Office for iPad (teaser 007)

Seven days into the Office for iPad release on Apple’s platform, the native Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications for the iPad have been downloaded twelve million times, the Windows giant confirmed on Twitter this morning.

Microsoft released Word, Excel and PowerPoint as individual downloads for the iPad on March 27, 2014. The software giant’s note-taking app, OneNote, hit the App Store ten days earlier, on March 17, 2014.

OneNote got refreshed the same day native Word, Excel and PowerPoint debuted on the App Store to bring it in line with the rest of the Office for iPad suite. You can download Word, ExcelPowerPoint and OneNote individually in the App Store, for free…

Celebrating the milestone, Microsoft shared the following image on Twitter.

Office for iPad (12M downloads)

Oh, and Office for iPhone is now available free, but for home use only.

Download Word, ExcelPowerPoint and OneNote free of charge in the App Store.

The apps require iOS 7.0 or later.

Though free downloads, the editing functionality requires an Office 365 subscription, which starts at $9.99 per month, or $99 per year, for software license for up to five Mac or Windows PCs and mobile devices.

Office for iPAd (WYSIWYG)

The subscription also gives you access to other Office apps like Access, Outlook and Publisher, along with twenty gigabytes of free OneDrive storage and 60 free minutes of Skype calls per month.

The subscription is available as an in-app purchase inside Office for iPad apps (yes, Apple is getting its standard 30 percent cut).

Have you used Office for iPad apps yet?

Are these the best on-the-go productivity apps for the iPad? What about Apple’s iWork?

Sound off in the comment section below.

  • Maxim∑

    How many people uninstalled it right after realizing you need a office 365 subscription?

    • Jason Baroni

      What about the active users too?!

    • Amr Badr


    • N&LH

      I did that

    • Me. I did exactly that, uninstalled upon realizing you have to rent the garbage. Now looking for an alternative. I don’t mind buying it, but damned if I’ll ever rent.

  • Why are they happy about 12M downloaded, let’s compare it to those that unsintalled when asked to suscribe to their ridiculosly high 365 service lol

    • jack

      Finally something useful came out of your mouth

  • Damian

    well, what about Flappy Birds? I bet they beat office to death in terms of downloads.

    • Why are you comparing a game to a productivity app? Also,
      7 days compared to months of availability?

      Office is a decent app. The price is ludacris but honestly 12 million downloads is respectable for a new application. Even if the users deleted it moments afterword (like myself).

      • Damian

        if microsoft announced right from the spot, that the app needs expensive annual subscription, they would not get even close to a million. Just saying. They used a cheap trick to get the downloads going.

      • That wasn’t my question. Your saying Flappy Bird and their “Mario Tubes” were not a cheap trick?

        Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite in the world. Why wouldn’t people download it? Not to mention, it isn’t a compete surprise. The description of the app says you need a subscription.

      • Damian

        oh ok. I will say it in a simple way. You are missing the big picture here.

        Out of 12 million people, probably a very small percent subscribed to their service. Meaning, their app is just as useless as flappy birds to more than 90 percent of people who downloaded it.

        Very sad number indeed. We should read post of how many people deleted this app. “11 million deletes in one week”

        I was just being ironic by comparing flappy birds.

      • Yeah. Got your terrible “point”. You don’t think people delete other apps after download? It’s the same as any other app. A download is a download. Counts all the same.

      • Damian

        yeah such a terrible point that pretty much everyone on this forum states the same thing. I bet Facebook and other popular apps stay (are not deleted) on the 90% of devices. Download counts as nothing in this case. It just means there is a huge demand but no supply.

      • Huge demand no supply? Thanks for making my point. HUGE DEMAND. Supply is unlimited considering it is software. Just stop. People are interested in microsofts office software, regardless of it’s benefits.

      • Damian

        dude you are just misinterpreting everything I say either on purpose or your are…you know what.

        12 million downloads in this case does not prove how good or succeful MS office on iPad is. It just proves how much people need some decent office suite since there is virtually no real one except iWork that can be used only on Mac aside from iOS.

        Because of the horrible MS subscription rules, out of 12 million download, probably more 90% will delete this app and never use it again. The App is actually a huge let-down ( the opposite of success) for most of us.

        Is it clear enough for you now? So please stop it

      • So yes. People wanted MS Office regardless of if they knew or didn’t know about the subscription. That alone means people wanted the application. What is so different about this and say Camera+’s app that accepts IAP for the best features. It didn’t reach the top of the App Store for no reason. Obviously people were interested.

        Ps ironaclly you say that microsofts 365 deal is both worth it at $80 and not worth it at $100. Also ironaclly, I think the 365 deal is terrible which you haven’t noticed yet and their subscription service is laughable. I just think the app is very good regardless of the price for the bad subscription.

      • Damian

        80 for 4 years vs 100 for one. You do the math and choose.

      • I wouldn’t pay that much for 5 years – because renting is a mug’s game

      • Damian

        80 for four years is pretty much like free candies man

      • Yeah, until the competition is crowded out and it’s $40 a month. Don’t be that dumbass!

      • Damian

        Wtf? Dumbass? Dude I made this comment 2 years ago and I am still using the same subscription with the newest office. How is that dumbass?

  • Rowan09

    Microsoft should allow people with a product key from the PC version to
    use these applications without 360.

    • Maxim∑

      that makes too much sense

      • Damian

        lol sense was never a strong side of MS. They gonna bring back start button to windows 8 after 2 years. Finally. But I can’t stop laughing at them.

  • ap3604

    It’s funny, I’d be willing to pay a one time $149 for microsoft office like it is for computers… but $99 per year? F*** THAT!

  • jack

    Subscriptions scam… They force you to pay a monthly tax to be able to upload your office files to OneDrive.. Pathetic

  • Lol at all the lonely iPad users, they have no thought of sharing, which is how this service makes sense.

    99$ /year is expensive from an individual stand point, but from a family stand point, that’s for 3 software for 5 tablets and 5 Macs/PCs, in other words $20/year/user vs. $130*5 = $650 1 time. So, for approximately the same price as the 1 time payment, you’re getting 6 years of usage plus upgrades to 2 major versions (Office gets updated every 3 years).

    And for students it’s 79$ for 2 tablets and 2 PCs/Macs and for 4 years, in other words, approximately $20/year. For students who actually have friends they like to share with, it’s $10/year.

    • Al

      I think it’s how the subscription is being reported.

      It’s all 99$ this and 99$ that, but it’s the fact that the subscription can be shared. I went ahead and picked up the 1 year deal when I went to the Microsoft Store.

      And when I looked into activating it I was able to add 4 additional users. So, far I added two of my family members that have iPads. I plan on adding a friend of mine. But, all and all I don’t think it’s that bad..

      • “I think it’s how the subscription is being reported.”

        True, poor marketing on Microsoft’s part, yet again…

    • Damian

      i find sharing with some other people a horrible thing. Cloud space is my private chamber of secrets nobody should see.

      • When you buy 1 subscription, you can add up to 4 other microsoft accounts, and you get 20GB per account…

  • Blip dude

    I can understand from an Individual standpoint why this is horrible but in my circumstance it is different. I currently have Microsoft Office Student 2010 installed on my Windows 8 partition of my MacBook Pro, but I know eventually an upgrade will be necessary. I was one of those first 50 people here at the Microsoft store in Los Angeles to get a free year of Office365. So since me and my Brother are both in College (I will be graduating sooner), after the first year expires, I will be buying the University edition first (2 Macs, PCs, Tablets), me and him will split the cost, sell Office 2010, and cover most of our losses.

    4 years after that when my brother is close to graduating, he will be buying a copy, both of us split the cost which means 8 years (plus a free year), of Microsoft Office for only $160 before taxes. After that, we can continue splitting the cost every year or include 3 other people (5 total) and only pay $20 a year, which after 6 years still comes to $120.

    So from an individual standpoint paying $100 a year is ridiculous. Hell, even the $70 pricing they are introducing is still a bit too much. But when it comes to a family standpoint, I don’t see much of a price difference.

    • Al

      Yeah, I think that’s the missing aspect of it.

      Family vs Individual. Microsoft needs to rethink their strategy, if they are pushing this 99$ yearly subscription it should market it in a family viewpoint.

      As @MrElectrifyer point it out it’s poor marketing on Microsoft of not laying it out properly. If people would approach it as family pricing similar to a cell phone family plan, I think it wouldn’t get so much negative press about it.

    • Damian

      does this mean you are going to share with your family your personal nasty photos on onedrive cloud?

      • Blip dude

        Nope, I barely have use cloud storage and I don’t plan on using Onecloud except for perhaps uploading movies to stream on my iPad Air like I do with Google Drive now (gotta double check if I can do that). Why the F would anyone upload their amateur porn/nasty pics onto cloud storage and yet share that same storage space with their family?? Anything obviously too personal stays local.

      • Damian

        who said anything about your private porn collection. It could be anything…picture of your puke, or pubes as you like …

      • Blip dude

        You make a good point, My apologies for having my head in the gutter. But like I said, I barely use cloud storage. My dropbox only see’s the light of day because that is how I transfer My Manga and textbooks from my MacBook pro to iPad Air, and like previously mentioned, Google Drive is where I have some of my Studio Ghibli collection to stream. I got 50GB of Box storage, but I have yet to use it, I don’t use iCloud AT ALL, and I think the only reason why onedrive would ever be used is because that appears to be only way to save Office documents on the iPad. Everything else is either stored externally and internally on my Mac. I have no potential embarrassing moments to worry about.

      • Not saying you should use cloud storage for your stuff (I don’t, only for sharing/caring

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Well, aside from the 365 office account (which I already have because of university pricing) these apps are freaking awesome, especially for a student! My iPad just came so much more useful!

  • Yash Gorana

    iWork > Office.

    • Anything Apple > Anything Else, in the iWorld…

      • Yash Gorana

        Not really … Rationality is what is there in iWorld

  • I had Office 365 before this came out, so I can use these apps properly, and they’re very good.

  • Dadr

    It’s not a big surprise that Office for ipad reached 12M downloads in so little time.
    They did big promotion for the release and made it free, therefore everybody from the heavy office user to the average curious consumer wanted to see by himself why the apps were all about. But I think it was a disappointment for a LOT of them (me include). The free version is just a basic viewer… And please, don’t speak about the edit functionality like it was a simple in-app purchase, it’s the core functionality of the app for god’s sake!
    Even if I can afford the overpriced subscription, I’m definitely not taking it. Very good alternatives came on while Microsoft was searching for the worst business model possible. I’m using QuickEdit , which is sufficient for me (and for most of the people for sure) in addition to Beesy, an all-in-one productivity app way more complete than OneNote with a unique concept based on a smart note-taking feature. With this two apps, my ipad became
    my most valuable tool for work, and the price for both (free and 6$) have nothing to do with Microsoft’s luxury…