Facebook Messenger 4.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Feeling chatty? Love Facebook? Good, get ready to embrace Facebook’s polished Messenger app if you haven’t already.

That’s because the social networking giant is reportedly gearing up to kill chatting in its main iPhone and iPad application (available free in the App Store) and force users to download the nicely done Messenger software, also a free download.

The writing has been on the wall ever since Facebook revamped the Messenger app and rechristened the full-featured messaging tab in its mobile client as ‘Messenger’. Instead of showing your messages, tapping that tab yanks you out of the Facebook app to launch Messenger…

TechCrunch has learned that the upcoming change will affect Facebook’s iOS and Android client:

Facebook is taking its standalone app strategy to a new extreme today. It’s starting to notify users they’ll no longer have the option to send and receive messages in Facebook for iOS and Android, and will instead have to download Facebook Messenger to chat on mobile.

Although folks who didn’t have Messenger installed on their device could still chat inside Facebook’s main mobile apps, that’s not going to be an option going forward – you’ll just have to download the standalone Messenger app in order to chat with your friends on Facebook.

Notifications about the change are going out to some users in Europe starting today, and they’ll have about two weeks and see multiple alerts before the requirement to download Messenger kicks in. Eventually, all Facebook users will get migrated to this new protocol.

Conspicuously enough, the chat option won’t be removed from Facebook’s Paper app.

Those who can’t stand Messenger and hate Facebook’s main iOS client should consider switching to Paper as their main Facebook app. On top of messaging integration, the software is very snappy and has a modern user interface.

By the look of things, I think it’s fairly safe to assume to Facebook is aiming to eventually replace its terribly outdated iPhone and iPad client with Paper.

What do you think?

The Messenger tab in Facebook’s iOS app (left) and the ‘Touch to return to Facebook’ bar in the Messenger app (right).

The main Facebook client, Facebook Messenger and Paper are all available free.

By the way, one of the common culprits of the iPhone’s battery drain is Facebook’s main iOS client. The app has been found to drain your battery by constantly polling your location in the background. Luckily, there’s an easy remedy: you should see noticeable battery improvements after disabling Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook in your iOS Settings.

That’s just one of the eight tremendously useful tips for solving your iOS battery drain published recently by Apple’s former retail employee, Scotty Loveless, who worked on the Genius Bar solving common customer complaints for almost two years.

As for TechCrunch’s report, has the removal of the messaging feature from Facebook’s main app angered you already? Do you care at all?

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  • Marcus

    I’m fine with this. I don’t even use the messaging in the normal Facebook anyways.

    • Marnix Robyns

      it’s easy if you’re a dog, but for humans it is different :p you silly dog ! ^^

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Hahahaha! LOL

      • MHCsk

        Such difference. Much confuse. Wow.

      • Marcus Gomita

        That silly dog. Many wow. Much silly.

  • Marnix Robyns

    i had it since beginning 2014 i wonderd why no one else was talking about it, ps: i hate it

  • Linton Findlay

    Why would you need a messaging app? Takes you away from the experience just to read a message off someone -.-

  • wonderboydave

    If future versions of the facebook app will become more quicker because of this change, I’m up for it.

  • RV

    What if you’re on your news feed and someone messaged you… you need to switch on messenger again then back to fb?

    • pegger1

      Exactly. The way it is for me right now, I’ll get a message notification in the FB app but it opens the FB messenger app. With this upcoming change, you won’t even get a message notification the FB app, only in the FB messenger app.

      • RV

        That’s why I deleted my messenger app for months so I can still use facebook like it used to. But the way of getting rid of this problem. Oh hello messenger.

  • I don’t have the Facebook app anymore, just Messenger, that I barely use, so It’s not a big deal for me.

  • abdullah575

    ohhhh it is rianing cats and dogs!! LOL !!

  • I don’t know. I like chat heads on the Facebook app… And switching between Facebook and Messenger sometimes is annoying.

    • RV

      switching is frustrating =.=

  • J. Rockwell

    Facebook is for 40 yr old lonely women.

  • David Gitman

    I dont use facebook anymore I am using the paper app its better

  • Fabio Salata


  • Jonathan

    I can see why, but I like the fact I can simply just swipe, tap, and chat. Not, close, open, load, tap, then type.

  • leart

    After a while facesh** will make a app just to see photos, and another one to see pages…

  • mahe

    there is no messenger app for the iPad …
    at least not in the austrian app store …

    • Daniel Beecham

      there is no version for the ipad for the moment.

  • Daniel Beecham

    so??? messenger for ipad to?

  • Marcus Gomita

    I’m backing up this version of Facebook on my desktop then.

  • Adan

    You want to know what I think… I think that I’m wondering how much Fakebook paid you to say those nice things about their crappy messenger app. It is very clear that all they want is to display their awful suggestions and ads all over again by forcing users onto another app!

  • Rot Kelfer

    Uhm I havent been able to use messaging on fb app for months now…

  • @dongiuj

    I hate having to open another app just to read and answer a message. What W4N|<€R thought of this?

  • Jayy

    I dont like this idea! i hope they dont force me to update my facebook

  • Matthew Cleveland

    I don’t understand why they don’t just put everything in one app. They have so many different ones (main app, Messenger, Pages, Camera, Paper, Poke) that could be all rolled into one. Boom, everyones happy.

  • Antonio

    Is this screenshot from your iPhone? Because the carrier name is HT HR,and that stands for Croatian Telekom(Hrvatski telekom),thath’s a bit odd :O

  • Karen Morries

    I hate it! Can’t delete my messages through messenger. Even when deleted through normal Facebook they still appear in messenger! It’s awful!

  • Crystal Lynn Roskilly

    Why can’t Facebook just do what it was made for? Why does it need a second app to do the main thing facebook was intended to do? Keep in touch with people. The facebook messenger app is full of privacy errors. Why does this app need information like all of your usernames and passwords? Why is this app aloud to do stuff to your mobile device without telling you. They can store and use all your private information as freely as they please. Its just another money hungry cooperation. So as of today I will be deleting facebook. Because it has failed to do its one job.