Zelda Hearts for Alkaline 1

Do we have any Zelda fans in the building? If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s action-RPG series, then you will no doubt appreciate this new Alkaline jailbreak theme from designer alextmoore.

Aptly entitled Zelda Hearts for Alkaline, this recently released theme allows users to replace the stock battery indicator with hearts similar to those that appear in the Big N’s popular gaming classic.

Want to see how it works in action? Have a look inside for the video walkthrough.

Since Alkaline is a prerequisite to using the Zelda Hearts battery theme, you will be forced to install Alkaline upon installing this theme unless you already have it on your device. After installation, head over to the stock Settings app to find the Alkaline preference panel.

Inside of Alkaline’s preferences, you’ll find a tab that allows you to switch between battery themes. You’ll want to switch from Alkaline’s stock battery theme, entitled Bolus, to the new Zelda Hearts theme. Once you do, you’ll need to respring your device for the theme to take effect.

Zelda Hearts for Alkaline 2

The hearts directly correlate to the amount of remaining battery on your device. When charging your device, all of the hearts are displayed in red, and when unplugged, the hearts replicate the effect found in the Zelda games.

When you take damage in Zelda, the hearts decrease. When you take damage on your iPhone i.e. the battery life decreases, the hearts do likewise. It’s a great effect if you’re a big fan of the Zelda series, but even if you’re not, you may enjoy this theme.

If you’d like to try Zelda Hearts for Alkaline, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where it can be downloaded free of charge. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.

  • hkgsulphate


  • CAS

    I love the Zelda series, but this theme is kinda “meh” to me.

  • XboxOne

    Sweet! 😀


    tloz is my favorite game but no thanks i prefer the stock battery indicator

  • h4nd0fg0d

    I prefer ‘BatteryStatusBar.’

  • Eni

    i want one like that for the carrier dots, does it exists?

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Me too. I would like this more to replace the carrier dots. I feel like like it is more fitting that way.

      • egigoka

        Dots for Alcaline – activate with Alcaline;
        WiFiDots – activate with Winterboard.

    • egigoka

      Dots for Alcaline – activate with Alcaline

      WiFiDots – activate with Winterboard

      • Eni

        not dot’s becose they already are, but hearts

  • deepdvd

    Thanks for the video, but it seems relatively pointless unless you see the different battery states. You only showed charging/not charging. Plus, If the hearts disappear, it’s not even accurate. They should go from red to white, half a heart at a time. Oh well, I guess.

  • monsytrons

    Nice idea, but the newer Zelda games deplete the heart containers from the bottom row right to left and then the top row (see image). This theme depletes from the top row first instead. Would prefer the other way. Also, would be nice to have an option to have just one row of hearts instead of two.

    • monsytrons

      I emailed the author and just got this reply: I already have both ideas of yours in the works! I’m currently deployed overseas and headed back to the states in a few days so keep an eye out for an update in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support!

  • Jhonny Lennon

    I’m trying to do the whole Zelda theme on my iPodTouch5, already got this… I’m only missing the popular “triforce wi-fi icon” but none of the ones on Cydia seem to work…. Has anyone been successful?

  • Edgar Antonio

    how can i add the modmy repo??

    • Matthew Cleveland

      It’s a default repo. It should be there already unless you removed it.

  • Michael Jay Delaney

    It may have looked better with only 5 hearts, with each 1/4 representing 5% battery.

  • Akw6190

    Wow some of you guys are picky. To each their own I guess. Personally, I’m rocking this and loving it. I wouldn’t be against some of the ideas mentioned here, though.

  • Sunny

    5 hearts with quater going would be oerfect!

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