BeHere 1.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)BeHere 1.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

iBeacons, Apple’s cool indoor positioning technology in iOS 7 based on power-sipping Bluetooth 4.0 networking, is seeing some strong adoption across a variety of industries.

Grocery stores are embracing the technology and retailers like Macy’s and Apple’s own retail stores have deployed tiny iBeacon transmitters to put useful information on users’ Lock screens as they move around the store.

Theme parks, music festivals and sports venues are increasingly using iBeacons and one use case even involves giving bar patrons free access to Newsstand magazines.

The latest iBeacon implementation has to do with the classroom: a new BeHere app by a Brazilian company called Beelieve (free download) automatically takes attendance as students enter the classroom, using iBeacon transmitters…

How does this work?

Well, provided students have installed the app on their iPhone or iPod touch devices and approved the service, teachers can determine who’s attending the class thanks to iBeacons’ proximity-based wizardry (via

Students don’t even have to fire up the app in order to acknowledge their presence – it all happens automagically as iBeacon transmitter automatically detect iOS devices in their proximity.

Check out the promo clip.

“Teachers can automatically identify which students are accessing the classroom, and easily manage help requests using an ordered line, always up-to-date,” explains Beelieve. The app presents teachers with the attending students’ profile images that can be tapped to reveal names.

The latest 1.1 update has added several improvements for iOS 7.1, bug fixes and new features like the ability to change a profile picture. It’s interesting that the BeHere app will work as a teacher when installed on iPads.

BeHere 1.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)BeHere 1.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

More information is available at the Beelieve website.

You can download BeHere free in the App Store.

iOS 7.0 or later is required.

  • Sounds rather insecure. Do you have to approve the specific location? Does it just tell anyone your name?

  • Kartik Dhawan

    I don’t think this would be useful because of various reasons like in my country i.e. UK students aren’t allowed to be on their phones during lessons; everybody doesn’t have an iDevice and you can’t force them to get one; what if 1 student brings their friends’ devices with him into the classroom while they are actually not present in the class.

    Biometric attendance would definitely be a better way to go and about sending help requests through the app, really?

    • Well put. Though, regarding the help through the app, it’s more so for them shy students to ask questions; doesn’t make them less shy, just gives them the opportunity to contribute while being shy…

      • Kartik Dhawan

        I think you point is valid (kinda)
        But a school probably won’t change their whole system for this, keeping in mind the other consequences of adapting this.

  • Jonathan

    Sneak your iPhone into your friends backpack.
    Bam, you’re “in” class.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    1. Does this use battery?
    2. How secure is this?
    3. What about those without iOS devices?
    4. What if some users with iOS devices have run out of battery?

    The best way to do this would probably be to have to authenticate with the educational institution first by opening the app once at the start of each day and logging into an account on the Intranet…

    Even when doing the above I still think someort of other system would be needed to address the problems above. It’s still pretty cool though to see the different ways people are embracing Apples iBeacon technology…

  • David Gitman

    song in the video? tnx

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