Office for iPad (teaser 004)

If you visit a Microsoft Store today and bring your iPad with you, Microsoft may give you a free one-year subscription to Office 365, a $99 value.

Following yesterday’s release of Office for iPad with native Excel, Word and PowerPoint applications, the Windows giant’s retail stores are now promoting the apps by giving away a 1-year Office 365 subscription to the first 50 people who turn up at the door and bring in an iPad with them.

If you don’t have the time to visit your nearby Microsoft Store or there’s no store in your area, Amazon is now offering a discounted annual Office 365 subscription for $67…

The deal is valid for three days only, running Friday, March 28 through Sunday, March 30, as first reported by ZDNet. Microsoft’s official Twitter account has tweeted out the promotion, too.

Although Excel, Word and PowerPoint for iPad are offered as free downloads, you can’t edit or create new documents without an Office 365 subscription.


It’s interesting that Microsoft is also selling Office 365 subscriptions within the newly-released iPad apps, with Apple getting its standard 30 percent cut. As there aren’t many Microsoft Stores around, you may not be able to take advantage of this promotion.

But don’t despair – if you’re serious about Microsoft’s productivity suite, you can buy an Office 365 subscription over at Amazon for $67.15 with free shipping, a 33 percent discount that’ll save you $33 in the process.

By the way, Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all topping the App Store’s free downloads, with Word now #6 top grossing app. So much about iPad users not caring about Microsoft Office.


Office 365 subscriptions work on up to five Mac or Windows PCs and mobile devices, without license transferability limitations and including access to all the latest and greatest Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher, with twenty gigabytes of free OneDrive storage and 60 free minutes of Skype calls per month.

Normally, Microsoft will let you transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you, but not more than one time every 90 days, except due to hardware failure, in which case you may transfer sooner.

A more affordable Office 365 Personal subscription will be available in April, limited to just one PC or Mac, plus one tablet, in exchange for $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year. Note that Microsoft is offering a free 30-day Office 365 trial for those who want to test the full functionality of Office for iPad without purchasing a subscription.

You can download Excel, Word and PowerPoint for iPad free in the App Store.

  • David Gitman

    meh I dont have a microsoft store near me

    • Tom

      Nor in the country…

  • Jason Baroni

    It is a matter of time for Microsoft shut down this 365 plan.

  • They are Starting to piss me off, I just deleted their apps, so money hungry. Why not give us all the opportunity, Microsoft tools are free anyways. I myself don’t have a retail store near me the closest is in another state. Yes it was a good idea to bring all of them to iOS, but don’t they know there are more people on IOS then Windows. If you want us to jump quickly on the bandwagon, you have to lure us with at least some sort of beneficial deals. Look at Spotify, they were charging 9.99$ for a subscription, were Pandora was charging 1/3 of that. Who do you got the most subscribers? Yep Pandora. What did Spotify do? yep you guessed it, brought their price down for students, obviously that’s the majority of listeners. Now with Microsoft, why can’t they break a deal here. The price they are offering seems like it’s for business, but to be honest with you I think it’s us COLLEGE students that really utilizes their products. I most certainly don’t have the money to blow, I rather buy food so I can eat at the library that carries Microsoft word on their computers lol. My God.

    • Giel Konink

      I couldn’t agree more

    • Frank Lopez

      I hope you are not taking a business major. Because obviously you lack the logic necessary to make a business EXCEL.

      By you simply comparing pandora to spottily tells me you lack business savvy. 2 different products.

      Also why should microsoft not leverage the ability to make office the defacto mobile subscription for work? Why should they give in to demands to make it free? Do you have any idea how much it costs to maintain office code or the team behind?

      Just because it may appear simplistic does not mean there are no costs associated with maintain it. come on get real.

      Apple does the same bait approach. Look at iTunes radio and iTunes match. get real. All businesses should make money.

      • No brov, I am a physical Therapy major.
        I am not business savvy and I am not asking for their products to be free, never stated that in my comment. I was just asking for some sort of deal for us broke college students that can barely eat a full meal dinner, until we’re home to momma. Let alone coughing a 100$ for products that I won’t use. I only need WORD, I don’t need Excel I rather use it on my laptop, same goes for Powerpoint, I also don’t need 20GB for Onedrive, because I already have 50GB for Dropbox, and Box. I’m always on the move, so Word would be a good tool to have on my Ipad.
        I understand were you are coming from completely, but try to put yourself in my shoes.
        I always support developers, due to the fact I have a best friend that is one and believe me he works very hard.

      • Dan

        Do what I did when I was a student

    • voguy

      Mezcudi – MS does offer a plan for college students called Office 365 University. $80 for 4 years.

      • Blip dude

        My question is will the University Subscription work with the iPad??

      • Yes it supports up to 2 mobile devices, which should include ARM tablets like the iPad.

      • Blip dude

        Cool, thank you for the info!! I was able to get the free one year subscription so this knowledge will come in handy for next year. I was expecting the Microsoft store to be packed only to see the store completely dead and the employees play Titanfall on the Xbox one. Meanwhile the Apple store, They were actually busy.

  • Merman123

    There are Microsoft stores ? Lol

    • ap3604

      Yup, for those of us who live in nice areas instead of ghettos it’s pretty great 🙂

      • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

        We have one in the so called “ghettos”. So that’s a ignorant comment

      • ap3604

        Really? Which one?

      • Merman123

        Well I live in Malibu, and I know there are Microsoft stores here in the LA area , I’ve just never had any interest in entering one. So I was trying to be funny. Also , if you knew anything about the word “ghetto” you wouldn’t just be throwing it around like that. Too bad the nice area you live in hasn’t taught you that ;).

      • josh

        You look like a typical low life character to me

  • Rupinder S

    I won’t be able to till like 7 hours after they open D:

  • adal.javierxx

    Open office apps have a purchase cost, but nothing more…

  • Blip dude

    On my way to one right now, hopefully there won’t be a line!! Otherwise, I will ask if the University version is supported by the iPad. Me and my Brother are college students so both of us will be splitting the cost for 4 years instead of every year.

  • caberon

    Guys, I think there are Microsoft stores inside some, if not all, Best Buys in the US! Definitely check them out… I am going to get there my new tv and gonna see if I can get office for free! 😉

  • jack

    I hope they make each app cost $10 without the subscriptions scam

  • Bob

    Microsoft stores are rigged. Remember that phone competition they did one time and the dude beat their limit and didn’t get the prize. Scammers.

  • Telco Biru User

    i hope the guys at cydia do something about this subscription thingy