A little over a week ago, Japanese magazine MacFan published alleged schematics for a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone 6. We called the drawings ‘sketchy,’ as they depicted a round iSight flash (instead of pill-shaped) and other oddities, but many of the details matched up with previous information.

With that in mind, MacRumors commissioned designer Ferry Passchier to create some full product renderings of the two iPhone 6 models, based on the schematics, in an effort to bring the black and white sketches to life. And we must say, the outcome is one (or two) good-looking smartphone…

MacRumors’ Arnold Kim breaks down the design:

The iPhone designs in the drawings include several differences compared to the iPhone 5s. The top power button has been moved from the right side to the left side of the device. The rear camera on the larger model is also shown as protruding slightly from the rear shell, as is the case with the current iPod touch. The camera flash has also reverted back to a round-design unlike the one found on the iPhone 5s. 

The consensus thus far is that Apple is working on two different iPhone 6 models: one with a 4.7-inch display and one with a 5.5-inch display. It’s been suggested that the latter will be released several months after the former, or not at all, but a majority of the evidence we’ve seen points to two versions.

Here are the two models in between an iPad mini and iPhone 5s:


Outside of display rumors, though, iPhone 6 intel has been scarce and inconsistent. For example, we’ve heard conflicting info that Apple is both sticking with an 8MP camera for the handset, and upgrading to a 10MP. And we’ve seen multiple one-off reports calling for various new features.

Still, we’re expecting this year’s iPhone to be a significant update from its predecessor and the above renderings line-up with those expectations. Not only do they echo previous renderings from Martin Hajek, but they also match up with this iPhone 6 dummy unit and other pre-production images.

Last week, Reuters reported that iPhone 6 could go into production as early as May.

  • sflomenb

    I don’t like the idea of the bigger phone. That’s what an iPad is for,

    • Andy

      Except iPads aren’t phones.

      • sflomenb

        Why do you need to have a humongous phone? What’s the point if you can have a device with a bigger screen like an iPad? A phone (at least in my opinion) shouldn’t have a huge screen. It’s supposed to be portable and fit in your pocket.

      • Matthew Cooper

        Why buy both when u can have 2 in 1?

      • sflomenb

        How can it be two in one? It would be too small to be an iPad and too big to be an iPhone. What would be the point of a device like that? iPhone and iPads are two difference devices that serve two different purposes. An iPhone easily fits into your pocket and is with you everywhere. When you need a bigger screen and what to do different kind of work, such as maybe using spreadsheets or watching a movie, that’s better on the iPad. Two devices with clear distinctions, and I don’t see what something in the middle accomplishes.

      • Domodo

        How would it be “too big to be an iPhone”? Out of all time you use your phone, less than 1% is talking on it. If you use your iPhone exclusively for talking, you’re missing the point. The display is the main aspect of a smartphone and a 4 inch display does not offer as good experience as a 5 inch display. THAT is what makes iPhone an iPhone, the experience.

      • Matthew Cooper

        I agree with u

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        How can someone experience an iPhone though if they have RSI due to using a larger unergonomic iPhone?

      • Ergonomics of iphones have been suffering more and more with each new design. Thinner is not better (ergonomically speaking of course) No one with phablets has RSI. RSI is a result of fast repetitive movements far more than bad ergonomics/posture. This I can explain in detail from experience.

      • +1

      • I spend way more than 1% of time talking on my iPhone. Where’d you pull this stat from?

      • Domodo

        About 99.16% of the time I spend using my 4S is NOT on calls. Yup, I did the math. I use my phone for about 6 to 7 hours a day, which is around 200 hours per month. Lately, I’ve been using only about 100 minutes of talk time, also per month. Simple math will tell you I spend 0.84% time on phone calls.
        So, I would rather enjoy the 99.16% of the usage time looking at that giant sexy display!
        If you use you phone for an average of 5 hours a day, which is 150 hours a month, you would have to spend at least 15 hours on the phone every month (30 minutes each day), which would be around 10% of the usage time. Really?

      • I use my phone closer to 50 hours per month. And just because you use the phone for calls less than 1% of the time doesn’t mean everyone does. Especially people that rely on their phone for work, like myself.

      • Domodo

        I said earlier that if you use your iPhone mostly for calling, you’re missing the point of having an iPhone. Smartphones are about #1: content and experience, which is why large displays are important.

      • You probably would use it more if the screen was larger. It’s pretty well known that larger screens are more enjoyable. Maybe you’d have the same experience. Maybe not

      • Matthew Cooper

        I understand u are passionate about your opinion which is why Apple will go with two dfferent sizes. So they can please everyone. I for one love a bigger device but dont want to lug around an ipad. I think the reason they call it a Phablet is indeed because its two in one. Am i wrong?

      • 5.5″ iPhone is going to be extremely popular!

      • DrD83

        i completely agree with you. i think that once people see the final product, they’ll want one.

      • Domodo

        It’s also supposed to allow users to enjoy the displayed content, and a 5 inch display does a far better job in that aspect than a 4 inch display.

      • Jeffrey

        4.7 inch isn’t humongous, an ipad is 9.7 inch, the mini is 7.9 inch, thats a LOT bigger than a 4.7 inch phone…

      • suttonmontreal

        i would definitely buy the 4.7 since is similar to galaxy s3 screen or BB Z10. I’m in….with my big hands sometimes i see my 4S or 5S like a little toy

      • Jeffrey

        yeah hahah me too, the screen is so much better as 4.7 inch:) can’t wait for the iphone 6

      • iPhoner

        Some people have man hands and some have little girly hands. Lol. A 4.7″ iphone I could use with one hand easily. Have to try the 5.5″ to see. Can’t wait.

      • I have ‘girly hands’ and they love my Note 3’s screen at 5.7″ 😀

      • Chris

        Nicely said

      • Ali

        iPad already has data capabilities, might as add the phone app…

      • blastingbigairs

        Because some people just do, why can’t people just be okay with choices? Hitler is dead, quit trying to bring back his 3rd Reich!!!

      • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

        I like options. 4.7 would be best for me. If that is humongous you probably have smaller hands.

      • Chris

        Would you really want a iPad stuck to your ear come on think of it

      • CS

        …but iPads can make FaceTime calls and FaceTime audio calls, iMessage, etc. not a phone but very close

    • Virus

      Rather have a choice like you can pick from a 13 inch or 15 inch MacBook Pro personally I find the 13 inch pointless but other people find them perfect

      • I want a 13″ tablet, but I would never buy a 13″ laptop. :-s

    • Domodo

      Some of us can’t afford both. That is why competition is so popular, and even Apple knows it. (Recently leaked documents.)
      I’m hoping for a large display option on the next iPhone or I might switch. (And I’d really rather stick with iOS…)

    • Chindavon

      It needs to happen. Been on the fence this past year and would love to upgrade to a bigger screen iPhone. Most people us it for multi media more than phone usage, and I can’t stand the tiny screen anymore.

      • sflomenb

        I watch videos on my iPhone 5s all the time, I don’t think it’s too small. No letter boxing.

      • I showed my wife someone on the subway using an iphone and the person next to them with a Note 3. The iphone user had it a lot closer to the face and was a bit hunched over. The Note 3 user was more relaxed and comfortable looking. As a Note 3 user myself, I can tell you my eyes now strain when I use my 4S. I find it so much more comfortable to use a large phone. It fits well in the pocket. I was nervous it wouldn’t but so far no problems. Give the larger iPhone a try this fall. I bet you will fall in love with it.

      • Saeed Ghattas

        I liked only one sentence : “it firs well in my pocket (note 3)”
        I just have go say it… LOL…

      • quitcherbichinn

        The key word here is *I* and that is what you are missing. YOU feel a smaller screen is better…and that’s fine. But remember that is YOUR opinion. Not everyone wants the same things as you so choice is a good thing. What is wrong with Apple offering a choice? Do you want someone to deem that only 1 make/model of car is needed because that is what they like…so now you have to drive a Hyundai Accent, base model, no options…all because that is what someone deemed they liked and nothing else was needed? Sounds REALLY asinine and absurd when put to an extreme isn’t it? It’s the same argument you are using throughout this post though. It’s absurd to sit there and bitch because a company might offer options.

      • Chris

        Totally agree apart from 1 thing you carnt put a car in your pocket nor the new iPhone if they go samsung route sorry about my English I know it a big deal to you

      • quitcherbichinn

        Just the punctuation. The lack of it makes me have to guess and make assumptions as to where you intend to end a thought and start a new one. =)

      • sflomenb

        What I don’t want to happen is the bigger one becomes the “premium” model. If it’s something like the iPad Air and iPad mini, with the only difference being screen size, same specs, then that might be different. And yes, it is my opinion. I’m entitled to mine like you are entitled to yours.

      • quitcherbichinn

        Of course you are entitled to it…my only point is that you have to remember your wants aren’t everyones wants and you really shouldn’t care if a product is made to satisfy the wants of others.

    • Chris

      I totally agree with you I don’t see the point of having a brick in my pocket or stuck to my ear the iPhone 4/4s was a perfect size that you could use with 1 hand the 5/5s is just a little to big that makes it a 2handed phone and if you go bigger than that it is stupid I see people walking around with the note and think my god how much of a tit do you look lol

      • quitcherbichinn

        Do you think it would be possible to use punctuation? WTF is that gibberish you are spewing?

      • Chris


      • quitcherbichinn

        lol at least you know where the Shift key is.

    • mlee19841

      U wouldn’t like it to be a inch wider

    • Sokrates

      Embrace the future!

  • Giel Konink

    don’t like this concept looks like a galexy s2 !

  • Merman123

    What’s with the huge gap between the status bar and the first row of icons , lol.

  • Willie

    actually loving those designs! makes me think about the ipod touch and it gives me the impression that is handy to use

  • MK Design

    Maaan… You can easily kill someone, if you accidentally drop something like that on ones head.

    • MK Design

      If that phone’s going to be released for real, that’s gonna be a disaster…

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Havent seen a guy like you…. CRAZIEST guy ever…
      Man replying to your own comment ???

      • MK Design

        I was too lazy to edit my first post & add that to it, so I decided to write another comment. Dafuq is your problem anyway?

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Looks like iPhone 6c rather than iPhone 6 ( considering iPhone 6 as higher end smartphone , which should be in metal most probably)!

  • iJustinCabral

    One problem, the schematics show a glass back and not aluminum. It only has an aluminum band similar to the design language of the iPhone 4.

  • Mark Lopez

    Looks to much like the iPod touch apple needs to step it up

  • ProfessorX1®

    If this is true, Apple is truly running out of ideas. This design looks much like the iPod touch 5th generation’s. I was hoping for a completely “NEW” design. Just like Apple did when they introduced the iPhone 4. It’s design was so sexy and different from the 3GS. I mean what the hell Apple? For the past three generations we’ve had basically the same design. A redesigned iPhone would be a centered camera on the back, liquid metal material etc. Enough said. Adios.

    • Carlos Gomes

      So the new iPhone should have the camera on the center just to be different? Liquid metal can’t be produced on large scale yet and for the ‘etc’… oh God.

      • ProfessorX1®

        You clearly didn’t get the point.

      • Carlos Gomes

        I did get your point. You want more from Apple, you want the company to push harder, to surprise you, and that’s okay, we all would want that, not only from Apple, but from everything around us: from your dear ones, your government, your soccer team, etc.

        My point is that you don’t even know what to ask for from Apple. Your revolutionary design consists on moving the main camera to the center and using an alloy that isn’t ready for mass production. And your ‘etc’ just made more obvious how bogus your reasoning really is, Professor.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        ‘Click,’ +1

    • Zachary Sloane


    • dabigone

      Don’t base your opinion on a render made by someone outside of Apple, based on rumours which may be false. Wait for the device to come out, and then judge.

  • iJustinCabral

    This is a more accurate depiction of the 4.7 inch model besides the pill shape flash which im guessing Apple has figured out how to get tru-tone with a circle lens.

    • Jeffrey

      nahh, the back here is made of glass, but the iphone 6 will be made of aluminum.

      • David Fabian

        An all aluminum phone will not get good RF reception. There may need to be some other material on the sides or back to provide the proper transparence so the antenna isn’t compromised. That’s why the iPhone 5 has some ceramic glass on the back, and the iPad with LTE has a plastic cap at the top.

      • jongiambi

        Its going to be like the HTC one’s antenna design. Mostly aluminium with plastic bars on the back to allow a signal through. This solves the all-aluminum Faraday cage problem.

      • David Fabian

        Oh look, we have Jony Ive in the house!

      • jongiambi

        Leaked prototype

      • Jeffrey

        OOUUUUCCCHHHHHHHHHH for david, congrats

  • Carlos Gomes

    Moving the power button to the left makes no sense to me. At all.

    • Jeffrey


    • Domodo

      It should be moved to the side next to the SIM tray. It would be much easier and convenient to reach.

    • inzist

      Moving the headphone jack to the bottom didn’t make mutch sense either

      • Domodo

        It actually did. This way cables aren’t going out of both sides when it’s charging while listening to music.

      • inzist

        Well that kinda makes sense, but – i charge my phone once a day, most of the day its on the move with me, which is what i think the phone is for? Right?
        Thats when this becomes a problem. Couldn’t care less when its charging since the cable to charge the damn thing is what, 1 meters long and needs to be changed every month or so because the build quality on this so called “lightning” cable is so poor.

        The headphone cable almost always tangles the way that its put now, and putting the phone in my pocket “top down” feels awkward (not right). Am i the only one who dislikes this?

      • Domodo

        I hold it with my little finger as well, but having the jack at the bottom is a tradeoff I’m willing to make, because it is more convenient to charge it that way when I’m on the go. (I often carry my portable battery with me to recharge it because I use the phone quite a lot.)

        Whenever I pull the phone out of my pocket while the headphones are plugged in, I pinch it by the top (near the top speaker) and in order for it to end up in my palm, I have to flip/rotate it. That is how i dropped it a few times already and cracked my screen, because it slipped out while I was pinching it… If the headphone cable came out of the bottom, I’d put the device in my pocket bottom-up, and then I could just grab it with my whole palm and pull it out.

      • Abdl

        Dude u wanna electrocute urself?? O_o

      • Carlos Gomes

        I’m not sure about that one.

  • inzist

    IMO it looks bad, really disappointed if this will be the final product. 🙁
    Wouldn’t be surprised at a if this is what it’s gonna look like, considering it looks exactly like a smaller iPad Air/Mini…

  • T_Will



    • h4nd0fg0d


      • T_Will

        Sorry, I couldn’t handle all of the people who say it’s so ugly and they will definitely not buy an iPhone if it looks like that, when I know in October they will all be coveting it.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Lol, you’re rite bout tht!!!

  • Kyle Adams

    People need to stop scaling the iOS homescreen and throwing it on these renders. They need to realize that Apple is NOT going to stretch things and make them bigger on phone. iPad is a different experience that warrants, sometimes, larger on-screen items. The iPhone, no matter what size, should not just scale, It should readjust.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    How they Make these Concept ?
    I mean How ?

    • Carlos Gomes

      You mean the software?

      • Himanshu Oberoi


  • Vighnesh Manick

    The first one on the top looks nice. The one next to it just seems too big.

  • Chris

    My friend rapairs iPhones and said he won’t touch samsung coz there to big and cost tons hello apple when they get the brick phone

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Sign me up. What a beauty.

  • Tom C

    Iphones suck bad

    • John Tremendol

      Not the best place to say that sir

  • Alex Santillan

    It has started to look like a Samsung phone with the Apple logo.

  • mlee19841

    Calm down guys. The new iphone 6 will just have the lighting cable moved to the side. That’s all. Lol. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully a bigger screen(a couple inches will be good for me). Longer lasting battery and a better cam. U really can’t ask that much from apple since they are a locked down system as of now. Maybe in the future they will have a App Store of their own that will have customization options. Where u can make themes,fonts and so on. Upload them to the store and download them as well. Something like cydia but not that open.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    So many ‘oh it’s too big’ comments. Blog is chalked full of some serious fck’n stooges. Cry me a goddamn river. Oh ya, and F U ahead of time. Thanks, bye.

  • Mago

    I really hope apple dont make the next iphone anything like those pictures! The design looks like a htc device! Like the htc incredible or the sensation!!

    • blastingbigairs

      The HTC One M8 is very sexy looking, you must admit 🙂

  • Matt

    I really really really like it!

  • Qasim

    Just need a better battery, im ok with the display size

  • Hector Ricky Flores

    So I guess Apple threw out the “Fragmentation” argument

  • Alberto Espinal

    People are hard to please but yet it will sell millions!

  • on3simpleclick

    Ugh.. Apple, you NEED to change iOS7 to take advantage of the bigger screen.

    iOS7 was great for phones released up to and including the 5s, but just slapping the same GUI on a bigger screen does not work. The iPad is a perfect example & is a complete failure in this department. To much screen space gone to waste.

    • ImLouis

      I agree! They need to create a more desktop like OS of there tablets, OSX but with a more minimalistic twist, but they sold 71 Million iPads last year so there not doing anything wrong but they have room for improvements

      • on3simpleclick

        Exactly. Why can’t they make a ‘flat’ minimalistic version of OSX?

      • ImLouis

        It makes perfect sense and i believe that it will be there next big announcement with the ipad but they will give the choice of iOS or OSX. They have to do something like this seen as microsoft’s surface has W8 Pro..

    • @dongiuj

      I think ios7 was ok for the 5c and that’s it.

  • Mike Currie

    The camera flash will not be round, it will be more like the 5s rounded-rectangle shape. Give us a rendering with the rounded-rectangle flash!

  • looks like an oversized ipod 5th Generattion

  • sn1p3r

    The perfect combination for the road is an iphone 5/5S and an Ipad Mini. You won’t regret it.

  • CS

    All I want are higher resolution screens, 10mp camera, and a new design that resembles the new iPad lineup. No bigger phone!

    • blastingbigairs

      The iPhone 5s camera is already amazing and blows away any other (phone) camera on the market, and again, megapixels don’t mean shit!!!

      • CS

        I know. Should say include a bigger aperture with it. I just want the 10mp so Microsoft will stop bragging about how they have some ridiculous amount of megapixels while we have 8

  • Dalvonta™

    Im more concerned about having a better Camera!

  • Martin

    If Apple makes the iPhone look like an iPod, I will never again buy an iPhone.

  • Paul C.

    I like everything about the concept except for the wasted screen real estate. Two things that could be done are some sort of widget system, or at least another row of icons.

  • blastingbigairs

    Surf videos on my lunch break just got even sicker!!!!

  • Chan

    Curved back seems less premium. Though looks iPad Air, it doesn’t relate to iPhone 5S premium look.

    I like this profile remains with the exact slimming of the 5S tapered edge design Apple currently has and seems more likely and classy.

    If Apple wants to seriously grab market share beyond the fan base and upgrade cycle there are two factors Apple can do better at least for the Asian region.

    1. Bigger screen size (yeah, Full HD 4.7 and 5.5 ideal)
    This is no brain, not anymore
    2. Dual SIM capability (Who doesn’t want one?)
    We all have personal and privet life, Office and family life, Family and community life, community and professional life there are so many of great divides that most iPhonions wants to carry two numbers in hand.

  • Donovan

    Wait, plastic? It looks like it’s plastic. Haven’t they learned that plastic is for Samsung? 🙁

  • Kyle Tyree

    I honestly think these look ugly though. I really hope they don’t make this iGalaxy. 🙁

  • ModernSpartan

    actualy looks nice, one step away from the overall “iphone 4” designs these past ones been having. They all have been the same design so far, just bigger screens, and skinnier.