Apple CarPlay (Honda, Music 001)

CarPlay, Apple’s in-car system formerly known as iOS in the Car, launched last month requiring an iPhone running iOS 7.1 and one of the compatible 2014 cars from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Volvo. A bunch of other car vendors have promised to bring support for CarPlay to their vehicles throughout 2014, but not everyone is rich enough to buy a brand new car just to enjoy CarPlay.

Pioneer Electronics is reportedly considering rolling out CarPlay aftermarket kits for older vehicles and Mercedes-Benz has similar plans of its own. And now, car electronics manufacturer Alpine is said to offer CarPlay aftermarket kits in the United States and Europe this Fall, with a cost of around $500 to $700…

As noted by Japanese business paper Nikkei (via MacRumors), Alpine’s standalone console plays nice with CarPlay and can be installed in any – I repeat, any – vehicle.

While a slew of carmakers will soon start offering vehicles that come standard with a CarPlay interface built in, the Japanese company’s device is to be the first aftermarket product compatible with the system. It will first be available in the U.S. and Europe and likely cost around $500 to $700.

The kit with a seven-inch touchscreen will go on sale in Japan as soon as 2015.

It will connect to an iPhone 5/5c/5s using the Lightning cable and offer the same features as those available in vehicles supporting CarPlay out-of-the-box, including Apple Maps, Siri, navigation and more.

MacRumors got in touch with another in-dash system maker, Clarion, which confirmed it’s been working with Apple “from the start” on adding support for CarPlay to both its Smart Access in-car infotainment system and OEM products “at some point in the future.”

We have heard from developers that event CarPlay is fairly easy to integrate into third-party apps, but car manufacturers were quick to underscore that bringing CarPlay compatibility to older vehicles is not as trivial as it sounds.

Ferrari, for example, has ruled out CarPlay aftermarket kits together as the feature “is available only on new range cars and cannot be installed on older ones.”

The truth of the situation remains murky as Volvo at the same time hinted at CarPlay aftermarket solution though cautioned the initiative would face “major roadblocks” dealing with both technical and usability issues.

Learn more about CarPlay in iDB’s archive and over at Apple’s website.

  • Eni

    hi guys, i opened a new apple id, but before dowloading something it asks me to reviw it and to add a credid card, but ther is not the ”none” option, how do i get the none option?

    • Carter M

      This question has nothing to do with the topic!

      As for CarPlay I think I’d spend $400-$500 to have it in my car.

      • Eni

        yes i know, but i need some help

    • Ley

      You need to go in the app store click on a free app to try and download it…once it gives u the pop up to enter your apple iD from there u click on Create an apple id. That’s the only way to bypass the CC

      • Eni

        i have already created the apple id, i just want to change the payment info to none, but it wont give that option

      • Ken Williams

        That’s because you didn’t do it the way that Ley explained it.. You have to click on a free app and then create your apple id or you’ll never see the none option in the payment options field.

      • Eni

        so i have to open a new one

      • Ken Williams

        Yes sir

      • Eni

        ok thank you

      • Ley

        Well in that case you have to add a credit card and remove it…the none option will only show before u create the apple ID doing what i wrote u before unfortunatly

  • Tony

    Would probably get one but with a bigger iphone screen coming out I don’t see a reason to get a dash screen at this point. Cool for those who won’t upgrade their phone or just want it in the car I suppose, not a bad price.

  • El Matador

    Didn’t realize Alpine was still in business.

    • Kevin Osborne

      Are you kidding…? They’re one of the largest players in aftermarket audio…

  • coLin

    I rather buy an iPad mini with 3G for $400 (first gen) and $100 a kit for the dash doard

    • iPad mini and 4 bucks for Velcro.

  • chjode

    ” Alpine’s standalone console plays nice with CarPlay and can be installed in any – I repeat, any – vehicle.”

    I doubt that. Increasingly cars manufactured in the last few years have goofball audio systems that are fully integrated into the dash and almost impossible to remove or replace without custom modifications.

    I assume Alpine’s unit will be a standard double-DIN head deck, which for my car is great, but more difficult for cars made in the last 5 years or so.

  • “Requires 7.1” meaning jailbreakers will need a Carplay tweak, or 7.1 will need to be jailbroken.

  • likesogared

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  • G-HaB

    Helllllll yaaaaa I can’t wait. But for right now I am enjoying my iOS 7 in my car

  • Alan

    Getting my car this summer , then car play 😀

  • Logan

    I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to cars. Is there any kind of standard for cars and more to the point, would this kit work with a 2011 Elantra. I think my mom would really like something like this.

  • Satch99

    I have the Oxygen Audi O’car iPhone head unit that is a dumb power-amp with a swiveling cradle that does all that with the iPhones 3-4s but they stopped making them once iPhone 5 came out. Great unit at a great price. Hands Free, Bluetooth, etc. Also iRoc has a similar unit but O’car was better!

  • Gasim Gasimzada

    Is apple going to sue these companies?