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Following the unveiling of its new Fire TV box last week, Amazon announced today that video streams on Instant Video nearly tripled over the past year. And according to a report from tracking firm Qwilt, the e-commerce giant has surpassed Apple and Hulu in streaming video usage.

The report doesn’t mention how traffic for Apple and Hulu is being tracked, but it does show that Amazon experienced a 94% traffic volume increase of streaming video users in the last 12 months. In fact, in March, Amazon’s Instant Video service was only topped by Netflix and YouTube… 

From the press release:

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 8, 2014– (NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon Instant Video today announced that video streams on Prime Instant Video nearly tripled year over year. According to a report from Qwilt, which tracks growth in online video usage, Amazon has now passed both Apple and Hulu in streaming video usage.

“We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars in great TV shows and movies for Prime members and it’s working,” said Bill Carr, VP of Digital Video and Music for Amazon. “As part of their membership, AmazonPrime members can watch their favorite movies and television shows on an unlimited basis, and as we add original content like Alpha House, Bosch, The After, Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent, we have no doubt that customers will be even more delighted with the selection available. And now, with Fire TV, customers have the easiest way to access this content.”

And from the Qwilt report:

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For those unfamiliar with Amazon’s Instant Video service, it’s similar to other streaming video services like Netflix in that it offers on-demand access to a range of movies and TV shows. But where Netflix costs $10 per month, Amazon’s service is free for members of its Prime shipping program.

Apple, for its part, has been rumored to be developing some sort of on-demand subscription video service to better compete with companies like Netflix and Amazon, but we have yet to see anything materialize. For now, it simply offers content for rent and purchase through its iTunes Store.

  • El Matador


    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Not really. I should hope that Amazon has surpassed Apple in streaming video usage since Apple does not offer a streaming video service.

      TLDR; It would be wrong of Amazon to not surpass Apple in this market since Apple is not in this market…

      • Antzboogie

        True but will our video streaming be lagging with ComeCast?? Since it gave Netflix special priorities? We need wake up now what the **** is the intetnet getting monopolized? So many questions sigh……..

      • Agreed! Apple’s TV streaming service is non-existent…oh wait…

      • El Matador

        Great response Aiden but I was just being sarcastic. All of your points are valid.

      • I thought your comment was funny.

  • Yujin

    Marketing at its best! Please only count certain episodes and shows between 9-10 Pm lol

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Not to mention the fact that it only contains data from the US. The last time I checked there is actually more than one country in the world (even if half of these countries would do anything to please Mr Obama and co)…

      • Be careful my president may drone strike you. He is known for being very fond of it.

      • DogeCoin

        Thanks obama!

  • Mykle

    I like this, I stream the Amazon Instant thing (LoveFilm) on my Apple TV all the time.

  • Franklin Richards

    I’d be surprised if it didn’t at the rate Amazon keeps reoffering 30-day free trials of Amazon Prime.

  • stevenlue

    In other news, Amazon has passed Apple in selling toasters.

  • Jonathan

    Liar liar pants on fire….

  • Matt

    Apple has a streaming service?!

  • Sean Clark

    Good for them. The subscription service is the future and I hope to see them succeed. I don’t see Apple funding any original shows and that is a necessary step if we are to move past cable television.

  • Kendra

    Thanks for sharing Cody I love Hulu plus especially because I can watch the latest Family Guy episodes 1 day after they air. If you live outside USA like me, you can use UnoTelly or other similar tools to access Hulu Plus overseas.