NDS4iOS (TouchArcade 001)

Back in February, GBA4iOS 2.0 released with iOS 7 controller support and Dropbox integration, running fine on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices.

If you’re not a big fan of Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Color and original Gameboy games, how about a similar iOS emulator that lets you play Nintendo DS titles, no jailbreak required whatsoever?

Enter NDS4iOS, now available to install through an over-the air download via the NDS4iOS website. This app has been available for ages, but not for non-jailbroken devices. Starting today, NDS4iOS supports both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices, allowing you to play Nintendo DS ROMs though you’ll need to set your device’s date back to February 8, 2014 to install it properly…

Like GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS too supports iOS 7 controllers and features options for control pad style and position, an in-app web browser to download Nintendo DS games as ROMs and more.

Don’t forget you shouldn’t be using ROMs you haven’t purchased – stealing is bad for your karma. And if you have a Dropbox account, NDS4iOS lets you store game saves and load ROMs using the popular cloud storage service.

As per TouchArcade, NDS4iOS offers “a pretty good framerate” on your iPhone and iPad and you can interact directly with the touchscreen, just like a normal Nintendo DS. On the other hand – as some of you pointed out down in the comments – the app is bearable on the latest devices.

Apple’s strict rules put a whole bunch of annoying limitations on console emulators so the team has had bypassed the App Store entirely. Instead, you can download NDS4iOS free of charge by visiting the official website using Safari on your iOS device and hitting the download link.

Next, disable the ‘Set Automatically’ option in the app’s settings and manually set the date to February 8, 2014. This is important because otherwise the app may refuse to work. I wholeheartedly suggest reading the instructions on the website before installing.

Long story short, the trick relies on using an enterprise provisioning profile that companies normally use to distribute apps to employees internally. Apple has already revoked the profile, but backdating your device to February 8 should do the trick.

An iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.1.1 or later is required.

  • iPhone Gruru

    5th paragraph in needs to be changed to nds4ios instead of the gba. Also I would like to add that this is only bearable on the latest devices.

  • Orgasm…

    • IsoscelesHead


  • Isandro

    i can’t undersatnd why do you like these old emulators

    • highNiggaPie

      I’m guessing you were a child of the mid 90s and never had a gba or gbc in the backseat on a road trip for hours oh we’ll more games and nostalgic feelings for me

      • Latrese

        Hey don’t rope all us 90s kids with this person. Born in 96 & I own a supernintendo, 3 GBCs (different colors), & still bring my GB SP on road trips 😀

      • Andrew Roth

        I was born in 99 and still has a GBA and NDS. Games are just so much better today it makes no sense to play old sucky ones when something much better is available…

      • highNiggaPie

        I don’t care what anyone says no game is anywhere near as amazing as donkey kong, super Mario all stars, super Mario, and Pokemon yellow

      • Guest

        The mere fact that you were born in ’99 tells me that you’ll never understand

      • Alex Mclean

        Hell I was born in 97 and I grew up with a game boy with the first gen pokemon and super Mario world on the family’s Game console. We had an n64 too and I got to play on the ps1 my dad owned. I played games made in the late 80s and early 90s. I have such an appreciation and love for them and this kid was born like 2 years after I was so he just didn’t try hard enough at this point I’m his life and wasn’t in a gaming family so yeah.

      • Donovan

        Well, CHILDHOOD. You can play – some – of your childhood games again. Maybe your ds misses the bottem half (mine does) and you dont wanna buy a new one, now you can still play the games. It’s not all about graphics, gameplay is important. But new kids mostly don’t understand that.

      • Alex Mclean

        Games have better story’s and graphics but still don’t have nostalgic value like they did back then. today I still go back to the crash bandicoot series the first 3 gens of Pokemon spyro kingdom hearts donkey kong super mario world (because the new series rips off of 3 way to much) Kirby the first 3 sly cooper games etc etc I get nostalgia and have more fun sometimes then what newer games can give me

      • Conanap

        hi there =D Im born in 97 and im buying a gamecube (yes now 2014 im buying a gamecube) and i have a gameboy the first original ones and a GBA and i play mostly gba games on my phone so DONT STEREOTYPE US. I also have a nds but tahts beside the point =p

      • Alex Mclean

        He’s prolly a mid 00s child who had an iPhone at age 5. And grew up with the ps3 as his first major console

    • AMB_07

      Because they let you play games that are better than anything the app store could ever produce.

  • Mike M. Powell

    It’s a little laggy n I’m playing on my iPhone 5s (tried playing MK DS/Pokemon black) back to playing sonic battle on the gba4ios 0.0

    • édith Dupont

      Ho to play Mario brothers on ios ?

      • Mike M. Powell

        What do you mean? 😮

      • Sunny

        Google GBA4IOS

  • I can only imagine how laggy this would be on my originadl iPad mini.
    No, thanks, I’ll stick with GBA4iOS as my only iOS emulator.

    • StarViruZ

      About 20-25 FPS, in other words, quite laggy.

  • Daniel Rodich

    This emulator is out for such a long time now…even for non jailbroken deivices i dont understand the core of the article

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      It’s for the people who don’t know about it.. Why would they make an article if everyone knew about this emulator?

  • itachifan035

    DraStic for the win (Hola Android) <3

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      • Marcus

        What did he say?

      • Sunny

        Something like those ads spam

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  • ‘Ariff

    Original iPad Mini.
    20-30 fps

    iPhone 4
    15-24 fps

  • Sleetui

    Best not to play games that show lots of 3D modeling. (Like Pokemon) (specially)

    Try Mario Kart, Professor Layton, and less 3D intensive games if you want smooth framerate (40-50 FPS)

  • woojoo666

    i play zelda OOT on RetroArch’s n64 emulator, and i don’t notice any lag. I don’t know why iDB hasn’t covered the retroarch emulator yet, its insane

    • LeonLink

      Hi, how did you set the controller just like Nintendo 64? I always have the snes…

      • woojoo666

        restart the app to see the settings, go to Frontend>Global Core Config>Input Overlay, then click “App” (bottom left), and go to overlays/n64/n64.cfg

      • LeonLink

        Ok. Thank you!

    • ralpph

      i would like to ask about the controller for nds? the input overlay?

      • woojoo666

        restart the app to see the settings, go to Frontend>Global Core Config>Input Overlay, then click “App” (bottom left), and go to overlays/n64/n64.cfg

  • Alex Mclean

    It’s not bearable at all on an iPad 3 it’s slow and laggy I found the lowest framerate of like 15 on my iPad emulators

  • Alex Mclean

    Y’all are just better off buying a cheap ds XL and some games. Or upgrading to 3ds which has ds backwards compatibility anyways

  • ralpph

    i would like to ask about the input overlay of the nintendo ds? help pls 🙁