CamText 1

CamText is a new jailbreak tweak that lets users text using the stock Messages app with a live camera background. The most obvious use for a tweak like this is to provide its users with a safe way to text while walking down a busy street.

Since the camera provides a live view of a user’s surroundings using the Messages app background, it’s possible to keep one eye on an impending obstacle, and another eye on the ongoing conversation. While I believe it’s pretty sad that it’s come to this—we can’t even look up while crossing the street like a normal person—it’s hard to deny the idea’s usefulness in the face of the circumstances. 

Once you install CamText, you’ll need to venture over to the stock Settings app to find its preferences. Inside the CamText preferences, you’ll see a kill-switch toggle for enabling or disabling the tweak, and transparency slider for adjusting the stock Messages app background.

CamText 2

The further you drag the transparency slider to the right, the more you will see of the camera background and the less you will see of the chat bubbles. The opposite effect is obtained by sliding the transparency slider to the left—chat bubbles are darker, and less camera background appears.

CamText 3

CamText is definitely not the first implementation of this idea, you’ll find plenty of messaging apps on the App Store that pull off a similar effect. Even Cupertino itself is interested in the idea.

But CamText is perhaps the first truly decent iteration of the concept into the stock Messages app, and for that reason it deserves recognition. If you’re someone who often finds themselves in precarious situations stemming from bad texting habits, then you should consider giving CamText a go. You can find it for $1.50 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo today.

What do you think about CamText? Would you consider using it on your daily driver?

  • abdullah575

    battery drianning!!

    • Niclas

      Wasn’t so bad.
      Please try it before judging it (making stuff up).

      Also, it needs Messages Customiser to really work as intended!

  • Tom

    This tweak should be called “PleaseSuckMyBattery”.

    • Niclas

      Well… You could flip switch it off when you don’t need it…

      You should maybe change username to: “PleaseIgnoreMe”.

  • jack

    I can smell the bugs from here.. one of the reasons I stopped JBing…

    • Niclas

      Where’s the bugs?
      It depends on which tweaks/apps you run. My jb’d 5s is rock solid atm!

  • Dan

    Can’t believe this is a paid tweak

    • Niclas

      Why? I bought it and think it’s worth it.

      • Dan

        glad you like it

  • pauleebe

    Wonder what battery drain is, but the bigger question is if it’s compatible with BiteSMS

    • Niclas

      Yes it is.

  • Light

    It must still be hard to text and drive, even with this. Lol

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Apple filed a patent for this concept.

  • Is it possible to get something like this for the home screen and lock screen? I think it’d be awesome to always have a “see-through” phone. Not just when texting.

    Cool tweak, though.

    • CS

      For iOS 6 there is. I used to have it on my iPod. Don’t remember the name though :/

      • James Gunaca

        If you remember, please let me know. I’d love to reach out to the dev about it. Thanks.

    • Joshua Amadeus de Boer

      I thought about that to man ghehe should be nice if they could make a tweak like that!

  • CS

    You shouldn’t be walking and texting in the first place. It pisses off everyone around you.
    As for the tweak, a good idea I guess, although this isn’t the first time I’ve seen these types of tweaks. There was one exactly like this for iOS 5… And was free

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Bought this in release day and for everyone wondering, this is a huge battery drainer. It runs constant if you don’t switch it off. It does heat up some iPhones especially when using this and browsing on LTE. It’s a great tweak but like I said it eats your battery quickly. In a hour or less you’ll be red. This is on a iPhone 5. 5S is right behind it

    • Niclas

      Had it on all day yesterday, didn’t notice any battery drain.
      But I am conservative on which tweaks I install. Maybe it clashes with some other tweak you have?

      • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

        You literally been replying to everyone’s comments. You’re probably the developer. And also I ran this with tweaks on and without. The cause of battery drain is CamText. I been testing tweaks for 5 years now. I know when something isn’t right.

      • Niclas

        So beacause I’ve corrected people mean I’m the developer?
        Stupid move of me to buy the tweak! I should have just compiled it! Why didn’t I think of that?
        Then I’ve been in the game longer than you. I didn’t have the same issue, your milage may vary.

  • Why?

  • Martin

    IntelliscreenX 7 is out!

  • So instead of staring at my phone I can stare at the ground beneath me and that will make it safer to walk and text?

  • Snailpo

    All the fighting and false assumptions. WTB trial and ill give a fair review on it.

  • gittlopctbi

    Interesting tweak that’s been around for awhile. I still think the wisest thing to do is to text when you are stationary. This still is not going to protect you against traffic if you walk onto a street and something like this may make a person dependent on it, giving the user a false sense of security.

  • J™

    people should never txt or watch movie on their phone while walking
    not only it is not safe it also is dangerous to others