glass will be a device for specialize usages and not a broad consumer device (at least not currently). LG manufactures the Nexus but Google might pay them to produce the phone and take the loss to get Google services to more customers. LG sells the G2 and now the G Flex and it’s over $600 for them.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Nexus Q is a fair example against Nexus being cheap.. The Nexus Q was well overpriced. Glass might be selling today for people who can’t get the explorer edition, because you had to apply to get it at first. Anyone who didn’t apply couldn’t get it, so now for those people that missed out they have a day to purchase it, which is today. If Glass is released for the average person and prices it at $1500, it will definitely have horrible sales. That’s why I don’t see them pricing at that price, and it being much cheaper (if they ever make it a consumer device). About Google paying LG to make the phone to get Google services to more people, that is definitely a possibility but no one knows. However we do know manufacturers bid to make the Nexus phones/tablets. I am pretty sure that LG wouldn’t make a phone that they’re losing money on, because why would a company want to do that? LG charged pretty high for the G Flex at first, but now it’s similar to other flagships. As for the G2, they’ve been selling that for around $450 for a couple months now.

      • Rowan09

        The Nexus Line isn’t a big seller either I’ve never seen any sales figures. All I know is if Glass is $1500 don’t expect it to be $200 for consumers. I agree LG won’t lose money and that’s why I said Google must be paying them for the phone and sell it at a loss, by making up with Google services (you tube, Maps, gmail, etc). The G Flex is a flagship device and that’s my point. A 16GB G Flex costs around the same price as a 16GB iPhone 5s and it’s the same with all premium phones. Apple however gives customer support and has stores to bring back defective phones, we have to account for that as well in the phone price.

      • grumpyfuzz

        I don’t expect glass to be at $200, but a more reasonable price. With the G Flex, I’m pretty sure the G2 is more of the flagship phone, as it is advertised more. The G Flex must have not sold well, just because most people aren’t looking for a phablet or a curved screen. The G2 has a pretty good price point, at $450, which is $200 less than a 16GB iPhone. But I agree, going into an apple store to replace a defective phone is pretty nice.

      • Rowan09

        The G2 came out in September and Android phones lose their value quicker than iPhones do. The G2 still costs $500+ off contract in Best Buy.

      • grumpyfuzz

        It costs $448 at T-Mobile. The iPhone’s price didn’t change since it’s release and it was available since September. And it’s true iPhones hold their value longer.

      • Rowan09

        Not true you can get the 5s and 5c cheaper than Apple for $450-$550 range depending on the provider.

      • grumpyfuzz

        $648 at T-Mobile. $650 at AT&T. $650 at Verizon. $650 At sprint. Where is the 5s $450-$550?

      • Rowan09

        Not the big three. Virgin Mobile is selling the 5c for $359 16GB and the 64GB 5s for $549. Boost Mobile is selling the 5s 16Gb for $549. There were others as well but I don’t remember them.

      • Hyr3m

        You’re the one who said the Nexus line was cheap.

        You’re the one saying Google is not hardware-focused. How many Google Glass do you think were produced ? How much miniaturization and new kinds of assembly technology do you think were needed ? Is it really surprising to have such a price tag for a novelty-item that’s not yet produced in big scale and that required completely new building capabilities etc… ?

        I’m not going to argue about Apple because I honestly can’t be bothered. My opinion is that their products are crappy and their services are vulture-like. It’s a fact though that hardware-wise, they’re overpriced.

      • Rowan09

        The Nexus Line is cheap for a premium device and it’s a fact Google is not hardware driven, they use hardware to promote their money maker software. How is Apple service any less sinister than Google which forces you to create a gmail account, kills you with ads, sells your information (in the past, not sure about currently), etc. It’s not my opinion Google is not hardware driven just check their income statement and you’ll see 98% of their business is from services. All business are vulture like, especially the American companies, you just hate Apple so much you tell lies. Let’s compare a 16GB iPhone which starts at $649 to any other premium Android devices outside of the Nexus line and they all cost over $600. Yes Apple is expensive but someone had to also put a price on being able to bring my phone to an actual store to get my issues resolved. I like Apple as much as I like Google, I just don’t prefer Android over IOS. Hardware wise Apple is also not inferior either (in all areas), the 5s bests almost every overhyped monster of an Android phone.

      • Hyr3m

        Is it really surprising to have such a price tag (1500$) for a novelty-item that’s not yet produced in big scale and that required completely new assembly capabilities, miniaturization, high-grade materials etc… ?

        You think it’s too much… Well I can afford it without a dent on my budget and I know what justifies the price even though I can’t justify the need for such a device in my everyday life. (or in anyone’s, really…)
        There are things way more useless and way more expensive but that’s not the question. Do you need a platinum diamond ring? It is really much better than a silver swarovski ring ? Do you still understand why the price tags are so different between the two though?

        (Hardware-wise, Apple sells a gold&ruby ring at the price of a platinum&diamond ring, that’s not justified)

  • My Wasted Fantasy

    I Got the email to pick them up last year, I Bought glass but I didn’t like it so I gave it away.
    .. Then I got another set of glass last month & still thought It needs work to be done. So I have that set away also

  • Khalid Tahhan

    I got a pair a month back. They are definitly not worth 1500 and with ios usage is a bit limited. However if you are jailbroken you can install postoffice from cydia to forward all ios notifications to glass which makes it more useful. I am still trying to figure out how to set up the postoffice app device id settings (mainly the url info)

  • Yujin

    $1500 plus tax. Rather get an iPad and an iPhone or maybe an iWatch. Gotta be patient. I can see all the nerds and perverts lining up

  • Mustang5Oh

    Google Glass is the last thing we need. It’s bad enough people are driving/walking around looking at their phones now we want people walking around with glasses looking at a digital screen through the glasses? No thanks.

    • DeAndre Enrico

      Seems to me that it would be slightly better to have people looking through glass than at a phone.

  • Johnny Kay

    why spend $1500 on a beta version (unless you’re a developer of course) when the final release will be so much better and, at a reasonable price?

  • Sam

    I have been asked to join the program, but I don’t feel like dishing out 1500 bucks for something that will be 299 at the official release time.

  • Jae. Just J.

    Had it a few months now. Works relatively good with my jailbroken 5s. It definitely has it’s drawbacks, most mostly have loved it.

  • James Gunaca


  • SteveWalker

    i just order a pair today

  • Anthony Antunez

    No thanks, I’d rather take the extra 5 seconds to take out my phone for the same functions than look like an idiot with stupid sh*t on their face.