Episode 51: On this week’s episode, we conduct our first live interview with Sentry, the creator of the highly anticipated Auxo 2 jailbreak release, which is due to touch down tomorrow on Cydia. Listen in to hear about Auxo 2’s development process, pricing details, compatibility info, and more. It’s an enlightening peek into how much work goes into creating one of the biggest jailbreak releases of the year.

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  • Wow this podcast was superb, I didn’t see Sentry part. You guys should continue doing that. We will feel connected with the developers.
    Next guest should be the god of jailbreak mr. RYAN PETRICH. Good job guys, goodnight and Godbless.

    Ps. Where do I ask questions so It can be announce on the podcast?

  • amazingrugs

    Jeff! You are crazy if you think tweaks like NoSlowAnimations and SpeedIntensifier don’t make a real difference in speed and usability. With animations faster you can interact with the app almost immediately instead of waiting for the animation to finish. Come on dude, open your eyes! I think you and Sebastian should have a race to complete a few tasks in different apps and see who comes out on top!

  • Merman123

    Don’t get too hung on the idea that the iTunes Radio skip tweak is so bad, Jeff. I think it’s harmless. We pay enough money for Apple products, and service fees like iTunes Match , that apple can afford to spend some cents on songs we don’t listen to. I mean if you wanted to get technical , apple doesn’t like us to jailbreak our devices and we are constantly fighting to

  • eyedrops322

    wow great podcast its the first time i’ve ever listened to the whole thing!! great one guys!!

  • Sohail

    If you got a chance to be online with Sentry ask him the exact release date for Auxo 2 version 1.1
    Because I only have an iPad & I’m so SO waiting for this version.