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Episode 23: We talk about iPhone growth and what the recently revealed slide presentations may indicate about the future of Apple’s flagship device. We also chit-chat about the future of the Apple TV, and what the set-top box landscape looks like going forward.

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  • Adedayo Ogunde

    Help!!! I can’t download from cydia anymore.
    Am getting the error message “Posix connection reset by peer”. What can I do to fix dis? Am running on iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4 Thanks

  • Eni

    hey guys, i have a question, i can’t find the history tab on safari app, what can i do? it’s weird that i didnt notice this until now

  • Lagax

    I can use my AppleTV Remote in every angle everywhere, even trough wood etc… Never had such problems with it…

  • Eric Ortiz

    Why do these podcast take so long to download?

    • Because we like having good quality sound.

      • Eric Ortiz

        I listen to several podcasts that sound great that don’t take as long. Oh well, it’s worth it, was just wondering.

      • Can you give some examples? The file size is around 50mb, which is average for most podcasts.

      • Eric Ortiz

        I just looked at 2 of the other ones I listen to and the file sizes are 15 and 25 mb’s and take a minute or two to download. The last episode of yours I downloaded took a while to download. iTunes said the download time remaining was hour plus.