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Following in the footsteps of T-Mobile, Sprint announced this week that it is now offering up to $650 in equipment trade-in and early termination fee credits to new subscribers. The goal of the promo is to entice customers to switch over from their current carriers.

Folks looking to cash in on the ‘Framily Switching Bonus’ offer must port their existing phone numbers from another company to Sprint. They must also trade-in their previous handsets for new smartphones, and subscribe to one of the carrier’s new Framily rate plans…

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What’s a Framily plan? Once you get past the horrible name, it’s actually not a bad deal. Customers can group together with up to 9 people, regardless of relationship, for discounted rates. Plans can run as low as $25 per month for unlimited talk, text and 1+GB of data.

From Sprint’s press release:

The Framily Switching Bonus offer is available to new and current customers bringing a number to Sprint from another postpaid carrier and signing up on a Sprint Framily Plan. Customers will receive credit for their phone trade-in as a part of the initial transaction. Approximately 10-12 weeks after initial sign-up, customers who register and submit their final bill from their previous carrier and who are in good standing at the time of payment processing will receive a Visa® Prepaid card worth up to $350 to pay back Early Termination Fees or, if not on contract, their remaining Equipment Installment balance.

Sprint recognizes that “family” now includes everyone important to an individual, including friends, neighbors and relatives. It’s no longer just a family, it’s a Framily. With the Sprint Framily Plan, the more people added to the group, up to 10 phone lines, the greater the savings for everyone on the plan. Because each account can be billed separately, customers can invite friends, family and others to join their Framily.

Sprint finds itself in an interesting situation these days. While it still counts itself as the third largest carrier in the United States, it seems like an outcast with AT&T and Verizon duking it out for top dog, and T-Mobile making noise at the bottom with its Uncarrier campaign.

Rumors began bouncing around late last year that Sprint was actually looking to acquire T-Mobile, but we’ve heard little about the deal since.

  • Jd

    The framily plan is a rip off cause if u switch u cannot join existing sprint customer framily id and with ur framily id only new customer that join sprint u could add also have only a 14 days window to joing ur framily id , to get the full discount per line it take 2 billing cycle so u be paying the full $55 per line plus any add on u have in ur plan , the gift card they give u take 8 weeks !! Sprint having towers problem all over their 4g lte coverage is very poor!!

  • Nathan

    Sprint’s data speeds are extremely slow..I don’t know why anyone would want to switch to them.

    • Antzboogie

      Not true. Maybe your area is weak.

      • Nathan

        5 bars of LTE and my friends still complain that it takes half a minute to load a simple Facebook page.

      • eyedrops322

        as a sprint user i find that to be incorrect just for the lte speeds. i completely agree with everything else. in areas of lte, the download speeds are actually great… if you can find yourself to be located in one. even though they announced it in many areas already, i still notice the coverage is still extremely poor and spotty so im almost stuck with crappy 3g even though i live in an “lte” area

      • Nathan

        Anything less than 10 MBs is crappy LTE.

      • Jeff H


    • blastingbigairs

      My LTE is fast, but I’m still under a traditional contract with unlimited data on 5 lines. Their new plans suck, not sure what I’ll do once they are all up.

  • Antzboogie

    Let’s just keep all cell phone company separate so that everyone has to compete in the competition will make the prices lower that’s what competition is all about let’s keep it that way so we can have the lowest price possible without these monopolies trying to take over

  • ProGamer809

    Sprint is bad for iPhones. You cant unlock your device. At&t 3g is better than sprint LTE, I leave in NYC and tmobile is 3x better than sprint.