Lacie Fuel (three up, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad)

LaCie, a Seagate Technology brand that makes premium storage solutions and accessories, has refreshed its Fuel external wireless hard drive with an expanded capacity of two terabytes.

That’s double the storage of the previous Fuel and LaCie claims the updated product now offers “more storage than any 2.5-inch wireless hard drive on the market.”

It uses Seagate’s free Media app to make available your files to Apple devices over a Wi-Fi network.

The Fuel also includes a built-in ten-hour battery and plays nice with AirPlay so you can mirror content on your big screen TV through the Apple TV.

The full reveal is after the jump…

LaCie’s pitch:

HD movies can monopolize storage space on mobile devices, requiring users to make compromises on what content to synchronize to their device.

With the 2TB LaCie Fuel, users can go from 20 movies on a 32GB iPad to over 1,000 movies on the Fuel. This allows users to store entire movie collections without sacrificing any of the content they need. 

The Fuel is capable of serving content to up to five devices using a local Wi-Fi network and can even create its own Wi–Fi network to double as a hotspot when connected to the Internet via Wi–Fi.

Lacie Fuel (iPad)

I can easily see the new 2TB Fuel becoming part of every power user’s toolkit.

It’s especially indispensable for covering press events and trade shows because no longer are bloggers constrained by the size of their devices’ limited built-in storage that couldn’t possibly accommodate all those high-res photos and hours of full HD footage.

You can pre-order the new Fuel 2TB through the LaCie webstore for $249.99. The accessory will be available worldwide through LaCie resellers later in April.

Here’s the Seagate Media app in action.



More information about the new Fuel is available at the LaCie website.

Yours truly is a big fan of smart storage solutions.

Although I would never trade my 3TB Time Capsule, this new Fuel is admittedly interesting as it can wirelessly stream to any Apple device as well as to Windows PCs, Android smartphones and tablets and Amazon’s Kindle.

People with massive iTunes libraries should also like this product.

Those among you who are really serious about external storage/NAS are wholeheartedly recommended to check out Synology products because they have best in class iOS support and come with a host of advanced features.

Meet us in comments, I want to learn about your preferred wireless storage solution.

  • I only use semi-wireless storage for backup, and only when at home. Don’t like wireless storage solutions for direct editing/consumption ’cause:

    – I don’t want to be worrying about yet another battery on the go
    – I sure don’t want to be in that situation where I’m enjoying content on the go then all-of-a-sudden, the HDD disconnects
    – Don’t want Bluetooth devices in my vehicle to be interfering with my content consumption

    USB storage FTW.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      USB as I’m sure you’re aware of doesn’t really work that well with iOS devices and afaik this is mostly designed for use away from your home hence it’s 10 hour battery life (effectively equal that of an iPad or iPhone). It uses Wifi not Bluetooth which shouldn’t provide much cause for interference…

  • Devin Zimmermann

    I’ve never used something like this, is it possible to get it to work with Plex?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Plex is what I use. The only way i could see something like this wireless harddrive being useful is if it were portable. Other than that any old computer can (easily) be turned into a media server / file server…

  • DanielB

    I’ve got my eye on the Western Digital My Cloud. Looks like a very slick unit. My only problem with moving from Dropbox to NAS is losing the app integration found with Dropbox. I’m just getting tired of paying $10/month for only 100 GB.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      You should use Google Drive it’s so much cheaper than Dropbox and since I have a PlexPass I can use the Plex Media Server to sync movies and TV shows to Google Drive…

      • DanielB

        Yeah, I have Google Drive too and have been thinking about upgrading since their prices dropped. Two things I see wrong with Google Drive: 1) Google having up to 1TB of my files and 2) Google drive doesn’t integrate with a lot of apps that Dropbox does. For instance I can mount Dropbox to iFile, but not Drive.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Google Drive has an API it’s developers fault for not using it…

        In regards to you not liking Google accessing your files I don’t think this matters since they may do standard monitoring of your files to for example detect copyright infringing files but I can’t imagine a Google employee physically looking at your files…

        If this is something that bothers you then you should look into encrypting your files with something like PGP or Truecrypt…

  • DanielB

    Has anyone tried PogoPlug? Their hardware seems decent, but I have been reading a lot of negative reviews.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      The main things to look for with Cloud Storage are as follows:

      1. Price – How much does it cost and why does it cost that much?
      2. Bandwidth (speed) – Some cloud storage providers limit / throttle connections so you might have unlimited storage but it’ll take a damn long time to use it
      3. Software / API – Do they have software for major operating systems and if they don’t do they have a solid API to allow developers to create one? This should be a critical thing to consider when choosing a cloud storage provider.
      4. Where is it hosted? – With the recent revelations to do with the NSA and other intelligence agencies it may be better depending on how much this bothers you to choose a provider outside of the US and countries with prominent intelligence agencies (which brings me on to my next point).
      5. Encryption? – Do the provide any encryption and if they do is it standard. By encrypting your files not only does it encrypt your file uploads but it secures your files from the company that is hosting them meaning you are the only person that can view them.
      6. The legal stuff – This is highly boring but also important since if possible you want to try to avoid companies that will freely share you data with anyone…

    • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

      I tried pogoplug once it works fine, but I just hated the pink color (that came with the software) at the time. I might check it out again.

  • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

    I can see the use for this. If I went on long trips via train, car, or bus and everyone wanted access to tv shows and movies this could come in handy.