Auxo 2 Header

The long-awaited update to the hugely popular Auxo has just been released in Cydia. Designed by Sentry and developed by Qusic, Auxo 2 is poised to become one of these tweaks that will go down in history.

But don’t just take our word for it. Go get it in Cydia now. It’s available for $1.99 for those of you who owned the previous version. If you’re new to Auxo, it will cost you $3.99…

If you’re on the fence about downloading the tweak, make sure to check out our comprehensive Auxo 2 review. and our interview with Sentry. Chances are it will stir you in the right direction.

When you’re done downloading the tweak and giving it a fair try, please come back here and share your first impressions.

Note: Update price currently shows $0.99 for previous Auxo owners. However, Sentry recently told us the upgrade price would be $1.99, so we’re not sure whether it is a mistake or not. Either way, now might be the right time to ugrade.

  • Nota Batu

    Anyone tell me what tweak could be used with auxo 2 because CCtoggles needs to be removed

  • Antzboogie

    We need support for iPad 🙁

  • Jerome

    Love it. Had some problems with the slide features on the bottom left and right, but it’s purely ’cause of my lifeproof casing.

  • Litchy

    Love it!
    I only use the Quicklauncher but still worth the money

  • Niclas

    I’ve found out why my iPhone 5 and iPad AIR on 7.0.x keeps crashing on me!

    It has to do with App Refresh! It doesen’t properly freeze apps from the “Refresh” when the ram drops too fast, ex. when you open the switcher (fast and heavy memory load) which results in a backboard crash!

    If you want to get rid of these crashes, all you have to do is disable as many apps in the “Refresh” as possible here:
    Settings > General > Background App Refresh

    Remember, keep as few as possible enabled. I have 3-4 enabled and it hasn’t crashed in 2 days! Previously I had 30 apps enabled and had 1-10 crashes a day!

    Please share and STAY JAILBREAKED!

  • Al Fresco

    IS Auxo 2 compatible with Flip Control Centre and Purge? Not willing to give them up.

  • Nagy Gábor

    it lags really bad on my iphone 5, i had to enable increase contrast and now its fast, real fast… but ugly as hell 🙁

  • Aether

    Everyone with the Control Center bug, I found a fix! What you have to do is out your device in airplane mode and then respring! I don’t know why it works but it does!

    • Juliano Rosario

      Wow this really did work. Thank you sir

  • Dajanksta

    Wish they would add a cc toggle so I could add LTE and respring 🙁

  • Onyxus_Music

    To anyone having issues with cctoggles, I’ve been using ccsettings and it’s been working for me flawlessly.

    The only issue that I see is with the blurred dock from iOS 7. Whenever I invoke the default bottom right gestures to bring me backs to the home screen, the dock comes up with a blurred effect resembling the first colors that it detects and stays that way for the remainder of the closing. When it snaps into pace and the app closes, the colors from the dock change to the background of the wallpaper. It might be an issue that can be resolved or maybe the dock background will not be able to change the blurred background as the app is closing. The only way I was able to get this to not happen was to remove the dock background with springtomize 3.

  • Sohail

    Please!! Anyone who knows about the release date for Auxo 2 version 1.1
    I waited a long time to get this tweak, but when I lunched Cydia & searched it, it wasn’t compatible with iPad. I was dying at that moment.

  • leo

    thanks to auxo 2 my iphone 4 7.1 its in recovery mode 🙁 but it was fun lol

  • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

    Only time this works for me is on a double tap of the home button…suggestions?

  • KingArt

    I got Safe Mode Boot Loop!!!
    Auxo 2 worked for me for 2 weeks. Just now I was eating and tried to open the switcher, it resprung itself whenever I tried pulling it up. So I went on to uninstall Auxo 2 and now I cannot get out of Safe Mode! I tried uninstalling many tweaks and reinstalled Cydia Substrate. Still no luck! What’s going on?

    Please help me!!! :..(